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Morphic Resonance - Perplexity [Suntrip Records]

Morphic Resonance - Perplexity  

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MrAnarchy    218


Artis: Morphic Resonance

Title: Perplexity

Record label: Suntrip Records



1. Intro 3:03 B)

2. The Creature 10:19

3. Return of the Bad Dreamer 10:02

4. Outer Limits (Limitless Mix) 10:00

5. Vektogram (Remix) 09:05

6. Twisted Reality 10:44

7. Hallucinatory Acid 07:01

8. Unreal 09:29

9. Ouija 09:57

Total runtime: 1h19mins (A pretty long album)


Morphic Resonance is Cristian Fernandez from Spain who is mostly known for his explosive style and face-melting 303 lines incorporated with melodies summoned straight from the depths of Hell. His first release was in 2014 “Chromatic World EP" released by Neogoa Records, but his fame started with the release of "The City Of Moons" in 2016. "The City Of Moons" was voted for the best album of 2016 and I was among those who voted for it. No small feat, I should say, considering the fact that the jury on Psynews is ruthless and nitpicky. In 2017 he released his remix compilation of Pleiadians/Etnica/Crop Circles tracks "Trip To The Stars" on DAT Records which brought mixed reviews; personally I didn't like it.

Note* I'm a big Alien fan and this album inspired my imagination in such a setting and I decided to share it. Hope you enjoy! If you don't, I'll leave a summery down bellow.

Now lets get to the business shall we!?


1. Intro: This short piece introduces us with the setting that Cristian has in store for us. First 30 seconds are riddled with horror movie sounds, similar to those at the opening of "Thing" from The Delta. Then comes the percussive beat that induces the feeling that something is... wrong. Danger approaches!


The Intro culminates into a distorted voice chant which altogether makes the intro very intense for what it is. It does its job of preparing the listener. I am ready! Show me what you got!

2. The Creature  :

"The perfect organism. It's structural perfection is matched only by it's hostility."


A short intro leads into a beat which is followed by background percussion and loud bangs, creating the feeling that you are in a space station that is falling apart. The first thing I noticed in this track that is different from his previous music is that Cristian has grown much more patient. He is no longer lashing out- creating chaos; now he is calm and collected in his story-telling. The maze of destruction is well thought-out. It's sophisticated and in it creeps the perfect organism! This is a decently long track and I felt that the balance between intense parts of the track and the brakes was very well balanced. Not for a moment was I feeling overwhelmed. From there it slowly builds up into a rampaging climax. I am already speechless. Great track!

3. Return of the Bad Dreamer:  This is where I started hearing hints of MFG influence in the form of evil melodies.  @4:20 (B)) is the highlight of the track for me which features a cool spatially dynamic and intense segment. This is story-telling made perfect imo. There is great diversity in this track alone to justify the long runtime. I am impressed with how Cristian made such a heavily atmospheric track but also maintaining the fast tempo.


4. Outer Limits (Limitless Mix): A simpler track compared to previous two. First 2/3rds of the track are repetative (not in a bad way) and at the end track speeds up. Parts are separated with a few brakes which feature echoing and landscape-y droning sounds. The atmosphere is very sinister.


5. Vektogram (Remix): Here the album picks up the pace and again embraces complexity. What I love about this track is the juicy bassline. I honestly find it hard to stay still. Need to head bang and throw my hands around to keep up with the energy that is channeling, tunneling through. Also there is this small segment starting @6:20 and lasts 15 seconds that I absolutely ADORE. Easily some of the evilest stuff I've heard. ventshaftalien.jpg.6b04c8cd7ac310b22d390c53cb36a297.jpg

6. Twisted Reality: Ok, seriously guys. Please confirm that you too hear the MFG influence in the melodies in the beginning?! After that we're back at instantly recognizable MR's melodies this time with a bouncier bassline. @6:50 there is an interesting change in pace. MFG-estic melodies creep in again. Very enjoyable and it gives me throwbacks into oldschool goa which is always welcome. This is definitely one of the highlights of the album.

7. Hallucinatory Acid: Is more psychedelic than it is dark- relying more heavily on melodies than on horror-y effects to set the mood. Equally driving as the tracks before it. Can you keep up?

8. Unreal: This time I'm hearing Hallucinogen's The Lone Deranger influences. The part starting @ 1:40 is pure malicious bliss. A marathon of psychedelia, tenacious, non-relenting.  This track too sticks to the formula and ends with a bang.

9.Ouija: Starts with a foresty psy mood which then transits back to acidic melodies. Sonic spiriling vortexes open @5:50 with these cool buzzing sounds flying around you like bullets. Awesome effect. @7:15 we've got a building up climax that sounds like an alarm going off, then a little brake AAAAND then some more madness. Wow... what a bang to end the album with.



