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Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed


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Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed
Release: December 2014
Genre: Pure Goatrance
Label: TIP records

1: subpar
2: decent/average
3: good
4: excellent
5: masterpeice

1. Rain
The original is not the best by X-dream by far, it is a surprise they chose to remix this track. The main melody of Rain is quite boring and way too repetative to be enjoyed. Repetativeness in general is not a bad thing, but it has to work. An example of a X-Dream track that is repetative but DOES work splendidly, is Zebra - one of my favorite goatrance tracks. Also, at around 4 minutes, the kick sounds like there is another kick on top of it - with a slight slight delay. It's probably intentional, but it doesnt work for me. Sounds like they are about to mix in another track. The bassline doesnt sound too good either.
Best part of track: -

2. Stimuli
Classic AP here. Kick and bassline, the wobbly background 303, the FX - all is immediately recognizable as Astral Projection.
The track itself leaves alot to be wanted, though. Again, Stimuli is not the best track by TIP, and this is not the best track by AP.
The climax works, but it doesnt justify the overall "averageness" of the track.
Best part of track: 05:22 - 06:29 and @ 06:42

3. Overbloody Flood
The original is amazing, and this is not that much worse. They did a nice job with the main melody, and the overall track sounds good. The mixing and overall production is flawless. But I wouldnt expect less from AP at this point. They've been in the game over 20 years now. They are already legends. They should NOT produce anything less than great.
However I feel like the feeling of the original track is lost. It has a dark and desperate feel to it, this track has no real feeling. Even though it sounds great, Im ashamed to say it feels like an album filler.
Best part of track: -

4. Feeling Very Weird
This track is better than the original.
I love the psychedelic nature of this track, and I have a feeling it is going to grow on me.
The general AP sound is amazing and will please most AP fans. The psychedelic nature of the main melody is awesome. I just wish they did more with it.
The notes of the melody seem to go against the key in which the track is in - but that is what is so great about this track. Listening to this in headphones is really a trip. I strongly recommend it. Second best track of the album.
Best part of track: 02:40 - 05:49

5. Mugen
I dont like the original that much, Prana was never really in my taste.
This remix is by far better than the original. They really polished the track up alot and made it theirs. I have a feeling this track is going to grow on me aswell.
The "screaming/crying" melody is simply amazing. The buildup is intense and doesnt get boring. The climax gives me goosebumps.
The mixing in this track is masterfully done. The "screeching"/high frequency melody at around 5 minute mark feels like it should hurt your ears - but doesnt. Perfect.
Best part of track: 03:22 - 05:25 and the climax start @ 06:32. (Utterly amazing.)
4.5/5 !

6. LSD
Not better than the original, but definately not bad. Quite good actually.
The track is very very close to the original, and I quite like that. It is almost like a re-mix (as in the artist simply re-mixes the instruments, fx, levels, etc - not actually remaking it) more so than a "remix". If that makes sense.
The track is however quite slow, but I think this track would work wonders on the dancefloor.
The same feeling of the original is captured and preserved in this remix. It is very impressive to not destroy a legendary track like LSD - but instead polish it up giving it a new birth. [AP succeded where DAT records failed. (Sorry Draeke, I love you). Its probably not fair though, to compare a track made in the early 90s simply remastered - to a track produced in the 2010s. However - this is still LSD and so is the track on Analog Dreams... where this one works, and that one doesnt.]
LSD was never my favorite Simon track, but I like it very much because of the feeling it portrays. I would however, have enjoyed seeing Astral choosing another track - with even more climax potential - like for example Space Pussy, Snakey Shaker or Trancespotter. One can dream.
Best part of track: 06:16 - 08:06 and @ 04:41. Wonderful "crying" lead. Same preset used in Mugen.

7. Rain
Again they choose a track which is by far not the best from the artist. I would have love to hear a remix of for example Galaxia, Online Information or Stardiver. Tracks that have amazing remix potential.
The melody of this track is just like the first Rain - kind of boring and repetative in a bad way.
This track is however better than the original. The keychanges in the track makes it unsuitable for the dancefloor.
Best part: 02:19 - 02:59 (sounds alot like their album Another World. Some of the presets used on that album is used here aswell. A nice little detail.)

