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Found 15 results

  1. Introducing the transcendental voyage through space and sound, JaraLuca unveils the mesmerizing "Neon Nebula" EP, which contains 4 Goa trance tracks in old-school style and one EBM Goa trance track finishing this EP. Crafted with unparalleled artistry by Łukasz Zając, this EP delves into the depths of the psychedelic cosmos, offering a cosmic experience like no other. Embark on a journey through time as you explore the five enchanting tracks, each laden with intricate layers of pulsating rhythms and hypnotic beats. Drawing inspiration from the golden age of Goa Trance, JaraLuca breathes new life into the classic genre, infusing it with a modern twist and euphoric energy. Tracklist : 01. JaraLuca - Neon Nebula (Original Mix ) 145bpm 02. JaraLuca - Callisto ( 2023 remix ) 145 bpm 03. JaraLuca - It's Insane ( Original Mix ) 145 bpm 04. JaraLuca - 100 % ( Original Mix ) 145bpm 05. JaraLuca - Eclipse Sequence ( Original Mix ) Credits: Music written and produced by Łukasz Zając Mix & Mastering - Łukasz Zajac ( JL Studios ) Artwork - Łukasz Zając License - Mamomam Records Release date: 07.08.2023 Soundcloud preview :
  2. Hi there ! Long time I haven't be on this forum but want to announce, if someone is looking for a tutor or just someone who will help in music production ,specialy in Ableton live , I'm doing online music produciton classes via Zoom. If you don't know me, I'm better known as JaraLuca and have 10 years of experience in music production and for about a year I'm teaching people music production online, mostly Goa Trance and Psytrance. I also run dark psy project as Alien Translator and psy tech project as Luke Colborn. Most classes last 2 hours and they are based on your needs. After every class you getting video recorded from our session, Ableton projects, samples and etc. I will leave my soundcloud here is you will know my music too. Anyone who is intrerested about classes you can always text me an email - jaralucamusic@gmail.com or you can check out my classes here : https://mamomamrecords.com/products/private-session-with-jaraluca-via-zoom. If anyone is interested don't hestitate to text me an e-mail . Don't write to me here, please My soundcloud : My facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jaralucamusic
  3. Mamomam Records is proud to show you samples of our upcoming V.A. compilation made by JaraLuca ! 18 tracks ! 22 artists ! Tracklist : 1. U-Rel - Sunrise ( Orel Sharoni ) 2. Gezenstern - Le Jardin Hypnotique ( Vladimir Hummel ) 3. Mania – Apotheosis ( Emil Zuccon ) 4. Shisho - 95 Vibes ( Roey Aisha ) 5. GoAtmika - Spicy Nirvana ( Eylon Kadish ) 6. Astrogano - Stop It With Your Mind ( Noa Astrogano ) 7. Ray of Light & Processor - Ascension ( Michael revach and Rotem Sahar ) 8. Journey Into Sound - Empty Kingdom ( Czellux Gabor ) 9. AutoFlow - Live and Let Live ( Florent Siudryga ) 10. Ezoterica - Polyfondria Synthologica ( Petar Hadrovic ) 11. GoaD - The Haunting ( Anders Munk ) 12. JaraLuca & Artha - U.F.O ( Łukasz Zając and Michał Bączek ) 13. Been There - Normal Resolution ( Ofir Binder ) 14. Event Horizon - Snail Dance ( Or Noy ) 15. Sykespico - Diwana ( Nadav Elhadad & Matan Levi ) 16. Raziel - Giving Up Is Not An Option ( Raz Harush ) 17. Morphic Resonance - Unhinged ( Cristian Fernandez ) 18. CKAB - Zuckerberg Swamp ( Seppe Cruysberghs and Stijn Croes ) Mastering : Lukasz Zajac ( JaraLuca ) except track 6 and 16. Artwork - The Essence Release date : 21/08/2021 SAMPLES :
  4. Underground Experience 1. Black Moon 06:21 2. Soul Smuggler 06:47 3. Wicked 06:08 4. Brainbreaker 06:21 5. Waiting for Civilization 07:43 Alien Translator is Łukasz Zając from Poland, also known as JaraLuca. This project focuses more on the dark side of the psytrance spectrum, the music is fast and powerful all the way. This EP surely did not let me down, it contains a fair few of the breaks that are commonplace in darkpsy, huge basslines, some triplet parts that worked very well, chaotic effects and very electrifying energy. Of course you should not expect anything similar to JaraLuca, this project also shows how versatile Łukasz can be when it comes to electronic music. Perhaps some alien melodies could be included once in a while in the tracks? I would be curious to hear that! Nonetheless, I really liked this EP and hope to hear more in the future. Favorite tracks: #2, #3, #5. Rating: 8/10. Listen / Buy: https://undergroundexperience.bandcamp.com/album/black-moon-ep
  5. Hello Psynews ! I did a mix of my all finished remixes and uploaded to my mixcloud and here. Have fun !! Tracklist : 1. E-Mantra – Ayahuasca ( JaraLuca Remix ) 2. Lectro Spektral Daze – Quite a Trip ( JaraLuca Remix ) 3. Chi AD – Biocandy ( JaraLuca Remix ) 4. Artifact303 – In Your Mind ( JaraLuca Remix ) 5. Artha - Mahabharta ( JaraLuca Remix ) 6. Juno Reactor – High Energy Protons ( JaraLuca Remix ) 7. Prana – Alien Pets ( JaraLuca Remix ) 8. Artha – DNA ( JaraLuca Remix ) I leave links for YT and Mixcloud also in the bottom. Download link ( mp3 320kbs ) - https://bit.ly/2szePBS
  6. Good afternoon PsyNews Today we would like to announce the release of the 3rd album of a polish goa trance / psytrance music producer - Łukasz Zając aka. JaraLuca. To be released in digital version by Mamomam Records. 8 full power tracks will come out at 01.10.2019!! If anyone wonders why only digital the answer is simple - people don't buy CD's as much as labels wish them to Samples should come very soon Album will be released on all music platforms. Cover Art - Sati Stay Tuned !