Summery: An extremely dark goa trance album by Morphic Resonance. What is immediately apparent is the fact that the tracks are much more carefully structured than those from "The City of Moons." Cristian seems more patient to tell his horror story this time around. It's a long album by today's standard but he justifies that with a lot of variety and story-telling. It is fast, aggressive, has no chill and it will pound the living crap out of you. You can hear the 90's artists influence which is revamped and then infused, incorporated into MR's iconic style. I feel that this album is a stand-out. Very memorable, unique, inspired, creative and well executed. This comparison is unnecessary, but I wanna say that IMO this album is better than "The City of Moons", which in itself was a high standard to pass over. I don't even have a nitpick. In my eyes,erm...ears, this is a perfect album and a strong contender for this years album of the year.


Masterpiece 7/7

You can stream the album on youtube and bandcamp, and if you enjoy it, support the artist and the label:




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gfp1    21

thanks for the prompt review.

i'm curious what emotion this music evokes when people listen to it? it makes me feel anxious, confused and dirty like nothing else. it might be that i've only heard it in the daytime but it's not tolerable for long before i have to put on something more soothing (like the brilliant new Rival Consoles or Jon Hopkins albums B))...

for me, goa psytrance is about activating the crown chakra. it's a connection to something of a higher essence, more pure and ordered than waking reality. this album is the opposite of that... it's grimey, turbulent and hellishly deranged. it's not about transcendent melodies and all about a brooding, punishing atmopshere... 

i don't like dark psytrance, and this is like dark psytrance on steroids... i will try to give this another listen in the middle of the night but i wouldn't dare expose myself to an album of this nature while in a delicate psychedelically induced state of mind.

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MrAnarchy    218
8 hours ago, gfp1 said:

i'm curious what emotion this music evokes when people listen to it? it makes me feel anxious, confused and dirty like nothing else

I've always prefered dark psytrance over anything else. I like the serious mood it sets and I like the challenge. I generally don't seek peace and quiet in life so that doesn't bother me. What I feel while listening to this is intoxication with its aggressive and driving nature. On the other hand, I don't like bubbly and overly melodic goa so I guess we're completely different on that regard. :P

But yeah, this album descends into the deepest depths- depths rarely visited up to this point by this genre. Really, really dark stuff and I can understand why some might find it to be 'too much.' But I wouldn't use the word 'dirty'. ^_^ "The City of Moons" could be perhaps called that cause its so insane. In this one I can feel the finesse put into it. Yeah it's sounds god damn evil, but still, it feels to me like it's smarter than The City of Moons.


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tsotsi    40
17 hours ago, gfp1 said:

i'm curious what emotion this music evokes when people listen to it? it makes me feel anxious, confused and dirty like nothing else. 

Like MrAnarchy said the challenge of deeper styles can be a bunch of fun to dive right into. I'm not a dark psy guy though, the kicks annoy me to no end. Throw a Goa kick on though, that's another story.
I was too busy being impressed with the maturity of the music rather than the emotional feel of it. It doesn't take me off into a deep spacey floating trance but rather into the industrial depths of the world, but that's still a part of the world and my mind that I want to explore. I can't help but picture Cristian composing the album and being completely taken aback by his finesse. I feel that along with Triquetra's Ecstatic Planet we have seen two very mature pieces of work.

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Jaza    24

Whilst this album is dark by goa standards, it's not super dark. The black holes that guys like Atriohm or Farebi Jalebi open are more substantial in terms of dark atmosphere. 

This is a very special album though. I had very high expectations - I guessed at the vibe this would bring after his set at Connection Fest 2017 (noting the evolution from those I saw in 2016) - and I'd say they've just about been met.

Christian has put a lot of work in to advancing his sound and it shows. Whilst the last album 'City Of The Moons' was amazing, two years on after enough repeat listens you hear that it did repeat itself a bit. But here in 'Perplexity' every track has an identity, and of the 8 full songs it's only 'Outer Limits' that feels like filler to me.

This album most excels in the darker, weirder territory it covers. Whilst 'Hallucinatory Acid' is fun, and the revisit of 'Bad Dreamer' is well worth its inclusion, I think the trio of 'Vektogram', 'Unreal', and 'Twisted Reality' (possibly the best) are my picks. Each contains a winning combination of brooding atmospheres, well-designed sounds to match, and full power sequences that will annihilate dancefloors.  While not as well-rounded, I also like 'The Creature', and hope for more experimental tracks like this in future.

Morphic is at his best combining eerie, darker atmospheres, and crunching, textured sounds delivered with force. This music is at its best when you almost (but not quite!) feel like you want it to relent. As much as I love his nods to old school goa, I really think he has the chance to make a name for himself and create truly unique experiences by further pioneering this extremely atmospheric, sometimes industrial feeling.  

Given the strides made in the past two years, it's crazy to think what sounds he'll be designing as we go in to 2020 and beyond. It is extremely rewarding to be along for the ride with one of the most exciting names not only in new goa trance, but in all of new psytrance.

Finally, I should note that both the name of the album and the cover art are extremely apt. Well played to Christian and Suntrip for that.

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