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Etnica - Live 96 [DAT Records - DATCD004]

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X-Dream & Max - Walk on the Moon (which real title would just be Etnica - Walking on the Moon) it is not in this release, it is from 1999 and has a different sound.

Mental Puzzle was previously known as Monkey Business, and no other titles, it is a quite unique track 14:33 minutes long.


I will see what to do with the e-release, so far I don't have a platform that offers digital booklet download but maybe as soon as i have some free time i will build an official bandcamp website to sell releases in packages including full artwork.




Ah, yeah, thanks for correcting me, mistook one track for another :D!


So, waiting for your release, its going to be the best release in years!

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Hello Again!


Pre-Orders have now be enabled, have a try on DAT Records website: http://www.datrecords.it

(Just click on the shopping bag on the left and a popup window will appear, where you can put your data, 100% secure and tested since 3 years now).

Payment can be made through paypal or bank transfer.


I reduced paypal taxes to 2,5% which means I am splitting the cost with you.

As for now I cannot offer any discount for buying multiple copies.


To make it up to you though, I am offering the download of a free track BEFORE the actual release date.

Once the payment is completed the system should give you a code to download it .

Since this is a new feature, please let me know if it works, I sincerely hope so, otherwise I will setup a link on sendspace/rapidshare and send it to everyone who preorders it!


Shipping is set as on the Italian postal rate + 0.5eur for P&P (bubble bags and extra bubbles).

If you want to check it the price rate, it is here:http://www.poste.it/...ieformati.shtml

Zone 1 for Europe

Zone 2 for USA

Zone 3 for Japan & OZ/NZ


As soon as the CD comes in pressed (around 29 of November) I will start shipping them to whoever pre-ordered.

Let it roll! :)

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I had a strange order from someone from Aland Islands, this man did not give me any surname or email and furthermore he did set the shipping to world and that's a mistake since those island are part of Finland, so please, if you are reading here, send me an email and also just pay by bank transfer 18 eur and not 22.04 :)!

I understand your needs to be anonymous, but I do need an email and a surname. And it won't be published anywhere. Thanks for listening!

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download didn't work for me, came up as text file?

doesn't matter anyway, will keep it for surprise

One player software refused it, another accepted. There may be some file corruption or nonstandard encoding involved but I didn't dive very deep into the problem yet. I think it's just tracks 1 & 2 in a merged MP3 so you're not missing any huge secrets. Personally, I'll just wait until I can spin the whole disc(s) in full quality for a proper gig experience.

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Thanks for the support. The mp3 file was created like this: I joned track 1 and 2 of the liveset in Audition and then saved it in mp3 @192 kbps.

WinAmp reads it fine and so does WMP and VLC, These are the software I use and that I tested it, I know there are gazillions players out there but it should have been an universal compatible playable mp3 I guess..


Nonetheless, ENJOY, soooooon to be shipped :)

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Did you work on true audio material or on the mp3 that were floating around.

shows up as 100% CDDA in audiochecker, and i've converted them to mp3 and back to flac and then it gave the 95% MPEG classic mp3 indication, so the quality is rock solid 16bit audio :) and the volume is a bit reduced in shadow dance so it's perfect for mastering, also no clipping in both tracks, but i will have to normalize down rotation fields to -6db to get it properly ready.

with attention to certain details such as a maximum loudness of +5-6 dbs, which is what was back then.

back then and today, at least for me and many other mastering engineers. -6db is the perfect compromise between reducing peaks to create a bigger compressed spectrum and keeping everything still detailed enough, still depends a little on the original mix's spectrum (how the track was originally mixed) to determine the perfect volume for a mastering job.

It looks exactly like a 1996 release should.


Remember to swap two tracks in the listing, get the durations wrong, and glue the LP stickers on wrong sides. Then it's precisely like a proper 1996 release. :D


hehe, this man has a point! :D


audio sounds awesome, better than many vinyl releases and cd tracks of before (esp plastic, which only had a vinyl release right?) :ph34r: power of pre-order is compelling me :ph34r:


surely one of the nicest things to happen in goa trance land this year! maybe the mayans or aliens or barbara streisand will turn up on 7th dec already! :D


cover art is perfect to me, reminds me of their legendary appearance in the andes!

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Hello Everyone, thanks for all the pre-orders!

Due to a strike in Italy couriers have not been delivering last week and therefore I haven't received yet the retail CD. Arabesque did though and other shops may already have the CD for sale, or will have it in the next days. I will receive my copies one of these days, probably tomorrow or Wednesday. The minute the discs arrive, they will all be shipped. Packs are ready with printed addresses and all of that, so don't worry, you will get it as soon as possible. These were unforeseen cause of major force and are totally out of my control, I haven't seen the pressed CD yet myself, unfortunately, imagine that! Hold tight, they will arrive soon! :)

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