8. Midian
Why Midian? Why not Crystal, Alidade, or Micromega..
But who am I to question an artists choice and creative process.
Track is great. It is alot better than the original.
This is a track that is going to grow. It does capture some of the feel that is unique to my beloved Blue Planet Corporation. It does him justice. This is a great track. I just wish they didnt chose Midian. So much potential loss.
Best part: 05:21 - 06:41 and @ 08:15

Overall: 3/5 (3.5 on a good day)
Mixing/Production Quality: 4/5

Mastering: 2.5/5 (not even close to Amen, which is superb)

It aaalmost tend to clip at times. For example the part in LSD at around '07:00 -> end' sounds extremely pressed together and almost no dynamics.
Again it also sounds a little like they are about to mix in a new track... I dont get it Astral :blink::wacko:
Cover-art: 1/5 (Im shocked, AP!)

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i've just gave it a quick listen and have to agree about mugen. of all the originals i like mugen the least, but it's definitely the highlight on this cd.

the remix of lsd is surprisingly good (most of the time it doesn't work out well when someone touches a classic like that), the two remixes of TIP tracks are also decent.

but what i really find lacking are both BPC remixes. midian doesn't have the ethereal atmosphere of the original and overbloody flood doesn't do the original justice in any way - it's essentially a boring fullon remix and totally lacks the magic.


i don't agree about the mastering, this album sounds overcompressed to me. it's louder than many contemporary progressive album and goa trance with all its complexity shouldn't be squashed like that.


all in all, it's pretty decent. not too much innovation (obviously), but classic ap sound (except for overbloody flood) on classic tracks. all of the tracks are actually good (even overbloody flood), but that's party due to the originals being classics in their own right and only partly due to astral's skill (mugen!).

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yes you are right. i listened to the album today again, but this time with my music production soundcard and headphones. (Audiobox VSL + Roland RH-200) and it is indeed mastered to hard.

Consequently I edited my review to reflect my new findings.

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My opinion after 2 days listening non stop:

I agree the mastering is too harsh/loud. Except of that, for the music... I have been listening a lot last week, and this is my "final" result:


X-Dream - Rain : ok, nothing special. 6/10

TIP - Stimulit : good. 7/10

BPC - Overbloody Flood : worst of the album. 4/10

TIP - Feeling Weird : really good (except that robot sample in the climax). 8/10

prana - Mugen : Amazing 10/10

LSD : Amazing as well 9.5/10

Rain : very good as well 9/10

Midian : very good, except the bass kicks in at a VERY weird moment in the break? 8.5/10


Overall, really good enough to be satisfied, but the first 3 tracks are mediocre. Still I am happy goa is back, the goa way ;)

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Mugen seems to get lots of praise but I find it rather subpar. And some of the melodies are just so annoyingly little out of tune, sounds wrong to my ears :/

Favourites so far after a few listens:


LSD (the intro however sounds really weird with the pads being played in keys completely unrelated to each other, rest of the track is epic though)

EU - Rain

Overbloody Flood

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Like many other fans of AP, has been waiting for their new album for many years, but still nothing.

Now these remixes,well not bad, but quite inferior to their old tracks and it sounds really digital IMO.

AP was using the real analog gear before and their sound was warm and organic,so another reason of some

disappointment here.

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at least this album got me interested enough to get out of my reviewing "retirement" ;)


Well, first of all, I'm very skeptical about remixes, especially when they touch absolute classics, my first thought would be "but what was wrong with the original?". On the other hand, I guess anyone who was into goa in the 90s can't help give this a listen since it basically has some of THE absolute classics remixed by what is in the memory of most THE goatrance group of the 90s.


So then, how does it actually sound, well, good for memories sake and at least they kept true to the goatrance sound rather than make some crappy full-on remixes like Transwave did a few years ago. However, since esentially there is nothing new here I already got bored with it after a few days so I couldn't give it more than a 3/5...


