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  1. Probably ''We Choose To Go To The Moon'' from their 2020 new album.
  2. This is a lady that appears on Dune movie. Now people will understand why they postponned album they are progressing well to have something in a very high level, maybe a level closed to Dancing Galaxy!
  3. 2 new Astral Projection tracks samples from their 2020 new For All Mankind album!!
  4. A very good friend of Astral boys who organised a party in Israƫl 2 days ago said album is on the way to us, they are just very perfectionnist. I will meet them in 7 days at Tribal Roots party in Belgium
  5. This is For All Mankind new track that will be the name of their upcoming new 2020 album!
  6. This is typical Astral sounds, different than many other artists, indeed at the first time It may sounds closed to some other tracks but this is more complex to my mind. They keep better tracks for the album
  7. Many EP contain only one track on some labels Here is the full track : https://youtu.be/3FWUigy547Y
  8. You may not be happy with it at the first listening, then you may find it very good. I love this new ep but I am a big fan from 1997
  9. This new EP is out now on Beaport ! https://www.beatport.com/release/dance-is-the-answer/2508334
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