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  1. Great Album from Suntrip Records. The best one in the last years and one of the best released, at least from my perspective of Goa trance. Old school with some new school influences, acidic, melodies I like, apart for a few tracks everything is top notch. Great release! I liked a lot Triquetra Fungus Fever EP and Inti tracks and I like a lot Ecstatic Planet. I will keep an eye on every Triquetra release, excellent release!
  2. The lot has been sold to G.O.A, thanks again mate!
  3. I also posted on other well known sites ;-)
  4. I have to sell due to space and money issues. I am a little sad, but I will have to go digital only from now on : Selling 200 cds collection of new and old Goa and Psychedelic trance. Lot of quality stuff varies from good to near mint shape. Mainly from Very Good+ to Near Mint (with a few mint items and a few fair ones). These CDs are complete and their value is by far higher then the lot price. I also add 100 more original Goa and Psytrance CDs without cover or with front cover only. Price 280 euro
  5. Received it Federico, what can I say, absolute masterpiece, great quality release, also the black cds surface is a touch of class, the booklet and artwork I adore and the music is all you can ask about Pleiadians, with a bonus track on every cd. You can immediately notice the hard work you put in this release, that, with all due respect to all the other DAT Masterpieces, is your best work to date. Fantastic job.
  6. I just found out that Merr0w uploaded many new tracks on his bandcamp, I've always liked his acid goa style and loved his debut album "Born Underwater" by Suntrip and almost all his tracks. I was waiting for a second album that never came, but I found out via his facebook and soundcloud pages, he's now producing a lot of new stuff. I purchased his tracks but I'm really looking forward to a new album, come on Brice! http://merr0w.bandcamp.com/
  7. Ohhhh Draeke, huge samples, I'd never had the chance to listen to the live versions, they seem fantastic and sound really great from the samples! Can't wait for it! Plus all the tracks I've always wanted from Accidental Occidentalism and more! I really want to check how and if IFO sounds better than the original. Thanks for all your efforts!
  8. So far it really seems a huge compilation, this acidic sound almost every track has, is really something I was waiting for. Great cover too, the original Suntrip style, I agree!
  9. Order placed! Can't wait to have this gem in my hands! Thanks again for your efforts Federico!
  10. Huuuge news Drake, I really didn't expect this, another gem coming!
  11. Hi, all the samples seem to be downloadable with the exception of the last two. Samples are awesome, this is another milestone in goa trance. Great cover, huge tracks. Having this and Live in athens in two months is a dream coming true! Thanks you suntrip, thank you dat!
  12. Thank you Federico, I'm listening to the flacs while waiting for the cd, and I simply can't stop, great audio mastering, huge tracks (great selection really, you matched my tastes with the tracks selection), historical release, will be remembered for years by the Goa tribe.I can't stop repeating your work is essential for the goa scene, really!
  13. These samples are simply huuuge! Wow Draeke, I want to be teleported to december!
  14. Huge news, we are too far away, thanks Draeke for your effort and for this huge release! You are one of the most important actors of the goa trance resurrection! Can't wait for it!
  15. Hi, any news about the release date? Can't wait anymore!
  16. Huge powerful compilation, great artwork, really my cup of tea!
  17. Have it, great cd, I like it more than Arcana, great release! I am listening to it multiple times and never get bored, great stuff Emanuel! As always it has deep melodies, power and sounds great!
  18. As always great, huge epic tracks, full of goa, to me they seem a return to the past of Filteria stuff (in the very positive sense) in terms of melodies, with nowadays sound quality...they are only samples, but they taste sooo goood! The release I'm awaiting the most with next E-mantra and Merr0w.
  19. I've always liked E-mantra style and never liked Astral Projection too much (I like a lot of old school stuff but not AP). I like E-mantra's melodies, sounds and atmospheres and almost every track fast or slow is my cup of tea. I like Pathfinder samples and I'll buy this release for sure. E-mantra has a specific sound I always recognize, even without reading who the author is. I'm sure it will be a great work...as always.
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