  7. Mamomam Records is proud to announce their second release - VA 604 Syndroms, compiled by JaraLuca. Album includes 18 goa trance tracks from many already known goodies in goa trance world such as : E-mantra, Ephedra, Proxeuss, Trinodia, Omnivox and many more. You may expect this release in the begining of new year 2017 in beautiful double cd's digipacks and in digital version. Tracklist : CD 1. 1. Zopmanika - Namaskaratha Mantra 9:27 140bpm 2. Lectro Spektral Daze - Source Of All Life 8:26 145bpm 3. Ephedra - Leaving the Shadow Side of Myself 7:03 145bpm 4. Trinodia - Factorized 10:15 142bpm 5. Siam - Electric Discharge 8:13 146bpm 6. E-Mantra - Unhcegila 7:25 140bpm 7. Omnivox - Textures of Reality 8:51 145bpm 8. Oxi - Sagittarius Love 6:33 145bpm 9. Title 01 - Desert Ghost 9:13 149bpm CD 2. 1. Artha - Controlled (Old School Remix) 9:29 140bpm 2. Space Element - Biotech 7:56 140bpm 3. OmegaHertz - Zeta Zone 7:08 144bpm 4. Jagoa - Rainy Saturday 7:41 140bpm 5. Journey into Sound - Gallifrey 7:33 145bpm 6. JaraLuca - Unexpected Experience 7:53 145bpm 7. Omneon - Dark Matter 6:50 145bpm 8. Ohm Mind - Mushroom Island 9:17 149bpm 9. Proxeeus - Kuiper Belt 10:02 149bpm Mastering : Deimos Soundlabs Enjoy ! More info - mamomamrecords.com/release/604-syndroms/2 SAMPLES : http://soundcloud.com/mamomam-records/va-604-syndroms-compilated-by-jaraluca-mamomam-records
  8. Hi there ! Mamomam Records is proud to show you samples of upcoming release from Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks ! 4 previously unreleased tracks in slavic vibes . Must check this out ! 1. Silver Lake 2. Upon My return 3. Horizontal Landscape 4. Slavic Soul To be released 9th of April on our bandcamp, itunes and other music stores. ! More info soon... Stay Tuned ! Samples : credits : Mamomam Records https://www.facebook.com/mamomam.records Red Sun Rising https://www.facebook.com/redsunrisingpl
  9. JaraLuca Perpetuum Mobile Neogoa Tracklist: 1. Existence 2. Perpetuum Mobile 3. Galaxicity 4. Minds Circus 5. Insomnia 6. Uncontrolled 7. Solaris 8. Emptiness First and foremost, this cover art is awesome, probably my favorite so far by Richpa, symbolic for the sounds, open to interpretation for meaning, kinetic visuals that just leap out. My take is JaraLuca is the brain at the center shooting his goa energy into the open brains of the listeners located on either side of his creative stem. Once attached to the synapse of the listener the pure-white energy (or is that steam from these red-hot productions) are released into the universe to do, well, whatever great energy does once us humans have had our fill of it. I like the cover concept, a lot, and there must be a number of interpretations there but the important thing is that it enhances the music quite a bit if you're puzzling over it while tuned in to these sounds. "Existence," the title track, "Galaxicity," "Minds Circus" and "Uncontrolled" are rollicking numbers, full bodies of sound with great levels in each. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have had a tough time breaking these tracks down and appreciating the details because it is too easy to get swept up in the energy and stomp a few moments of your day away. And that is not a bad thing, as it means I'll hear these tracks a few more times before things slow down enough to get at the lower levels of them. What I love about "Perpetuum Mobile" (an Italian and Portugese musical term for perpetual motion, a very fitting album title) are "Insomnia" and "Emptiness." I'm a sucker for beautiful female voices and the snippets in "Insomnia" add a level of enjoyment not to be found, as of yet, in any other track on the album. Too, the big, broad trance melodies are a lot of fun among all these crazy-good effects and fire-in-its-step rhythms. "Emptiness" is the psychedelic down tempo conclusion and a damn fine ending it is. Lovely, lush, relaxing with just enough energy to keep things moving forward nicely and those syncopated melodies are drop-dead gorgeous. No problems getting into all the details of this one and it will surely get a lot of play and mindfulness in my collection. The thing I hate about "Perpetuum Mobile" is "Solaris," it is off-the-chain crazy, holy-shit intense, the type of musical recklessness that gets me too hyped up and makes me feel like I could run through a wall. And I like my walls, they have pretty and interesting things hanging on them. Perhaps one day, though, I'll be fortunate enough to have something as intriguing as this cover art hanging there. Good release! Available for free play or download at http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile/attachment/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile () Edit: One thing that occurred to me is the similarities between this one, "Perpetuum Mobile," and Celestial Intelligence's "Perpetual Energy" that is also out this year. Very similar album titles, very similar go-for-it approach to goa. This one is fine but Celestial Intelligence is better because it has more fascinating layers and details in their tracks.
