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  1. that's why we seen many other topics slandering other people , yes mods need to start brushing up this mess
  2. whatever dramas no need , there was no need for UX doing what did on facebook page , shameful , Tal only gave explanation nothing else seriously no more good luck for people dwelling on drama
  3. really dont care about all this 'show' , only music that matters , these problems are to be resolved privately no need for this , just crap
  4. we also get trolls , countdown , maybe we should! we would be millionaires by now no problem friend , you are not only one in this , best to keep polishing our nails and leave all this behind and keep releasing good music Isn't this a : Strange World - Asia 2001
  5. keep doing what you're doing Tal , thanks for all great music , we are also an underground goa label we like to support other good music in scene . its just getting tiredsome everytime you are releasing a cd threads getting full of trolls coming with crap instead of talking to you first... no need
  6. great buy for people that never had the chance to have it
  7. new slender is out , great graphics , great horror guaranteed jump scares
  8. OUTLAST if you have the guts for it I finished plus whistleblower expansion
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