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  1. Not their best album but it has a unique warm and muddy sound that is refreshing for the ears when your random music player picks a song from it from time to time.
  2. Oh and thank you Desysko for the new Aharon track : i find it quite moving as well, and feel relieved MFG and Astral Pro have decided to keep a goa sound and style in their last songs.
  3. Emuna ( Guy Zurkel and Eyal Yankovich ) have released a great album called "3rd World" : check it, it really has MFG vibes ! I'm only discovering it and i dearly love the first 2 tracks for sure.
  4. Avi and Lior have trance in their soul so i don't worry about them ever loosing it unless major negative change in their lives happens. And i'm completely happy with what we got recently : i just wish them to get more positive and closer to love and humanity and farer from robotic and pseudo spirituality but so far this has been the trend they have taken. I'm also glad they've chosen quality over quantity : this is probably one of the reasons they keep on displaying natural high energy smiles on their face. They made me trust in trance so i tend to trust them and the way they work their magic.
  5. I second everything positive you've said about MFG and Passenger. One of the things i notice about israeli bands such as AP, MFG and Psysex is the raw manhood that transpire from most of their tracks : it gives so much of the right completely male psychic "tone" to work sex magic....
  6. I was glad to recently discover Funktion 1 sounds as good as it looks.
  7. Hello Nhjo Hyennro ! +1 with the lol about your w-russia-korea etc ! my best old friends spiritrebel and regmelocco are well versed into Hindu as well as in spirituality in general so feel free to contact them as they'll kindly answer any questions. http://noholdsbarreddiscussion.yuku.com/
  8. If the main causes of your stress are psychical it's up to your spirit to solve em but if they are physical i may be of help : i've been preparing my own magical potion this year and together with sex magic practice (basically abstinence) it worked wonders on me. Working your global Strenght is actually a good remedy for stress and i don't know of anything else but the combo sex magic + magical potion wich can set a man strenght to its max. So i freely share my own magical potion recipe but it's based on organic ingredients that you may not be able to afford : if you want i can send you some as it's actually dry and preserve itself for monthes. Spirulina, dried Goji, Maca powder, some fresh Pomegranate juice, Ginger, some Olive oil. You swallow a little piece of the solidified mix with anything you like ( personally i take a bit of it once or twice a day with organic coffee) .If you accumulate your sexual mojo in the meantime, i guarantee that you'll both feel truly relaxed and having great thunder in yourself....
  9. Penzoline#OP : "MFG - Project Genesis. Absolutely a stellar album that has some of the muddiest sound I've heard." I always thought that the "sticky" sound of Project Genesis was deliberately worked by MFG. I personally find that album contain a few good track and the sticky sound is part of what make them good in my perception....
  10. My best friend being into long time shaivite spiritual practices i'm becoming increasingly familiar with Shiva. Actually he's learning me how to work on my chakras by working the various mantras associated with each chakra. Thanks for sharing NHJO__HYENNRO take care and if you or anyone are interested in yogic related practices here are the mantra and instructions for working the 4th chakra of our spiritual heart : The Anahata chakra, in the center of your chest, your spiritual heart. Say "Om Anahata". Visualize its green color while pronouncing the beeja mantram "Yam", then visualize the chakra turning liquid gold as you say "Kundalini, arohanum" several times.
  11. Passenger (Guy Zurkel) - Rihanna "Diamonds" rmx and "Mispaha" https://soundcloud.com/mfgpassenger
  12. Loved Tekara and Rui Da Silva : good musical nuggets !
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDSniRPPX_E
  14. Draeke#66 : "I wanted to release a particular track on dat but he said he keeps all the mfg unreleased to make a compilation on his own and self release it when he will feel like. He knows i am interested but I will wait for him to decide" Can't wait ! and if he choose to keep the good stuff for him for the moment we may just have to bite our stick and to eventually create MFG related tracks ourselves ! I've just done a very personal remix of MFG-Guy's "Chain Reaction" track. I'd be pleased to learn if it honor MFG talent....
