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Your favorite downtempo goa track?


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Ok so I'm quite moved by downtempo. All this time I have been looking for intense tracks but now I figured out that downtempo tracks can get really intense and trippy. So what are your favorite downtempo tracks? Mine are (from the top of my head):

Transwave - Ulysse Voyage No.3

Transwave- Ullysee Voyage No.2

Ra - Sirius

Paradise Connection - LongBaceglider on Solstice

And when I say downtempo I dont mean ambient stuff like Mystery Of The Yeti and Shpongle!

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jorg on mushroom - the messenger (maybe not really downtempo although it can be discussed)

talamasca - joint o clock

astral - ambient galaxy, unbelievable technology, still dreaming, etc

aural planet - hydropoetry cathedra, are you human, gene, and alot more

bpc - roma, arcana

s.u.n project - energia magica

silicon sound - mindscape, african daydream



edit: removed non goa/psy downtempo suggestions

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Probably Blue planet corporation - Roma (even though one can argue is it really downtempo goa or downtempo trance?), track Arcana is nice as well.

Asura - Like a summer day is also beautiful downtempo trance even though the vocal sample is a strange choice in such a track.

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as usual the one and only - ra-ascend


How the hell did I forget this track? It is at the very top of the genre (I don't fancy this genre by the way but some tracks are exceptions and this one is a strong exception).

I used to think Iridium 12.000 suns was the best downtempo goa track, but Ra - Ascend surpassed it, in my book of course :) even though both tracks are really different, 12.000 suns is really pure psychedelic goa, Ra - Ascend is more gentle, sweet trance, less psychedelic, magnificent nonetheless.

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I think David Battenfield - Sonic Ghazal will always keep a special place in my heart.



I love the female singing sample. It always adds that epic feel to it
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Manuser that track Iridium - 12.000 suns is GREAT. I definitely prefer the harder psychedelic downtempo goa. Thats why I dont like BPC - Blue Planet for example. Its too liquidish if that makes sense.

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Astral Projection-Ambience


Sundog-Seven Minutes 2 Midnight


Doof-Blue Sun Shrine

OOOD-The Unwinding Mind

Oforia-Voice Of Delusion <-Perfection



Khetzal-Avasari <-The best of all

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