  10. PANTA DEUS II - 15 YEARS OF PSYTRANCE.PL Part 1: Transcendum 1. TLG - Atacama Pathfinder 2. Space Element - Emulator 3. Artha - Monkeys 4. JaraLuca - Antidotum 5. Psysutra - Been Here Before 6. JetMan - Female Animals 7. Aquilpra - Maerd 8. Mirror Me - Souls Samples: Part 2: Chillum 1. AmBeam - Fantasy 2. Damian L - Acid Voyage 3. Moondancer - Snappy Aquatic Mosquito 4. AmBeam - New Horizons 5. Artha - Oddity 6. Miraceti - Alien Translations 7. Aquilpra - The Void 8. Szop - Kudoff Groove 9. TLG - 12th Moon Samples: 2011 marked our 10th anniversary as Psytrance.pl... It was then when we released our epic two-parter entitled "Panta Deus", showcasing the talents of our fellow countrymen. Now, after 5 more years of existence in the cyberspace, we're back with the compilation's sequel, filled with a rich variety of psychedelic trance and chillout music with a proper twist, for you to experience. Among the (un)usual suspects you will find such artists as Artha, Space Element, Psysutra, JaraLuca and many more. Stay tuned! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psytrancePL SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/psytrance-pl
  11. Tracklist: 01. The Source (09:52) 02. Artifact303 - In Your Mind (JaraLuca Remix) (09:49) 03. Energy From The Sun (08:33) 04. Andromeda (2016 mix) (07:40) In 2016 Timewarp Records published few EP's and one that I was really looking forward was the new release by Polish producer Lukasz Zajac who made his debut in 2015 with Perpetuum Mobile album. The style of JaraLuca is quite simple, it's energetic modern Goa trance with a pinch of acid-driven melodies and really great use of basslines. Similar to his debut, this release is natural continuation of his vision of Goa trance, so there is no big difference in terms of style. The Source, an opening track got really great grooves and the remix for Artifact's 303 'In Your Mind' might do the work if you're not a die-hard Artifact303 fan. In conclusion, this release will probably fit the taste of every person who likes modern Goa trance, but not too-melodic, overlayered, but more depending on the groove itself. Don't expect anything revolutionary because it's not trying to be. I need to say that among PsySutra and Artha who are already established Polisha acts, JaraLuca is slowly becoming a third guy from that part of Europe who deserves some attention. 3/5 Stream it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3UincX7wSc Buy/support it on Bandcamp: http://beatspace-geomagnetic.bandcamp.com/album/jaraluca-the-source-timewarp042
  12. Hi there ! Mamomam Records is a new record label from Poland, runned by JaraLuca and Miraceti. We want to introduce our upcoming VA compilation - "Star Paths", which will bring you nice psychill /downtempo music with cosmic flavore for every psy chill dancefloors and of course for listening wherever you like. Release should be out very soon on Ektoplazm for free download in best quality. Tracklist : 1. Chillaoz with SkyzoDub - Multiverse Connection (110 bpm) 2. Nibana - Among Thoughts (85 bpm) 3. Space Element - Reflection (110 bpm) 4. JaraLuca - One Day In Cosmos (105 bpm) 5. Miraceti - Meditative States Of Mind (111 bpm) 6. JIS - Random Energy (112 bpm) 7. Red Sun Rising - The Battle in Ancient Galaxy (114 bpm) 8. Zopmanika - Celestial Eye (115 bpm ) 9. Moondancer - Messy Thoughts at The Top of The Backbone (75 bpm) Mastering - Khaoz Mastering Very soon, we will post link for whole compilation samples ! Meanwhile you can listen to Nibana track sample on our Mamomam Rec soundcloud ! Stay Tuned !! Our Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mamomam-Records-1479011469086016/?fref=ts
  13. Hi there ! Just want to introduce info about my deput EP for Timewarp Records "The Source" 4 tracks EP should be out even in the end of January !! Full power goa trance EP , including remix of Artifact303 - In Your Mind ,a lot of acid leads and energy for every dancefloor. Tracklist : 1. The Source (145 bpm) 2. Andromeda ( 2016 mix ) (145 bpm) 3. Artifact303 - In Your Mind (JaraLuca Remix) (147 bpm) 4. Energy From The Sun (155 bpm ) Stay tuned !!!
