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  1. My first full album For Fuld Musik had been released. I have been a member of this forrum for a very long time and I am quite happy to finally present an album of my own. You can purchase physical CDs and digital downloads. All tracks were written in 2017 while I was living in the UK. I was lucky enough to get a short visit from Oskar Enghoff who helped me record some sounds for track 2. Additionally Jojje and Pelle was kind enough to let me work on one of their mysterious slimy xmas themed tracks. Jonas Loven did an amazing job with all the artwork for the CD and Tim Schuldt helped me with mastering. It has been a great honor for me to work with Phil and Rami from Real Vision Music and I hope we can continue to collaborate in the future. Thank you very much to everyone involved. http://www.beatspace.com/rvmcd005-for-fuld-musik.html
  2. Finally out now :-D https://treetrollarecords.bandcamp.com/album/trlcd006-smuds-mulm
  3. Hello thanks alot for the interest. For now you can only preview the two tracks on the Bandcamp page. There is a short sample of one of the other tracks on my Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/smuds The entire EP will be 6 tracks with a total running time of ~45 minutes.
  4. Hi all I have been a member of this forum for some years now and I have finally made my own release. It's an EP for Treetrolla Records which will be pressed on CD in 100 copies. It will be released on November 1st but you can listen to two tracks now before the release. Mulm is a small collection of 6 tracks written in 2016 inspired by nature. Please enjoy https://treetrollarecords.bandcamp.com/album/trlcd006-smuds-mulm-digital-preorder
  5. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/62340-chillout-by-derango/page__hl__derango
  6. Labels: PHREEX NETWORX Pukkawallah Records Digital ShivA Power Artists: Gu Digitalian Backgammon Psycho Wizard Nolm Jangaramongara Humanoid Interface Scaltinof Savage Scream Amorphous Example: BTW there are also a few psy artist from Taiwan (Kerlivin, Koala) which produces some of the best psy yet :-)
  7. sorry, I'm talking about the waveform for the bass. Tips on snaredrums, do you have something you always do to your snaredrum sample, or a specific drummachine VST that you think is great for snares?
  8. on topic what waveform would you say is used for this track? and do you have any tips for snare drums, compression, grouping with kick, etc..?
  9. Well I know it seems cumbersome, but I makes the music making process more intuitive and fun.
  10. If you send the kick bass to a sweeping bandpass filter, glitch effects or beat repeat, you can create breaks which you can control with a knob. However I'm not sure its the most effecient way to do it. You can just ad or delete a few notes in your kick bass sequence, but you can't controll that in the fly... How do you make the breaks in your music?
  11. Thanks for all the advise, I'll try an exciter and maybe a better EQ that the one in Ableton (which sucks). I'm already trying a sub-bass, which is what i mean by layering bass. I have another question if you don't mind. What do you prefer for breaks in psytrance? Do you just program them in the arangement, or do you make them live with effects and sends?
  12. Hi and that you for the quick answers. I am playing a bit around with the Audiorealism Baseline2 (TB-303 emulator) myself and I have used that for bass as well as synth, but it didn't quite do the trick for me. I'll try your method and see what comes out. BTW do you layer two bass sounds on top of each other? This is what I mean by phat: Can you guys hear what he is using, or something similar?
  13. Which wavesforms and which vst is commonly used in darkpsy? The one thing I cant seem to get right is a phat sounding bassline
  14. Which one is this track? this is definitely not the first track of Highko's album and I'm not sure if it's the original track from Nowhereland...
  15. FINALLY a new album from the Swiss psytrance label Peak Records Compiled by Apex Title Peakological Release date 18th November 2011 Format CD & Digital Track list 01. Ajja & Tanina - Zero Point (intro) 02. Illegal Sensations - Dose the Caterpillar 03. Southwild - Dr. Feelgood 04. Psymmetrix & Satya - Chunky Business 05. Rev - When It Is! (Illegal Machines rmx) 06. Ajja & Apex - But Why? 07. Synthetik Chaos & Mons - Dr. Strange (rmx) 08. Ajja & Apex - That's Egg 09. E.V.P. - Morphogenetic Ascent 10. Vertical - Lunar Scum 11. Kykeon & Karash - Mental Disease 12. Master Margherita - The Core (outro) samples here: http://www.arabesque...Itemid=99999999
  16. I really like the sountrack from Shogun Assassin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s7pNmhnBTw ...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxQFEIdiDsU&feature=related The soundtrack from Escape From New York is very cool as well both very synth!
  17. Hi All I have just found a wonderfull track chillout track by Derango. Derango is usually known for forest trance, but this year, at Ozora festival, they played at the chill stage as well. Do anyone know if they plan to release more chillout, or can anybody recommendy me some more chillout by Derango or other forest trance artist?
  18. Triplag.com online radio -and they have livesets for download in the forum: http://www.triplag.com/4room/viewforum.php?f=3&sid=5da9cd07c30cfc065cf8f3d959801ccd Look out for DJ Kutanimal!!!
  19. I'm there. 2009 was a blast, but I went for Boom in 2010. Now it's time for Ozora again! I'll be in the far front when Derango is playing!
  20. http://www.triplag.com/ all the way! both their main and Chill radio are really good! http://www.psychedelik.com/ also has som good progressive from time to time
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