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  1. I see you have very excitment conversation under my music but it would be better to continue via private message. Thank you. I want to thank all whom left good feedback about my music <3 I'm very grateful.
  2. Thank You very much for your review and opinion !:)
  3. OUT NOW !! BANDCAMP -> https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/etnica
  4. Mamomam Records presents new EP release : Kai - Etnica [MAMOMAM006]. Kai ( Kayak Canvas ) is an independent music project, which was born closely with London psytrance underground music. Kai's research combines psychedelic and downtempo music with oriental melodies and loops to create music streams aiming to suggest deep states of trance. "Thirsty? Even if you're not right now, you will surely be after listening to Kai's music: a slow, dubby and bass-heavy blend of eastern influences, distant voices and oriental instrumentation. It paints very visual, distinct picture of the desert: dunes, solitary palms and oases, Bedouins with their camels and ...that dreaded sand that just gets everywhere. The music ranges from lumbering, hypnotising and glitchy early tunes to a more up-beat, dub-steppy, head-bopping and mystical titular track. So, pack your stuff, grab a bottle of water and dive into the sand! Err, ...I meant sound Antic 604" Tracklist : 01. Black Keys 02. VCA 03. Desert 04. Yuki 05. Etnica Samples : Credits : All tracks written and produced by Kayak Canvas. Artwork : Sati bit.ly/2AWYKs0 Mastering : JediMaster Studio bit.ly/2k0ShBV Release date : 15.12.2017 Stay Tuned
  5. Thank you very much for such kind words brother. I have good news for you I will be playing on Dreamwave party in Belgium on 17.02.2018 here is fb event link - https://www.facebook.com/events/141799689761550/. I hope to see you there !! Thanks again <3
  6. Compilation is available also on beatspace https://beatspace-mamomam.bandcamp.com/
  7. GRAB YOUR COPY !! Bandcamp : https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-astral-connection
  8. Yes Title01 is a secret artist THank you very much guys for such amazing comments .!
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