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  1. Disc 1 is not very original. Disc 2, however, has some gems and a bit more diversity.
  2. Al is fantastic as Psymmetrix, just as good (maybe even better) as part of Dirty Saffi! Not usually a fan of remix albums but the source material is quality so will probably check this one out.
  3. If you want to hear something special try http://www.goagalaxy.com/music/006-liquid-nova-ep.html Glad you wrote about this, had not visited their site in a while and was pleased to find a brand new Cronics release. Hopefully it is nearly as good as Liquid Nova.
  4. Bill

    Ott - Fairchildren

    Exactly! Nice albums can stay nice over repeat listens (and grow on you) but this one does not have the "wow" factor mentioned earlier. Hallucinogen In Dub, Blumenkraft and, my favorite Ott. track, "Owl Stretching Time," are all superb from the very first listen. Nice album, not a great one though... As for Globular, A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is a masterpiece!
  5. Bill

    Koxbox - The Scanner

    Goddamn it! Koxbox is coming to the area, to a festival that I'm skipping for the first time in 10 years. I was secretly hoping he would suck live.
  6. Bill

    Ott - Fairchildren

    100% agreed. Nice album but "Unit Delta Plus" is the only track I found magic in.
  7. Awesome artwork, can't wait to hear the music...
  8. Nice review, will def check this out. I find it objectionable, though, when a producer releases an artist album and passes off someone else's remix in the track listing. It's no longer a Yahel track, for instance, it's a Perfec Tone or Tronsho track. Still, vintage Yahel is pretty decent and I'm looking forward to hearing this one.
  9. Awesome work, great melodies, great atmosphere in each of the tracks, loving this one! Plus it's at Ektoplazm now: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/ocean-star-empire-the-purest-form
  10. Caught him just a couple of days ago as one of the last sets of a week-long gathering; it was a beautiful late afternoon/early evening jam, such a perfect time for his music. Suffice to say the set was exquisite, so much energy from that always driving bass in his tracks yet so much beauty and complexity layered on top. Quite a treat to dance with these tracks in the middle of a forest.
  11. Extrawelt & Zeologic have the best remixes on this one. Mostly, these are standard psytrance tracks with some JR samples thrown in, nothing very special.
  12. "Double Dragons" "Secret Sun" "Angelina" Both versions of each = marvelous!
  13. Cool review! Throughout he seems to think his listening and appreciation is different from ours when in fact it's very, very similar. He gets it, good for him!
  14. Dickster is usually more hit than miss, looking forward to hearing it!
  15. And he's a beautiful human being on top of being an excellent producer. I'm always honored to share space with Ray. He played a down tempo/mid-tempo set in Montreal this New Year's and I do believe a couple of these tracks were in there. Very nice set! Slightly OT: I caught his set at an outdoor festival in September where he was opening the psy tent. Beautiful, bouncy, not-too-crazy psy, definitely some of the best of the evening. He said later that most of the music he was playing was from his upcoming album.
  16. Bill

    Tandu - Multimoods

    "New Aura" is timeless, a gorgeous mid-tempo masterpiece. Those melodies are unforgettable!
  17. Bill

    Asia 2001 - Psykadelia

    Reviews of the re-release: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/70333-asia2001-psykadelia/ Excellent album!
  18. ANGELEEEENA!!! That voice gives me chills each and every time. I gave this one another try, especially with all the new versions in one place, hoping the remaster would flush out some details and make the tracks more enjoyable for me. It didn't work, still not a huge fan of this particular release. At most, though, I now have better quality versions of "Angelina" and "Double Dragons" along with alternate versions of each which are quite, quite good. As it were, even on the original version, those are the only two tracks that I genuinely enjoy. The quality is fantastic, thanks for all the work on this one especially with all the pressing problems that cropped up during the process. Bang up job bringing this one back to life.
  19. Nice one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-WNjPZfZaY
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