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Fantastic tracks ruined by mastering/mixing.

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1 hour ago, Basilisk said:

I wish I could get copies of Gus Till's Best of the Rhino Years without the terrible mastering job. Still not sure what went wrong here, everything sounds like mud. 



That's indeed a horrible example of bad mastering. I think quite a few of these tracks would be great to play/hear in sets but, as things are, I'm going to pass.

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I think there is some confusion here. I get a feeling that some of you are talking more about the mixing rather than the mastering. The only way you really can tell if the mastering engineer fucked up

I don't know if we've had this discussion before but what are you favourite tracks that are musically superb but end up not played due their terrible audio quality.     Absolutely adore this Fi

I've found Tim Schuldt's mastering is always quiet flat. It just sounds boring IMO. It's why I find so much of Suntrip's work pre 2012 hard to sit through. Actually only since Blacklight Moments have

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