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  1. Monitors and room. Then one piece of hardware equipment that sound's better than software and is meaningful to the music you want to make, not alot of stuff that only sounds different but one that actually sounds better, then you will be happy for a while. Then you buy another one. Take your time and find the sweetspots of your equipment.
  2. Yes it's great when that happens but sometimes it anoys me, especially with some classical music. When it gives me images of ordinary things like snowfall or ducks or an old ballroom, sure it's beautiful but thats it, and then it just explores the same image for ten minutes. I usually prefer when the music moves me. From one place to another. in my mind.
  3. I like that old stuff, would be cool if artists got inspiered by this music and kind of started from scratch. Producing a new totally different branch of music, evoling out of that sound.
  4. Yes i find it OK. Otherwise i would probably not be posting in this forum. :ph34r: I would be a total hipocrite if i had something against traveling to other countries and breaking cultural/social norms and laws. (f.ex. traveling to india, taking drugs, dressing inappropriately, dancing to loud foreign music... not giving a flying fuck, that's how this scene begun.) Do you think such behavior is ok as long as it's for pleasure but not fore those in need? Please explain. Getting back? Do you really think refugee migration is on par with murder and enslavement of millions? Do you think the poor EU countries have the right to put people on a plane against their will and send them in to a warzone? Should we close the door on refugees and just hope they die quietly? Please react agressively and insulting. Im a troll, it feeds my ego. :lol:
  5. I think alot of electronic music is overproduced. Since the composer is often the same person that is doing the mixing and sometimes even mastering it's almost inevitable that they will think ahead. "One note bass is easier to mix", "too many layers will just create mud", "got to fill the frequency spectrum", "leave some room here for the reverb" etc. When you start thinking like this you're already mixing the track in your head, it's a real challange to come up with interresting ideas and make those magic tracks if you're always over thinking stuff. It's not impossible offcource but hard. If you're thinking even further ahead and are concerned about getting a loud master, you might realise in the end that you never even tried to make beautiful music, you just focused on making something loud. So i think the higher the standard of soundquality a genre has, the more technical knowledge a composer needs to have to be able to make interesting music. I might be able to make a professional sounding track if i stick to one note bass in a pattern like this: K-b-b-b-K-b-b-b-K-b-b-b. But what if i want a bass note at the same time as the kick? I might have to learn about sidchain multiband compessors or other tricks if i want to compose that. ...Now if i want a double bass or a bass tuba instead? In the old days it might have been possible to pull that off, with todays standards that door is locked for most producers. Becauce of the great sound we have today we might be missing out on the great polka trance that could have been! I usually prefer the old school in most electronic music, before it gets too technical. There has to be some magic in that crappy sound, otherwise all new remixes would sound better than the original.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyyKrdLRxSc Not as dark as Oforia, but still, pretty dark
  7. Expert sleepers would be my favourite. I've been looking at the Expert Sleepers stuff for fixing the midi issues i suffer but im afraid it will make me start collecting modular stuff. I already have too much equipment, so im getting a hardware sequencer instead (Cirklon), giving up on the computer for sequencing. Hopefully this will help my workflow, separating composing from mixing and help me focus more on sound design instead of fixing things in the mix. Now i just need a good hardware sampler...
  8. Are you saying that they are doing this big ritual just to stop caring? And then they have to repeat it again every year? That seems really ineffective. Im not trying to attack your theory, i just don't think i understand exactly what you mean.
  9. Nice tutorial, inspiring. Wave editing is an art that i have more or less abandoned since i got more hardware, my productions would probably benefit if i picked it up again. And it's alot of fun too!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BbB6RVfliE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT9_0zDnFDk
  11. I used impulse tracker back then, i started out with noisetracker on Atari and when i got a pc with a soundcard i switched to IT. I ripped samples from different tracks and everything sounded out of tune. I don't think i'll ever realise the greatness of Power of celtic. To me it will always sound like an out of tune tracker version of Lambada. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8mz9uOvFQA&feature=player_detailpage
  12. Haha! Maybe it's tears of joy we se when we punch someone in the face, and war is just a great big party! I like your anti-moral logic. Happy killing!
  13. You can listen here and see if you find something: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcP_q2kfRCA
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