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  1. ^ yes thats one amazing tea-break pressed on CD in 96 track Manuser. . . Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden (the really long track) got a staggering 6 minutes & 22 seconds of trippy acid-delighted teabreak in it ..ammagash. Amazing track. (in this time .. Padmapani, you (and others) will be refreshed and ready for more dancing *blink* Maybe on the way back encountering some fable creatures floating exitingly meditativedlly or blissed out on the floor *remember to dehydrate, food, chai, mm! Goa-Psytrance party best gathering*) -- anyway, artists tend to present their chai holes differently when playing the track with it Live . . (i.e Material Music). at the moment I got no other "long teabreak inside a track" on mind .. I'll hopefully return with one. The Angelic bonus one doesn't count baja. But what A track. Gosh https://www.discogs.com/Planet-BEN-Trippy-Future-Garden/release/203798
  2. Hey folks! So some tracks got a really long tea break in it. Tea break? A long beatless stretch your arms or float in space moment that seem to last forever. DROP YOUR LONGEST BEST TEA BREAK TRACK: I'll start with two *hrhr* 1. from 4:34 to 7:43 .. Thats 3 minutes and 15 seconds of teabreak (time under the sea, or space, the place is beautiful) 2. is a long track in it self. And the long tea-break starts from 9:22 and ends at 13:47 ..... That's an incredible 4 minutes and 25 seconds long teabreak! -----
  3. The talented artist Entheogenic is offering his whole discography for only £22 GBP or more. Thats a whopping 75% OFF. My only problem is that if I buy his collection to someone as a gift or to myself https://entheogenic-usr.bandcamp.com - it included 2 copies of Kykeon and Dreamtime Physics (nomal + 24bit 96kHz). Is this luxurious problem a problem for you (this goes much to those who use the Bandcamp App a lot), or is it not a prolem at all? Why do you want to have both the normal audio and the 24bit 96kHz audio in your collection. Isn't only the best quality. or only the normal not good enough? Why not only have the great sound quality on display and forget the normal edition? If someone could point to a answer to this or write it, it would be greatly appreciated. The Entheogenic Full Discography is still a great offer .. PS tip.. NYP (some of the other releases as well): https://androcell.bandcamp.com/album/efflorescence
  4. Moooooore! https://spiraltrax.bandcamp.com/album/california-sunshine-har-el-imaginary-world-spit165-spiral-trax
  5. sonic fromasj np. https://music.phutureprimitive.com/track/drifting
  6. Is it possible to post pictures of the editions with bubbles?
  7. Well that Higher Levels album by Microcosm on Ektoplazm is mostly made between 1995 and 1998 with some minor edits after,, Don't take this as Fact but its not far from. This should become clearer soon. There exists also unreleased material on this SC, https://soundcloud.com/aztronaut/microcosm-a-taste-of-paradise and obs. it looks (master with this track came in a few days ago) like a 1995 track made by Phreak By Nature will also be on the mentioned NOR-GOA VA. Phreak By Nature is Georg, half of Microcosm .. Aztronaut is an old friend of them.
  8. Strangepork will release a new track with the same equipment this year on Kali Earth Records www.kaliearthrecords.com -- His new artist name is Drum Pets btw. @Manuser Some more info about the 2019 release, its a 3CD VA with Norwegian made Goatrance.. "Drum Pets - Melt the Walls [Strangepork remix]" is one of the tracks.
  9. Yes I Ambient mixes, and right now at this very moment halfways in, DJ Ambient Mann (KER) is DJing LIVE @ Radio Q37 - I'm listening, and I'm loving it so I post it here, https://radioq37.com/
  10. OK:) "I keep secrets. Secrets like smells and stains. Secrets like, how knickers you ruined. Secrets like old addict closet balls, and ... Same sex dreams. Secrets like .. girlhood crushes. And masturbation. Secrets like, how many pregnancies, how many births. How many children do you have? Love. Care for. Secrets like CIA assassinations and who's really running Microsoft .. " "I keep secrets. I know you want to. But don't ask. It's a secret."
