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  1. Howdy. All our releases got Events attached to them. > https://www.facebook.com/events/572181917548774 :)plz join in(: Or main page: https://www.facebook.com/KALIEARTH/events
  2. If you know Nystagmus, you know. If you don't, you should: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/vibrations-ep Find it in other shops as well, and streaming services:
  3. It's now up for Pre-Order! *ding ding* .. Like here, https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/chalice-of-the-void-ep & here: https://www.beatport.com/release/chalice-of-the-void/3506906
  4. 1 out 1 in. We still need an Artwork to a Nystagmus project called Anahata.. If you wanna, give a word. As before, we have a img but you are free to not use it.
  5. Takk Tsotsi:) We will be happy for you to listen to it when it's ready. Right now KER is all about the Nystagmus projects (& side-projects). His Demo EP will be released after this: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/dont-align-my-chakras-hippy-2 So, so far he's released his experimental Narcolepsy EP on KER, and now the Matte Danger! Then, the mentioned Nystagmus Demo EP (2004). And we are now only waiting for ShivaOm to finialize the A1ON E.P. Artwork, because the Mastering is done! ,, The Psythagoras mini-album is ready to publish but will have to wait until these others are released. - About Nystagmus, KER is also releasing some of his unreleased Anahata works; like the EP seperating him from Nystagmus to become Anahata (where he did 5.1 surround live shows for 14 years, tho this live thing we do not have the ability to release because of lacking material, and anyway a 5.1 surround release would demand a DVD release). PS. He sais: "I have all the Anahata audio in 5.1 but never did a video track".
  6. 1 down 2 to go. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/dont-align-my-chakras-hippy-2 Anyone up for the Cali Sun Har-El gig? The Anahata?
  7. So if you want to do a California Sunshine artwork, or a DnB styled release Artwork. Let us know by PMing us here, or by sending an email to kaliearthrecords at gmail dot com. Some info (you will get more when we connect): The California Sunshine deadline is 10 days before the 3rd of November. We have some images ready for you to use If you want, or else you are free to use something else. And the Anahata artwork got 1 image ready to be used, unless you wish to use something else . -- ps. Payment is free or symbolic, or royalties. And you will be fully credited, also on Discogs .. Or if you prefer, you can be anonymous. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/
  8. Yes again, thanks for asking. 1. This happened: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/in-places-doing-things-ep 2. A1ON e.p. is like so ready, but we're having some satisfied Mastering challanges .. 3. Angry Dwarf delivered a full Album, but still needs Final Mixdown, Mastering, and Artwork. So it will take some time, especially when there's a shortage of money (Mastering) .. + all which was written by psytones
  9. For those who use Spotify, click on the Follow + button, and let's rock on ..
  10. All of the sudden, Psynews is full of annoying and overtaking commerial billboard dropdowns. What gives? Please stop them.
  11. Hei, so this is a challange .. We recieved a track from the mentioned artist to be released as it is on KER (Kali ..). -- It's a 1 Track, already Mastered, ready for release as soon as I've fixed the Cover-Art. There are no Stems, no extra materia for youl to work with. So the only thing you can work with is the track itself and what you have .. .. Hence the ,,challange" You wanna give it a worthy shot? Track title: California Sunshine (Har-El) - Breakfast for Idols (RMX) So this is what KER wants to do; release it as a EP = The original track mentioned, plus 1 or max 3 Remixes/Edits (call it what you want..) ps. the Original track will be released later in 2021 on a different label. holla OBS. image attached only for entertainment value while you check out this thread.
  12. No sarcasm, it was meant serious. Kali Earth has been offered to buy and own a track or two for release. We have not accepted the deal yet. Unfortunatelly anyway for your involvment the stems will not be incl. so a remix would have to be made by ear. Anyway, interesting project you guys are on and we're here if needed. Good luck! - Ok Oopie. (* )( *)
  13. Well, a suggestion is this, use a new unreleased California Sunshine track, with or without the title; Visions of Time. Multi-Media, don't know who you are. But if Har-El provides the Stems, you're allowed to Remix it. *yes it's true, all of the sudden Kali Earth is releasing a new Cali. Sun. 2-track EP. Bcs, this magical forum got readers. e. @Oopie define Sab Kuch: "Nothing, Sab Kuch Meaning from Urdu to English is Everything, and in Urdu it is written as سب کچھ. This word is written in Roman Urdu. ... There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Sab Kuch in English is Everything, and in Urdu we write it سب کچھ The word Everything is an pronoun." .. define Milegator: ".." .. "The word milagro means 'miracle' and is Mexican" --- There's about 170 Million people who speak Urdu. "According to Ethnologue's 2018 estimates, Urdu, is the 11th most widely spoken language in the world, with 170 million total speakers, including those who speak it as a second language."
  14. Oopie don't wanna do this? Anyway, Kali Earth Records might be o.k. in joining this psyop project :b .. https://youtube.com/channel/UC9nD50YtBhHWL3koSQuq40Q
  15. That's something special, the track Psychedelic Mann, epic ride .. i bet the crashing soundz are really spectacular when tripping hard ;b .. Kali Earth would like to release you ,,worldwide", on all major platforms. Unfortunatelly KER is empty of money for the time being and can not afford you the crusial Mastering needed. Unless you can offer Mastering by yourself or someone skilled in your network. We have amazing label/artist contract to offer you.
  16. Basiclly a lot of love and nostalgia for it, yes So much we wanted to release a proper unreleased Kailum material album, but he (Dave) was much more keen on releasing a Electronics Fusion album with us which we were not so leen on, so we made a comprimise and agreed on releasing a EF album where he remixed Kailum tracks ... Think what you will of the release but fact is that it had a very cool and positive domino effect for him as people in Israel and beyond again started to dig up and recognise Kailum so he felt revived and got much surprised attention which he really appreciate. We call it the KER effect If we the fans are lucky a label like Unreleased Goa Records will release the wished unreleased Kailum material with proper Mastering (and pre-money in Dave's pocket, which will be deserved). KER is not competing (!!), we just are/excist & do/what we do. We're very very satisfied to have been a key element to his revival. We wish him luck with his Electronics Fusion project but our true love is for his Kailum. If KER is lucky there will be a EF - Kailum vol. 2 PS. We gave him a KAILUM logofont, and glad he loved it and uses it + the coverart is special, a part of a bigger painting by IdaVision of Shiva Space Technology <3 SST .. Dave chose it himself, Erland Yildiz / Material Music did the rest.
  17. Can you mention also who you liked a lot within those genres? ..
  18. skip hip - How did you feel about his 2nd album "More Reflexions Of The World"?
  19. Yes I have the CD I got it and many Shivlink rec. CDs as present from DJ Nick in India many years ago. Similar is Infected Mushroom with the tracks named .....
  20. Electronics Fusion aka. KAILUM from Kali Earth Records and other legendary places is live on this show in 1 hour (00:00 in Norway). Tune in and stay in, for this is Isratrance sweetness cooler than a cube. LOVE & MUSIC Radio boom bloom #XXPSY https://www.facebook.com/oferbu1/videos/3687957264577199
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