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What beer/liquor are you currently drinking

Master Lu Bu

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damn bottle was broken, noticed it was leaking. Luckily not a big dent so just poured it into a seperate bottle. Lost just a few drops.


Of course I'm posting the most blurred out smallest picture... Bunnahabhain 12 Years Un-chillfiltered, it's totally a nice whisky. We'll see if I buy it again, but I don't think I will.

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oh boy, was out at a fake Rammstein gig last night..the Gin Bar is right next door to the venue, there is even an adjoining door.........how much Gin did I have?

Of course i did not gatecrash the dressing rooms

or go round telling everyone that they were my new friends

or fall over countless times on the way home....

No, not me guvnor!


Blackberry Gin 1

Sloe Gin 2

elderflower gin 1

Ginger Gin 2


2 pints of Cider

Half bottle of Chat en Oeuf


tonight, i'm back at that venue for some Rock n Roll...

I will not be consuming Gin. I wont....nope, not me..u-uh

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Amoro Montenegro


It's a nice break from single malt scotch. On ice with a slice of lemon, in front of the fireplace as winter has started to kick in here. With some chilled tunes playing. Baby in bed. Makes for nice nights.

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