  11. Hello every body, KER (Kali Earth Records) is a record label that also do managing of artists and dj’s through XXPSY management. In essence, XXPSY can help you release your music on to other bigger and more established record companies that agrees with you music. Btw. We (ref. Label-head) also have 10 years of solid experience in event arranging, and festival work, including stage management. Check out our web page http://kaliearthrecords.com/material-music/ for more information where you also will find a contact form and more "snax". So far this is the only XXPSY released artist: - MATERIAL MUSIC https://www.discogs.com/artist/6209821-Material-Music , XXPSY
  12. We've added the original painting to the coverart on the EPs Bandcamp page .. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-mann-another-dimension-ep Very proud of this item, I'm sure you can understand/relate. Only 1 availible though, might buy it myself
  13. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-mann-another-dimension-ep (NINJA SCROLL DOWN ON THE PAGE TO SEE THE PAINTING!) Fantastisk! Helt tipp og topp. The debut release by Ambient Mann, "Another Dimension". Has a coverart which is a hand made painting by ThePurpleSpring (half Russian, half Norwegian). On the Bandcamp page where you can buy or download the EP for free, you can also choose to purchase a physical CD .. AND, here it comes *drumroll* this is so cool! .. You can buy the original Painting! Only 1 in stock, the original. KALI EARTH RECOrDS PS. Today I was told that the painting is inspired by the Japanese animated movie called “Princess Mononoke”. If you don't know it by now, check it out! Its an amazing movie. Many people have been inspired by it, even our own mr. Fragletrollet with his epic "Playground of Spirits" album Whattayahthink, pretty neat ey? Boomz <1 <2 < 3 <4 LOVE & PEACE
  14. "Zero Gravity, It's Beuatiful" "It's like Liquid" "Comes up in Waves" "What you Do" "I did .. " "It's Liguid" It's Beautiful" "babbel""whisper" ..... This is a great downtempo track though. Sorry for the late reply but Ive had too much other stuff to listen to, so it was only now that I found moment to sit down and reply and listen to the Zero Gravity in full again. So unless someone guesses the exact track with the sample laid out in the correct way, this game stops? R u Sure a game like this has not been made before in psynews though? Seems like a pretty standard guess the sample game Must have been done before, right? Maybe even with that same sample in Question. Zero Gravity, like liquid, it's beautiful" Well yes Everyone Loves hattifnatts! Much much much memories and love to the Mummitrollene We went to a 35mm or what the fuck flick format is was again in a student theater and watched the https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0240425/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2 a month ago. I'm actually drinking from a Mummi glass right now (øh, we got many of them with different motives from the Max Burgerjoint when buying a Kids Meny where they also have vegan/vegitarian options). I think all scandinavians and more people in the world grew up with Moomin, or Mummitrollet i Norwegian. Btw. thats traditional saft in the glass. With icecubes. Flavour? blackcurrant
  15. So, the first bassy version is for mushroom, and the second version is for acid? Sounds very good anyway, and maybe even better in general with the new touch. Boomz
  16. Free to download, but you have to pay a minimum to have it on your Bandcamp APP. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-mann-another-dimension-ep
  17. When a release is published, it's official. that moment when you roll a fat one and lay back in the sun and mellow out in a sea of ambient sonic. *now* https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-mann-another-dimension-ep
  18. It's officially released, https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-mann-another-dimension-ep
  19. Very soon the 3 track Ambient EP by Ambient Mann will be fully released, so these test images are the teas - actual complete Front+Back+CD art to be posted with the official release! Peace
  20. Well hattifnatt, i hope your not talking about 12 Moons or Astrix, so I will suggest: DoubleImpact - Zero Gravity
  21. *Coming soon enough, Project; "Norway's Got Goatrance" VA - GOAGILDE 1. -Analogue Fjords of Norway- 2. -Norwegian Aural Borealis- 3. -Yah-hey Tru Norvegr- Artwork by mariquesart
  22. Another track on the VA - GOAGILDE (Project: Norway's Got Goatrance) have been added to the teas, its a bit hard&locked. The surrendering release comes at 5:17 Clementz, the blazing up-and-coming Goatrance star from Norway, keeping it really real. "The stars.. the creation.. the planets.. the synthesizers.. These are in essence the intense reach of the sizzling Goatrance music produced by CLEMENTZ with hardware and alien fingertips. His first encounter with Goatrance was with the Tantrance - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance VA back in 1996. The encounter was truly felt and it was love at first listen. There was no return. Where life in general had pulled him in many directions, this sonically driven divine trance music, to produce it, gave him peace. "Chaos offsets chaos". He recently turned four decades old - Clementz, a Analog Goa-Trance producer who likes to chew on keys and listen to what comes out of them in different combinations .. layer-by-layer. astral-by-cosmic. On a personal note he loves a good Norwegian street kebab, and doesn't mind getting well spirited." e. This special VA is a series of 3 CDs. 19 norwegian artists, 27 tracks. 9 tracks per CD. 1-Love-Many-Hearts, nor-way-we-got-goatrance
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