Highlights would be Mugen and Feeling Very Wierd (especially the robot voice in the climax which Anoebis seems to hate, funny how tastes can be different ;))

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Should I buy this?

I collect plenty of stuff just for the sake of it. I don't hold any particular grudges against AP. I'm genuinely happy that this is finally out. Some of the tracks are quite groovy. However, the mastering is borderline painful. For that reason alone it's unlikely that I'd actually listen to it more than once or later by accident.

Decisions. :mellow:

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  • 4 weeks later...

at least this album got me interested enough to get out of my reviewing "retirement" ;)

Me too, it actually made me return to this site because I wanted to see everyone elses opinion about it.


Anyways, I think this is fucking great! I haven`t been listening to much goa or psy in the last few years and when I did, I was always rather appalled. In general things have become so plastic and overproduced, progressive has become caricature of itself, especially the German oompa shit and the Israelis, Tristan and all of the English keep making the same track over and over again, and Neogoa is just too much for me. And don`t even get me started on all that dark horseshit. Even remixes of the classics from the big names themselves like Transwave just turned their old hits into shitty full-on.


So when I first heard about this record I expected the same, classics turned to shitty full-on. But quite the opposite is the case, all these tracks sound like real goatrance, just with a more modern sound and the special AP touch of the Dancing Galaxy era. The mastering is a bit ridiculous as others have mentioned here, but other than that this ia a great goa trance album that makes me feel 15 again and brings back a lot of memories. The LSD remix is the best remix of this track I have ever heard, and there have been A LOT of remixes of LSD over the years. The remixes of both Rains are spot on, Mugen is awesome,and the BPC remixes are the emotional highlights, even though I wish they would have taken on Crystal as well :) The only ones I dont really care for are the IP remixes.


One interesting side effect of this CD is the realization that I am officially old now and have become my dad, but my dad is cool and I hope my children will think I am cool as well in a few years. in the meantime I`ll keep listeining to these remixes, and if I see AP on a line-up somewhere I will sure as hell go there and rave-on like its 1994 ;)

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If something ain't broke, then don't fix it. That's what this albm makes me feel and thank goodnees I got a gift voucher to buy it with and didn't spend my own cash. These remixes yeah sure have some goodness in them but to me they just sound awkward. All threse acts have such unique sound and these remixes just blend the Astral sound with what seems choice samples from the originals.


LSD is devastating, it losed all it's earthiness and tribal goodness that reminds me of what a good outdoor trip is about. It just sounds too dance orientated and not drug related anymore, and hey when a track is called LSD I expect it to sound like a drug track.


Anywat, you hopefully get what I mean. I'm keen to hear Astral release something of their own but this for me just doesn't cut it. It seems like lazy attemp to cash in on some bigish names eing remixed by a famous giant of a name.


Surely AP & TIP can do better?

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Not bad but not great. The sound is authentic to the good ol' days of Astral Projection and the workmanship is certainly competent (apart from well-founded gripes about the squishy mastering). They did a pretty good job with everything and I'll certainly keep this in rotation awhile to see if anything grows on me but there's no "wow" moments right off the bat, just a good feeling from hearing something new in that classic Astral style after so long. Put another way: this could have been really dreadful and it isn't at all. Definitely worth a listen but don't expect the second coming.

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Astral Projection: Goa Classics Remixed (2014)

I didn't see the track list above so..

01. X-Dream - Rain (Astral Projection Remix)
02. The Infinity Project - Stimuli (Astral Projection Remix)
03. Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood (Astral Projection Remix)
04. The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection Remix)
05. Prana - Mugen (Astral Projection Remix)
06. Hallucinogen - LSD (Astral Projection Remix)
07. Electric Universe - Rain (Astral Projection Remix)
08. Blue Planet Corporation - Midian (Astral Projection Remix)

When were these remixed? I ask because this is AP's best album in over 10 years. Some of it's pretty awesome!

Mastering isn't great, but not bad! Tim Schuldt's more experienced. Still the album's pretty good, better than AMEN IMO that lacked heart and magic. It's so nice to hear AP making good GOA music again, regardless that they're remixes. I really like this album!

Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 are really good. Tracks 1 and 7 are noticeably weaker. I'd rather an album started off with an okay (decent) track and got stronger (as here), rather than throw a sub-par song at me when things are peeking (also here). Rain (Astral Projection Remix) seems quite tame and more mainstream-anchored, as if to condition listeners with something OK- fairly catchy [but safe] before the more imaginative ones arrive. Electric Universe - Rain (Astral Projection Remix) I like even less than the opening. It's not bad per say. It's just so soft, unexciting, and uninteresting (lacks zest, infectious ingredients). It changes the mood, and is pretty forgettable compared to the others. Moreover, by the time 7 arrives, I'm hooked after the strength of 4-6. It would have been fun if they included another great remix in place of 7... feels like a bump to an otherwise stellar ride.


The voices (robot fx) in Feelign Very Weird I always could have done without in every version (remix) I've ever heard. Still it's a really cool song. There is something retro-cool, kinda nostalgic about the sample fx when in the right mood! And yes, I even enjoy this version more because of them (at times). The whole "I am feeling very weird" words in itself I always felt were a little out-of-place and cheesy. This version is a big improvement over the original; the musical, even the sample mixing is more catchy IMO.


I didn't even touch on how great the majority of this album is... :excl: for starters, that Prana track :wub:

This album is one of the most unexpected surprised of 2014 and in the genre of Goa Trance. AP made a cool GOA album with classics remixed. I'm very curious when this was made. Because if they did these remixes in the last few years, that means they still have the skills to produce an excellent (all new tracks) GOA album! There is nothing wrong with evolving a style. In this case, AP applied their evolved style to remixes with (for the most part) tight delivery and execution. :)

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  • 3 weeks later...



Artist: Astral Projection

Title: Goa Classics Remixed

Label: TIP Records

Date: December, 2014


01. X-Dream - Rain (Astral Projection Remix)
02. The Infinity Project - Stimuli (Astral Projection Remix)
03. Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood (Astral Projection Remix)
04. The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection Remix)
05. Prana - Mugen (Astral Projection Remix)
06. Hallucinogen - LSD (Astral Projection Remix)
07. Electric Universe - Rain (Astral Projection Remix)
08. Blue Planet Corporation - Midian (Astral Projection Remix)




"I am feeling very weird."


Yeah. Me too. I've been bashing Astral for so long...I, I...don't know how to react. But you can see where I've been coming from right? Right? I mean, endless delays and promised releases that never materialize, that sh*t will make anyone a skeptic. And every time one of the great acts from the golden age of goa comes back it's always sh*tty full-on remixes that make me embarrassed to turn the volume up. A further pissing on the legacy. You should feel lucky I even bought the CD with all the crap you put me through...Yeah, that's it.


Oh so, um...that's uh...that's for me? No, no...I understand. And let me tell you that I"m glad you brought out the good silverware. It shows me you care.








*speaking through huge bite*


F*ck yeah, it really does taste like chicken! Can I get some, uh water to uh...you know, wash this down?



So the kings of the goa hill, the masters of the past whom I thought would never return, have and from my perspective they didn't disappoint. Yes they're remixes of classic tracks, but they applied the Astral touch and brought them into the new millennium. They thump and have been Astralized. You can hear their vast, cosmic goa style adding depth to these tracks that didn't necessarily need it. But Kudos people. I'd like to say that it brings me back to the mid-nineties, but I missed goa trance the first time. But my imagination thanks you. And it just raises the bar and expectations for the long awaited release of new material. The only drawbacks for me with this record were the two Rain tracks. Aim a little higher. I would've loved to hear what they could do with The Second Room and Online information.


But I'll take it. Congratulations Astral, you've bought yourself another decade.


Any of that crow left?







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Good album! "Mugen" gets more hypnotic each time I hear it, "Overbloody Flood" is pure excitement (but, then, BPC just does it for me and AP does a great job keeping the original vibes in place) and EU's "Rain" is just gorgeous.


Not very fond of the X-Dream remix, though.