  14. OUT NOW! Goa Madness Records strikes again with a brand new compilation coming from outer space! After their successful previous releases, they are now proud to present you “Evolutive Perceptions”! A blend of some of the best artists that goatrance has to offer nowadays, presenting all their own interpretations of this precious style! Our cosmic voyage starts with the Croatian master “Omnivox” who delivers a nice atmospheric piece of art. "A part of change" is filled with crunchy sounds, floating melodies and spacey soundscapes that will assure a flawless takeoff of our trip. “Space Elves” presents the fresh but still oldskoolish "Bitter & Twisted" that will fill your legs with a good dose of energy to shake yourself on every dancefloor. Our Belgian Pride “Asmik”, brings a nice and groovy track enhanced by acid sounds and psytrance influences. Beware of next one, because the acidic master "Proxeeus" teams up with the upcoming Belgian artist "Ohm Mind" to awaken the gods! “Shivas Awakens" is a very “retro oriented” track blended with euphoric melodies & mysterious chants. Our travel enters then into another, more sombre world... “Illumination” by “JaraLuca” will for sure become a dancefloor tsunami. His acid sounds & powerful leads will smash into your face like never before! The Macedonian duo “Cosmic Dimension” makes a nice transition between more darkish atmospheres evolving into melodic and enchanted harmonies. The Dark Matter will act on you like a spiral, swirling again and again and again... We are also very proud to present you the first release of Arcane Voice. This Serbian artist, normally more used to progressive sounds under his other alias "Nature", delivers here a very melodic & entrancing track. "Infinite amount of energy" will become a favourite for sure in lots of Goatrance lovers hearts. Then, comes “Butterfly Effect”. A pure melodic diamond that will make you trance with a big smile on your face. The emotional melodies and the typical groove of “Nova Fractal” are blended with the very spacey and tasty E-mantra sounds... The compilation ends with “Winter Breaker” by “Ephedra”. A very melodic & emotional track that will remind you the good summer times & trance moments while entering the cold season. Enjoy the madness! Tracklist 1: Omnivox : A Part Of Change 2: Space Elves : Bitter & Twisted 3: Asmik: Shimmering Onexta 4: Ohm Mind & Proxeeus : Shiva Awakens 5: JaraLuca : Illumination 6: Arcane Voice : Infinite Amount Of Energy 7: Cosmic Dimension : The Dark Matter 8: Nova Fractal & E-Mantra : Butterfly Effect 9: Ephedra : Winter Breaker Artwork by: Neogoa Preview: Soundcloud Buy here: Beatspace , Psyshop
  15. MP3/WAV/FLAC: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile Neogoa returns in 2015 with Perpetuum Mobile, the debut album by Polish project JaraLuca, featuring 8 previously unreleased tracks. With this release JaraLuca showcases his style: acidic Goa trance music with groovy psytrance influences, perfect for dance floors. All tracks written and produced by Łukasz Zając (Poland). Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium), with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia) Artist: JaraLuca Album: Perpetuum Mobile Label: Neogoa Release date: January 2014 Cat. Number: NEOG034 Style: Psychedelic, Goa Trance Tracklist: Existence (145 BPM) Perpetuum Mobile (147 BPM) Galaxicity (147 BPM) Minds Circus (145 BPM) Insomnia (148 BPM) Uncontrolled (147 BPM) Solaris (165 BPM) Emptiness (85 BPM) All tracks written and produced by Łukasz Zając (Poland) Soundcloud | Facebook Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia) Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium) Short preview: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile
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