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  1. Hi, I've been long avoiding from communication personally on any of those topics. I would like to make a quick clarification on some of the comments mentioned above, and get back to my 'Cave' I'm not going to spend any more time trying to explain/justify any of the accidents some of you experiences, it's indeed unfortunate, out of full control, but well learned i would say. I've been long reading people's comments, assumptions, personal comments about me, my money, semitism, taking screenshots... wow I'm important. So for all who ask, Anjuna is actually quite alive, currently on vacation and that's the reason why... We couldn't deliver what we committed, because postal service issue and large volume handling, We took the following actions to solve this: 1. All UX orders were refunded. 2. We are rebuilding the label. future announcement will come once we finish 3. We are outsourcing all shipping services. 4. We are integrating new shipping system (for all shipping process to be transparent to the end user) 5. We recruiting new members for customer support I took the hard hard decision to take my label down because it couldn't deliver what it was committed to. so spare me please all the extra explanations and analysis of my actions. I don't need Anjuna for my pocket, Far as I recall i travelled to Portugal last year with 500 CD's in a bag as a small gesture to the scene after all the hassle. I'm personally very glad this album was released,for Kris too, I'm not going to bring this argument up again, it's between two people, and probably by two people to solve (if, any, when) Peace to you all Tal
  2. Pfft, this is some old shit right there
  3. Kyriakos, I know there's nothing more enjoying for you anti semite to hammer an Israeli label, I'm just glad you finally decided to join psynews for a good cause I actually seat here with my cup of coffee and laugh hard about your comments, you have no clue. * Total Eclipse you are not the one who sent it to me. reminding you I just asked for your copy as a reference. and said thank you, want me to share our conversation? * Regarding the album - Tunes were delivered in delay of 1.5 years, since I manage the label, I decide the releases timetable, not Kris. * Believe me, I can also share my conversation with Kris, that will be very unpleasant, I just prefer to spare him the shame, please don't push me to do it. I appreciate your efforts trying to protect your friend and I know he's been motivating you, but he's risking a lawsuit and big big impact on his reputation, just saying, so please, keep that in mind. Peace
  4. Actually, after doing some reading I can understand the problem. I think Kris got confused thinking that we are also a booking agency (since all the booking agencies declined him in the past), we do offer booking through our website and indeed from time to time artists gets booked through us, but it's nothing we deal on regular basis. When we release an album it's followed by a launch party, the funny thing is that Kris came to Israel without my knowledge 2 days before the release, I was informed few days before the party and was very disappointed to hear that from one of our colleagues. A while ago after messaging me some unpleasant annoying messages i decided to skip the launch party and release the album without it. Understand that I'm not happy after being delayed for over a year waiting for tunes, If Kris had a respect and mandate, he lost it. For me, it was the most unprofessional experience ever. And like you, fans and customers making your choice, me too;) If i decide not to work with an artist because it creates too much overhead, hassles and dramas then It's my choice. Truth is after all the hassles and shitti attitude i got from him I decided to simply not host this guy, We hosted here Drezz and Jamie and it was pure fun... This is after all for me, having good time with good people. So waiting to your release after a year, posting a drama facebook post after you got your payment. I think Kris agenda is clear. We usually hear stories about artist not getting paid on time, getting abused etc... (that's why most of them stopped writing music) here is the opposite thing, you respect them, you help them, you push them to compose more music, and yet ... So that's beyond me... Wish him the best of luck with his new adventures. Peace
  5. I don't understand the drama either, Makes me feel I'm handling a kiddo here. Anyway, this is beyond me, and honestly after all the help he received from me, I don't really care. Peace.
  6. If only I put a bet, I was having a nice conv. with a friend about this, saying let's start the trolls countdown ;p I could be rich now! Thanks for the comments SubMoon
  7. You should, now when the truth is on the table. I heard a lot of neg. things about Kris before offering him to release with us, i didn't took it as a guaranteed since I prefer to not prejudge anyone. But this kind of behavior even in the most craziest standards is .. weird, taking your album logo with the label logo and a funny red cross over it. we're back into kindergarten no doubt...
  8. Who cares actually, I don't... I know what stands behind this attitude and activities. The album is out, and that's what important, unfortunately the artist is messed up that is one of the risk factors you take when you run a label.
  9. PS. this is one the reasons no one wants to work with Kris. No booking agency or promoter in Israel wanted to work with him, so after our hard work advertising him in Israel he found himself in a 70 people party last week. without even telling us he's arriving :/ Pity, I thought about inviting him for a coffee... but when you're head is twisted up and you imagine everyone is chasing you and want to harm you that's the result. So Kris, I recall you once laughed how Pete was fucked up from drugs, I think you should do a self check, I seriously doubt you understand your condition. I really, really feel sorry for you. what a shame.
  10. I'll be very clear, straight since i don't have the time to handle with drama queens. Kris Kylven was signed on a contract for his album somewhere in 2013, He assured us all tracks were ready. I've found out after signing the contract that none of the tracks are ready. I could engage a lawyer, but for the sake of friendship i did not, I got the heat from the crowd on this, and apparently i shouldn't Kris had financial issues, He came over every time to ask for an advance for the album and I always there to help. When Kris's wife left him, He was homeless, asking for money to pay rent, Then again, I gave him money. It is very poor to see artist in a bad financial condition, One that you trust. I was very sad to hear Kris words, after all the help he got from me. I trusted him as a friend and I shouldn't... I kept hearing rumors that we are delaying the album release, which was not true and was told by Kris.to fans. So the album will be released and distributed. We will release all the materials licensed by law to Anjuna. and far as i'm concern this chick can go back polishing his nails Peace, Out.
  11. FYI, in the past year shipping cost in Israel raised between 70-100% but we haven't aligned it with our shipping costs, means we lose money on every shipping. Shipping costs also includes handling, insurance and registered tracking number. Your statement is simply wrong.
  12. There is no "screw up" in this release, I don't know who and how you get this information from. This was my decision to release it in this date, we could release it 1 year ago, but the artist didn't deliver the tunes on time. so we simply went forward with other releases. Simple as that.
  13. It's alright, he's been flaming for quite some time, I find the consistency amusing consider his copy was one of the first shipped back in the day But hay, whatever gives him the kick.
  14. I felt the love, so I came. Posting issues in a public forum doesn't mean I'm being informed on them. You can send emails to support@anjunarecords.com and you will be answered. (There's also a link in the website ) Up to date, If there's someone who haven't received his copy for whatever reason we always offer reshipping once the package has returned to us or lost and value was claimed. So i don't understand what all the hassle about. I guarantee that everyone will receive their copies or even refund. I really don't mind. Israeli post office went through major transition last few months and working normal again now after getting penalties of several thousands euros. PS. You can always catch me through facebook / email. Peace
  15. I'll be the first to vote for bombing our post office, you can count on that Plaese send me your order ID's so we can reship them Sunday
  16. Sure thing Antic, I've been working on the new Tribal Encore and Three OM Three. TE2 tracklist is almost completed, TOT2 is still in the early process of making. The UX album is soon to be out, We are finalizing the design in the upcoming weeks and update accordingly
  17. Hoy Antic your copy of Moonweed has been reshipped hope it arrives soon. Peace
  18. What?! you lost it or what... Yes indeed we announced it a long time ago, it took a lot of time to gather the tune and master them. But whoa, investigation, you got me giggling over here buddy. haha good one. Peace!
  19. Everything is alright guys nothing personal, no bad feelings. UX album is almost ready, voice of jupiter arrives bandcamp and big digital shops this week, we are enhancing our shipping methods too. progress guys, progress Think positive. Tal
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