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  1. Artifact303 is without a doubt the most skilled producer of new-school Goatrance. However this album has too many "fillers" to be legendary. The best track of this album is BY FAR For A Better World.
  2. it is indeed essential just because Into the sun is there. If you havent heard Into The Sun on a dark night at an illegal rave in the forest - you dont know what a rave party is
  3. Reading this topic literally made me very sad. And angry. This album is incredible, it is their best album, just 0.1mm above Another World. No Im not crazy. Hear me out. This album is so effin good, you dont even realise it the first few listens. It took me a damn year to finally realise Infinite Justice is by far my favorite Astral track. The production, the mixing, the construction, the sequencing, the philosophy - It is one of a few masterpieces out there. But this album is not just Infinite Justice. It has more masterpieces. How is it possible. More than one masterpiece in one album? Yup. Electric Blue. I dont think I have EVER heard such production quality and mixing skills. This is better than Pleiadians, Hallucinogen, and other top-notch producers. This is even better than Astral. Oh wait. Its Astral. More excellent tracks though. Chaos. Complete monster. Wonderfully happy and cheerful, so is The Nexus. Techno Drome. WHOA. Its not a masterpiece but the mixing.. O M G. Have you ever heard this track on REALLY loud volume? It is like you are transported to another dimension. A "Techno Drome". The production and detail going into this album is BY FAR the best Astral has EVER done. I am so ashamed of my peers, the culture, the Goatrance "movement", the critics, everyone who claimed this album was bad. SHAME ON YOU. And to astral - if you read this. I am SO happy you didnt just give up after you recieved critic on this album. It was your best effort ever - and people hated it. I am so happy you didnt just stop then. Many people would. But to us, your TRUE fans, this is your best album. It is, a complete wonder of existance. And it is completely MIND BOGGLING how people cannot see the 100 carat diamond that is this Album. MIND BOGGLING. Thanks for your time.
  4. I dont see the problem. 1. noone is forcing you to donate. And if you DO donate - then you are supporting the artist. No matter what. Right? 2. Delays happen all the time. Its a natural process. One can get stuck creatively, or financial issues, or personal issues, or issues with the record company, and a myriad of other reasons. 3. so far elysium "promised" to the best of his ability to release the record in november. Its just one month ago. Why are you crying? You are still supporting him? why are you accusing him of stealing money? 4. there seems to be issues between you two that reaches beyond this release and the donation. why dont you take it in private, instead of publicly.
  5. padmapani, yes you are right. i listened to the album today again, but this time with my music production soundcard and headphones. (Audiobox VSL + Roland RH-200) and it is indeed mastered to hard. Consequently I edited my review to reflect my new findings.
  6. Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed Release: December 2014 Genre: Pure Goatrance Label: TIP records ( 1: subpar 2: decent/average 3: good 4: excellent 5: masterpeice ) 1. Rain The original is not the best by X-dream by far, it is a surprise they chose to remix this track. The main melody of Rain is quite boring and way too repetative to be enjoyed. Repetativeness in general is not a bad thing, but it has to work. An example of a X-Dream track that is repetative but DOES work splendidly, is Zebra - one of my favorite goatrance tracks. Also, at around 4 minutes, the kick sounds like there is another kick on top of it - with a slight slight delay. It's probably intentional, but it doesnt work for me. Sounds like they are about to mix in another track. The bassline doesnt sound too good either. Best part of track: - 1.5/5 2. Stimuli Classic AP here. Kick and bassline, the wobbly background 303, the FX - all is immediately recognizable as Astral Projection. The track itself leaves alot to be wanted, though. Again, Stimuli is not the best track by TIP, and this is not the best track by AP. The climax works, but it doesnt justify the overall "averageness" of the track. Best part of track: 05:22 - 06:29 and @ 06:42 2.5/5 3. Overbloody Flood The original is amazing, and this is not that much worse. They did a nice job with the main melody, and the overall track sounds good. The mixing and overall production is flawless. But I wouldnt expect less from AP at this point. They've been in the game over 20 years now. They are already legends. They should NOT produce anything less than great. However I feel like the feeling of the original track is lost. It has a dark and desperate feel to it, this track has no real feeling. Even though it sounds great, Im ashamed to say it feels like an album filler. Best part of track: - 2.5/5 4. Feeling Very Weird This track is better than the original. I love the psychedelic nature of this track, and I have a feeling it is going to grow on me. The general AP sound is amazing and will please most AP fans. The psychedelic nature of the main melody is awesome. I just wish they did more with it. The notes of the melody seem to go against the key in which the track is in - but that is what is so great about this track. Listening to this in headphones is really a trip. I strongly recommend it. Second best track of the album. Best part of track: 02:40 - 05:49 3.5/5 5. Mugen I dont like the original that much, Prana was never really in my taste. This remix is by far better than the original. They really polished the track up alot and made it theirs. I have a feeling this track is going to grow on me aswell. The "screaming/crying" melody is simply amazing. The buildup is intense and doesnt get boring. The climax gives me goosebumps. The mixing in this track is masterfully done. The "screeching"/high frequency melody at around 5 minute mark feels like it should hurt your ears - but doesnt. Perfect. Best part of track: 03:22 - 05:25 and the climax start @ 06:32. (Utterly amazing.) 4.5/5 ! 6. LSD Not better than the original, but definately not bad. Quite good actually. The track is very very close to the original, and I quite like that. It is almost like a re-mix (as in the artist simply re-mixes the instruments, fx, levels, etc - not actually remaking it) more so than a "remix". If that makes sense. The track is however quite slow, but I think this track would work wonders on the dancefloor. The same feeling of the original is captured and preserved in this remix. It is very impressive to not destroy a legendary track like LSD - but instead polish it up giving it a new birth. [AP succeded where DAT records failed. (Sorry Draeke, I love you). Its probably not fair though, to compare a track made in the early 90s simply remastered - to a track produced in the 2010s. However - this is still LSD and so is the track on Analog Dreams... where this one works, and that one doesnt.] LSD was never my favorite Simon track, but I like it very much because of the feeling it portrays. I would however, have enjoyed seeing Astral choosing another track - with even more climax potential - like for example Space Pussy, Snakey Shaker or Trancespotter. One can dream. Best part of track: 06:16 - 08:06 and @ 04:41. Wonderful "crying" lead. Same preset used in Mugen. 3.5/5 7. Rain Again they choose a track which is by far not the best from the artist. I would have love to hear a remix of for example Galaxia, Online Information or Stardiver. Tracks that have amazing remix potential. The melody of this track is just like the first Rain - kind of boring and repetative in a bad way. This track is however better than the original. The keychanges in the track makes it unsuitable for the dancefloor. Best part: 02:19 - 02:59 (sounds alot like their album Another World. Some of the presets used on that album is used here aswell. A nice little detail.) 2.5/5 8. Midian Why Midian? Why not Crystal, Alidade, or Micromega.. But who am I to question an artists choice and creative process. Track is great. It is alot better than the original. This is a track that is going to grow. It does capture some of the feel that is unique to my beloved Blue Planet Corporation. It does him justice. This is a great track. I just wish they didnt chose Midian. So much potential loss. Best part: 05:21 - 06:41 and @ 08:15 3.5/5 Overall: 3/5 (3.5 on a good day) Mixing/Production Quality: 4/5 Mastering: 2.5/5 (not even close to Amen, which is superb) It aaalmost tend to clip at times. For example the part in LSD at around '07:00 -> end' sounds extremely pressed together and almost no dynamics. Again it also sounds a little like they are about to mix in a new track... I dont get it Astral Cover-art: 1/5 (Im shocked, AP!)
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