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Albums you are waiting for?


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I'm really looking forward to M.E.E.O's next album ,if ever there is going to be one! Any one has any idea whether Mathias is working on a new album? "Highlight me please" is still one of my favorite albums!


Also zen mechanics last album was stellar, really hope he comes out with the next soon!!


Whats on your wish list? :)

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I'm always waiting for new Filteria simply because it's Filteria, the artist that hooked me to goatrance. Same with Juno Reactor. Though I really wonder what the sound is gonna be like when a new one comes. I mean the changes with Gods And Monsters was starting to be quite radical.


Also some others worth mentioning are Sky Technology, I mean if he can keep the quality up there with Reactor Of Life with a full album it's going to be huge. Amanians debut, though I have no idea if they are making one but after DNA I hope they are. Acid riddled dark goa is a little lacking. Agneton's 2nd for sure, too. Also it's a long long long way off but a 3rd Goasia.

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Guest nectarios

I've heard a few unreleased tunes and I'm eagerly waiting for:

New Tristan.

New Antidote.

New Etnica/Pleiadians.

New Master Blasters.


Peace out.

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Hallucinogen 3






Master Blasters, Dickster, Circuit Breakers, Logic Bomb, Loud, MWNN, AP, Lucas's solo project, etc

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still waiting for "Astral Projection - Open Society"

and there are tons of good classic artists that i like to see make new albums



the passenger

the infinity project





planet ben



infected mushroom





man with no name

shiva chandra

and many more :)

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Guest nectarios

Etnicas, Pleidians, Crop Circles - these albums Im waiting for, ala goa trance style from 90s :D

Yeah, call me unserious :D


The new stuff I've heard is proper banging with a nod to the goa vibe, but (fortunately imo) it does not sound like a rehash of their old music.


Peace out.

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