  15. Thanks for sharing this very interesting and insightfull interview GoaConstrictor : Return To The Source sound doesn't move me much yet their view of the trance scene is warm and give me hope. "Pie in the sky" would be the only kind of pie i would never be attracted by yet my guess is that Mark was joking answering this. I tend to agree that the focus on technicity tend to create boring and colder music but there's enought good stuff in all trance style to meet everyones taste and the variety of sound experience is always a blessing.
  16. It's always good to hear from your favorite artist and this time it's a pleasant surprise as the song is easy and doesn't take itself too seriously....
  17. Ache ! i would always prefer an open minded natural smelling girl than a chemical "commercial" chick. I have thought about this topic for hours but i can't find anything i don't like in trance culture : it's in fact a concentrate of what i like and wich fits my personality.
  18. I find your reaction totally understandable and i would react exactly the same if i hadn't been in regular conversation with Kyle since 2006 : he's a longtime debunker of all conspiracy theories and only consult conspiracy theory and paranormal discussion groups to present his spiritual viewpoint wich DOES NOT make use of the supernatural. And to get back to this topic i can say that i'm both a theist as i believe an advanced civilization can be a natural creative force in the universe and an atheist in the sense that i don't believe in the existance of any supernatural being such as those described by several religions.
  19. warm bass but a very cold track in my ears : trippy enough to be worth listenning 5/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPpGSXhm0Oo
  20. padmapani#56 : "sources please. as a molecular biologist with quite a bit of background in evolution, i have never heard about such a thing, and i'm obviously interested." Ouroboros#59 : "yeah id like to hear about that as well. as far as i understand, there arent any "gaps", and the differences are mostly related to regular plain old genes that one species has and the other does not. nothing "alien" or "bizarre looking" about them at all." I decided to ask Kyle as i have no specific knowledge in the field. Here's what he answered : "I got most of this information from reading forum postings by paranormal and conspiracy theory people, and I've never tried to find scientific evidence to elaborate on it, simply beause I don't have enough technical knowedgle of modern genetic to understand the relevant explanatins even if I could find them. However, my Guides say that there is indeed state-of-the-art genetic information that tends to back up the "astral template" theory of guided evolution described in WiH, and this it will probably start surfacing on sites devoted to discussion of genetics and evoltions intended for people without expert knowledge in the field." I then asked more specifically : angular sound : "If these informations are going to be available to a larger audience, how would someone interested and with knowledge in the field never have heard of it ? is this just the obvious scientific establishment and educational programs evading any ideas leading to extra terrestrial implications ? "sources please. as a molecular biologist with quite a bit of background in evolution, i have never heard about such a thing, and i'm obviously interested."" Kyle : "It looks to me like the same scientistic viewpoints that reject religious creationism automatically exclude any kind of ET guidance of the evolutionary process as well. And IMO, just because the guy's interested in these "wild ideas" when he hears about them doesn't mean that his mind is open to the evidence that generates them when he comes across it in his scientific reading." Oopie#60 : "I find it there's no such language as of yet that would, without a doubt, prove gods existence or vice versa. Having a spiritual view for life doesn't acquire high degree of intelligence or book smarts, it's a perception or insight that goes deeper than logical mind can grasp. This insight is an experience, and cannot be automated thru logical means only." Yes i fully agree. "calling the nature of the Divine" is as much a matter of subjective personality and tastes as a matter of cosmological "logic".
  21. Hi there ! i also missed this thread and this whole forum wich is really cool btw.
  22. Ouroboros#54 : "while i find that idea to be entirely and utterly unbelievable...they didnt "create" from nothing...they altered preexisting dna, so again, were back to the realm of what we can already do now...and so ill ask again...are we gods? does simply having the ability to create make one a god? i have a daughter...am i her god?" I agree with you that the sole act of creation isn't enought to qualify a civilization as being a God-Goddess. This creation potential must be superior to the civilization's destructive potential for qualifying as a Godess-God. But the most important is that naming an inhabited planet by its original name or by the terms "God" or "Godess" or any specific name isn't relevant at all : people on an advanced civilization can perfectly choose not to call themselves "divine". I would just subjectively find such a civilization "divine" because i would be amazed by their advanced moral, emotional, social and political standards as well as by the quality of their notions of love....
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