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I finished Bulletstorm which was ridiculously fun and I started L.A. Noire which is cool, but overrated.

Already got this one, the art style is just amazing. Hopefully it won't be too hard. (I know, I know: get gud).

DAMN! Are you into the Fallout games maybe? Ive thrown many ours at that one

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You can't play without mouse. Nobody can.


Shooters without mouse?

I can. Playing UT3 on PS3 with the controller since it came out. Meanwhile there's not enough time anymore for me to play it hardcore, but there were times where I had no hard time surviving on servers where people used to play with mouse. I just feel better with the controller. My hands are so twitchy, I had problems with the mouse, I was not hitting straight, I believe my nerves do need very little action potencial and therefore my reactions are rather too fast and very twitchy ... and the controller practically gives me the delay I need to react more precisely. I don't know if that makes sense, but I just feel like that.

And also dodging is much more comfortable in UT3 with the controller. With the keyboard, I never was getting it straight -- either I was too slow resulting in not dodging and then, when I was on a cliff I would sometimes hit the strafe fast enough to dodge when I don't need and fall off the cliff. With the controller, it's easy. Since I play with controller, these problems do not occur anymore.



Currently I play Skyrim. But I'm not far into it yet. I also play slowly, I always need a long time to play Elder Scrolls games, because I really get immersed in the game world.

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playing the good old "stalker shadow of chernobyl" again,with some homemade crazy mods :D

still cant get "clear sky" to work dame thing

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Just bought a PS2 to days ago for £10, i'd been hunting for a cheap one since I stupidly sold mine years ago, it's been pure nostalgia playing some of the ps1 & 2 discs that I kept, such as Final Fantasy VIII, Crash Bandicoot etc! I'm made up, and apart from that I've been playing The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360, and remain addicted to Halo 3, yes Halo 3... five years after its release :P

Oh! And me and a friend have been playing through Half Life 2 and all of its episodes (Me for the third time), I genuinely think this is the best single player game ever made.

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Seems more like a really awesome shoe commercial than anything else... love the rally games though :P


ok, I just picked something fast to make it clear :D , did not watch it entirely...


Or did you not meant the video game ?

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