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What beer/liquor are you currently drinking

Master Lu Bu

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I am allergic to beer


Oh shit man, is this serious ? Or you're saying it because you really don't like the taste of beer ?


If this is serious, what happend then when you're drinking a beer ?

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Well, I just get a lot of headaches and get dizzy, which ruins my experience.


Waouv, could it be possible that I am allergic to beer also ?

I drink a lot of different alcohol but strangly the one that has the more impact on me is without any doubt the beer.

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I chug these like nobodys business. Damn thing tastes like soda. I never got into the whole "hot day cold beer" thing, in fact I couldn't get used to the taste of beer, but I did get the same experience with these. Good and bad times. Shit is not cheap but I can't settle for less.



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going out to a gin bar, then across the road to the rum bar... with disco dancing... so i shall be drinking gin and rum. :) (posted in advance due to the fact i will be too drunk to post later... )

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Urghhh......hangover from hell... tried some interesting drinks last night...scary mary was a rather spicy rum with chillies and tomato juice

and an extra strong rum with cinnamon.....12 rums and 40 gins to choose from, i managed a few,,,,,,,,,,,,

now im trying to make a coffee.........

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