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  1. Already done here in Australia: Rainbow Serpent Chi Wow Wah Town (good little house music festival) And soon: Midnight Sun Festival in Norway Boom Labyrinth in Japan (best techno festival in the world)
  2. It's called darkpsy because its meant to be played at night when it's dark! Silent Horror is still my absolute favourite, nothing has topped him. In forest I really love Farebi Jalebi's work.
  3. Well Ultimae has generally become a little bit cheesy for me, still good music though. Voices from the Lake - Voices from the Lake http://www.discogs.com/Voices-From-The-Lake-Feat-Donato-Dozzy-Neel-Voices-From-The-Lake/master/495592 This is an absolute masterpiece Neel - Phobos http://www.discogs.com/Neel-Phobos/master/749155
  4. Prog is very popular here in Australia too. It sucks imo. It seems to be the new full on. It's quite cheesy, all party and no depth. Offbeat is usually refering to the bassline pattern. An offbeat pattern sounds and is structured like this: Kick - Bass - . As opposed perhaps to a 16th note full on bassline structured like this: Kick Bass Bass Bass. I wouldn't call any of those tracks minimal. Although I guess technically they might be. Track 1: Crap Track 2: Not bad but still too many vocal samples Track 3: Neelix is that you? Track 4: More Neelix-esque crap Track 5: Did
  5. I'm looking forward to having an Ektoplazm t-shirt! Hopefully I picked a size that fits...
  6. Over time I've changed my mind about this album, his first was much better. Not only that, but I saw him perform earlier this year and I thought he was a little flat. I was dissapointed. However I also had the privlidge to see him peform his other project, Hypnagog, which was really rocking and really really good, maybe he's been spending more time on the Hypnagog project? Either way I'm looking forward for to the upcoming Hypnagog album.
  7. Arrrrr got my hands on his just released album, it's sooo good
  8. They said they're releasing a Minilogue and a Son Kite album this year Awesome lineup +2
  9. Only listening to it now for the second time, but it's what you'd expect from the evolution of KinDzaDza. Hi-tech psychedelic. The production has stepped up again, and there's probably a bit more melody, chopped to bits of course. There's a few more samples and also a little bit of broken beat/half time scattered amongst the fast paced 4-4, but its done very well and only adds to the track. At this very early stage I'd say its my second favourite album after Waves from Inner Space.
  10. Psykovsky And Fractal Cowboys And Manifest - Badinerie Dreaming [23:40] Krussedull - Alberts Journey [19:23] (such a great song)
  11. I'm definitely biased and definitely an all round Felix fanboy, but with good reason I think. He is one of the very few artists that make quality intelligent psychedelic morning trance (his other projects are amazing too). His tracks have groove, funk, unique mature melodies and are full of life. This album is more of the same of what we expect from Felix, but I think I'll wait a bit before I compare it to Chrysalis. I can understand where you're coming from Procyon, it's true if you skim through the tracks on the surface they will sound similar with a same-ish full on bassline. However I
  12. w00t! Ordered new terrafractyl cd been waiting a whiiiiile for this
  13. From Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifefroms' facebook. I hope they're not tricking us! http://www.facebook....358053520879567
  14. Wattaya mean? I don't see how Tasmania and Africa are comparable. Anyway Tasmania often has parties and doofs.
  15. http://www.facebook.com/pages/KinDzaDza/183314271724188
  16. From facebook looks like Kindzadza has one done as well!
  17. I can understand where nectarios is coming from because I do feel a little uneasy sometimes when I'm adding the genre tags in iTunes. For example: Older stuff: Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen etc. I don't like putting under Goa. Recent: Master Blasters, Logic Bomb, Kadasarva, Talpa etc. I don't like putting under full on. However the distinction is really quite unclear, and for some reason I don't like having music catergorised as just psy trance when i sub catergorise everything else. The way I roughly see it: * Psy Trance - Goa -
  18. I listen to all styles really, as long as it has that quality . I try and stay as far as way from the cheese as much as possible. In 2011 I listened to more of the really psychedelic styles, although not as much dark and forest and more zenon style. I listened to quite a bit of full on, some goa and even less progressive.
  19. 50/50 was my favourite film I think. An excellent funny drama that made me tear up a few times I can't really remember the rest of the 2011 films that I saw
  20. One of my best friends just finished studying sound production this year and this guy was one of his class mates, great to see him getting recognition!
  21. Jag är så otroligt bakis! Har spytt 10ggr det suger! (me translating my swedish friends facebook status' in google translate )
  22. Terrafractyl just said on facebook that Electronic Evolution will be hopefully out' by Feb but he's said things like that a few times now hasn't he Sensient's new album will be 2nd quarter of next year Also I think Abakus has an album almost complete
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