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When Psynews Dinosaurs meet


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I was expecting beards and wheelchairs!

We're only 35 and 37 but seen my condition, it could have been...


Cool! Was the CD a wedding gift? It'd be a great wedding gift. :)

No, Skytrancer has them all, as well as the SFX ones.


is there a story behind the cd??

No, but Skytrancer is the Astral Projection fan number one! Of course, one AP track was played during the party afterwards :)


Mars always carrying an AP cd in his pocket.

No, but always in my smartphone.


Congrats! Did you meet each other before?

Many, many times. When Skytrancer settled in Paris, he landed 3 blocks away from my appartment, back in the beginnings of Psynews, and we used to go partying together.

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Well congratulations to them all! I can't wait to meet someone someday with someone who loves Goa music as much as I. I only know of one or two folks to like it somewhat but aren't serious about it.

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Very nice! :) But I have to day I can't remember anything about skytrance. Must have been before my days at psynews...

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