The two Infinity Project remixes and BPC's "Midian" are a lot of fun and I suspect those will just get better with time. Nice remix of "LSD," definitely not on the same level as the original or Ott's mix but still quite good.


All in all, definitely worth checking out!

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I keep coming back listening to this release a lot - This is not the best AP release but still a great one with some really nice remixes. Happy to have the "good old" AP sound back, brings back lots of memories + still demonstrates their exceptional skills in making uplifting trance music :).


AP managed it really well to keep up the spirit of the original tunes (even used some of the original synth sounds) so they seemed to have taken a lot of care during the composing process.


Personal favs are "Mugen" (of course), "LSD" and "Midian".

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Guest chapeau elephant

01) X-Dream - Rain
Rain is one of the trancier moments of X-Dream. It's melodic and spacey, morning material for sure. AP by using a lower key manages here to give some depth and makes the track less morning and more psychedelic. The only negative i find is in the last part that the bassline copies the melody and i think this makes it sound a bit full-on.

02) The Infinity Project - Stimuli
Stimuli is an amazing masterpiece from a landmark album, so, from one hand it's a sure winner pick, but from the other, it's difficult to make it better.

03) Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood
A very early trancy goa piece of art with strong theme & structure, and characteristic melody. I believe that they could do better with the song structuring and the bassline. This track deserves for its middle part where they create a wonderful melody out of the theme accompanied with a great atmosphere.

04) The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird
Another epic of TIP for remixing, already released by AP in an EP one year back. TIP mystic sounds in APs style and touch. It's a very good effort and creative. The only negative is the added vocal samples which sound abit fancy and could be excluded.

05) Prana - Mugen
The original is a nice midtempo track with tribal feel, terse and atmospheric. Here is given a more melodic and less tribal content, and, of course, more massive sound. Very trance oriented vibes.

06) Hallucinogen - LSD
Super-super-classic LSD is their next attempt which i think, soundwise, it's perhaps the most astralized track of this album (along with Mugen). It is less subtle and it has more massive sound than the original. I can't find anything to say against.

07) Electric Universe - Rain
It's raining trance melodies again only this time the Rain-maker is Boris Blenn. I think that as an effort it moves mostly in the full on field and overall this track has a more club direction.

08) Blue Planet Corporation - Midian
For their last remix another old creation of BPC, a trancy and complex one, almost symphonic, but also temperate with a chilling atmosphere. Another tough challenge which results in a quite vibrant synthesis. Nice but in a different way than the original.

General comments:
AP found back a part of their old way to create psychedelia and it's pleasant to hear many of these old creations vibrate again under new skin. Still, i think they're missing that old twisted edge to give their synthesis more depth and psychedelia, and to leave any club/general trance orientation way back.
I suppose that these creations must sound better loud in party soundsystems & large speakers.
It's also so nice to see the so sacred emblem of TIP to stamp a more goa trance music effort after so long i guess. Nice coverart.

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  • 5 years later...

This is not bad at all, and it gives some hope to the notion of their upcoming album... whenever it comes (if it comes someday?) :D So yeah between this compilation of remixed tracks, the remix of Push - Strange World, and the teasers AP have been sharing on their social media platforms, I'm confident they still got the magic touch. And could deliver a magical new album.

+Pros: Somehow they managed to not butcher some classics, and instead added some signature AP flavour, without resorting to some cheaper tricks we've heard others do.

-Cons: Yes the mastering could've been better, but at the same time I've heard worse. Perhaps I've listened too much to neo goa, which often lacks proper mastering, so your mileage might vary. So it's not unlistenable by any means, atleast not for me, right now. And I do agree that the overall sound is way more digital/VST-plugin in nature than their classics, which again is kinda expected. But yeah I wouldn't mind hearing what they could come up with by combining the best of their old analogue synthesizers, with the digital clarity of todays DAW's/computers/sound cards/etc. It would/could be the best of both worlds. :D

And as Trance2MoveU so eloquently put it, they've bought themselves a decade more with this release, so 2025? Fingers crossed. I WANT TO BELIEVE! So unless Trump gets re-elected and bans Goa Trance or something we should be good. :lol:

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