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JaraLuca - Perpetuum Mobile


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Perpetuum Mobile




1. Existence

2. Perpetuum Mobile

3. Galaxicity

4. Minds Circus

5. Insomnia

6. Uncontrolled

7. Solaris

8. Emptiness


First and foremost, this cover art is awesome, probably my favorite so far by Richpa, symbolic for the sounds, open to interpretation for meaning, kinetic visuals that just leap out.


My take is JaraLuca is the brain at the center shooting his goa energy into the open brains of the listeners located on either side of his creative stem. Once attached to the synapse of the listener the pure-white energy (or is that steam from these red-hot productions) are released into the universe to do, well, whatever great energy does once us humans have had our fill of it.


I like the cover concept, a lot, and there must be a number of interpretations there but the important thing is that it enhances the music quite a bit if you're puzzling over it while tuned in to these sounds.


"Existence," the title track, "Galaxicity," "Minds Circus" and "Uncontrolled" are rollicking numbers, full bodies of sound with great levels in each. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have had a tough time breaking these tracks down and appreciating the details because it is too easy to get swept up in the energy and stomp a few moments of your day away. And that is not a bad thing, as it means I'll hear these tracks a few more times before things slow down enough to get at the lower levels of them.


What I love about "Perpetuum Mobile" (an Italian and Portugese musical term for perpetual motion, a very fitting album title) are "Insomnia" and "Emptiness." I'm a sucker for beautiful female voices and the snippets in "Insomnia" add a level of enjoyment not to be found, as of yet, in any other track on the album. Too, the big, broad trance melodies are a lot of fun among all these crazy-good effects and fire-in-its-step rhythms.


"Emptiness" is the psychedelic down tempo conclusion and a damn fine ending it is. Lovely, lush, relaxing with just enough energy to keep things moving forward nicely and those syncopated melodies are drop-dead gorgeous. No problems getting into all the details of this one and it will surely get a lot of play and mindfulness in my collection.


The thing I hate about "Perpetuum Mobile" is "Solaris," it is off-the-chain crazy, holy-shit intense, the type of musical recklessness that gets me too hyped up and makes me feel like I could run through a wall. And I like my walls, they have pretty and interesting things hanging on them.


Perhaps one day, though, I'll be fortunate enough to have something as intriguing as this cover art hanging there. Good release!


Available for free play or download at http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile/attachment/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile




Edit: One thing that occurred to me is the similarities between this one, "Perpetuum Mobile," and Celestial Intelligence's "Perpetual Energy" that is also out this year. Very similar album titles, very similar go-for-it approach to goa. This one is fine but Celestial Intelligence is better because it has more fascinating layers and details in their tracks.

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Thank you very much for the review. Regarding the artwork, if you wish I can adjust it for print and remove the fonts from it, so if you like it, you can make yourself a print or something, just let me know ;)

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Man...this album is just pure gold. Not wanting to make any early claims, but definitely one of the best albums so far (and probably for the rest of the year).

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What a great win for Neogoa again. Pumping energetic goa with superb production. Clearly this is a talent at work here.


Fav tracks:



Minds Circus (traaaaaaance!!)

Insomnia (eerie, haunting, different, excellent!)


Keep up the acid lines, me like a lotta!! :wub:

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Thanks Bill for this review !

And thank you guys for your kind words !!

Mate, your album kicks so much ass. First listen I wasn't so sure, but i now realize how awesome it is

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Excellent release Mister JaraLuca, that's some well worked goa trance over there. And an other 2015 premium release for Neogoa !


Hard to choose a fav track, as the whole album is pure acidic and energetic bliss, but Minds Circus may be a little above the others for me, thanks to these crazy acid spins. :)


Regarding Solaris, the faster tempo prevents me to enjoy it to its fullest, I may need some more replays.


I didn't know you and your music reminds me Artifact303 a little, keep up the good work, I'll for sure follow you.

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