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  1. That'd be great if you could, do you think this endeavour would be possible through soundcloud /spotify? Im not too sure where to download psytrance safely if im honest
  2. Hey everyone, I'm an avid Psytrance listener and have been to a good handful of party in NSW and Victoria (Aus). My mates have come with me most times but none of them would know a single track or artist. In light of the current lack of festivals/parties/clubs and the fact my birthday is on its way means ive taken it upon myself to throw a party for us all (Within Covid safety guidelines). Ive got the passion and creativity to put this all together, BUT I am not a DJ, I dont know any and i dont want to be changing songs manually all night :/ So far ive come up with this: 1. Get all the tracks i want and put them in a playlist in order i want them played. (Every track will have an intro and outro and suck some vibes out surely) 2. Find lengthy mix's of all the genres i want and organise those into a playlist from the afternoon d&b to the midnight darkpsy. 3. Find sets by artists i like and organise accordingly. 4. Ask around forums and fb pages and see if someone, in someway, could make a full 12-24hr mix that i can leave running behind the speakers.(this sounds like real work and i would pay accordingly) Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated . I love psy no matter how janky the set list is. But i dont want to ruin the party for everyone else p.s there'll be a chill zone too which at the moment will just have an AUX because my phone has got psy or more psy...
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