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  1. Artist: Principles of Flight Title: Barbe Rouge EP Label: 24/7 Records Format: Digital Release: 04/03/16 Catalog: 247D041 Tracklist: 1. Barbe Rouge (Original Mix) 2. Blast (Original Mix) Promo Text: Legendary French psytrance outfit, 'Principles of Flight' are back and launch their debut release for 24-7 Records as a 2 track EP titled 'Barbe Rogue'. As renowned artists for their approach to producing in an original and innovative sense, their latest EP is no exception. Taking the listener on a journey to the stars and beyond with pristine melodies & zero turbulence! Both tunes are sure to satisfy both old and new fans alike, adding an authentic and signature touch to any DJ's track list. Link: https://pro.beatport.com/release/barbe-rouge/1715048
  2. Artist: Principles of Flight Title: Les Intrus Format: Digital Style: Tech-Trance Release: 01/10/15 Episode I Tracklist: 1. Principles of Flight - Sculpin (Original Mix) 2. Principles of Flight - Outpost 47 (Original Mix) Episode II (out 07/10/15) Tracklist: 1. Principles of Flight - No Weakness (Original Mix) 2. Principles of Flight - Sea Monsters (Original Mix) Promo Text: Les intrus de Principles of Flight is a series of tech-trance releases exclusively available on our Bandcamp page. Get them bellow (support artists directly use Bandcamp!) https://principlesofflight.bandcamp.com Tracks by: Principles of Flight Mastering by: Charles Michaud Artwork by: Aline Maurin Other Links: https://soundcloud.com/principlesofflight https://www.facebook.com/principlesofflight http://www.principlesofflight.com
  3. more free soundbanks up! ENJOY!! https://www.facebook.com/delortmaurin/app_170267393102150
  4. Artist: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Title: Bloody Ledy Label: Skryptöm Format: Vinyl & Digital EP Release: OUT NOW Catalog: SKRPT014 BUY: DIGITAL http://www.beatport.com/release/bloody-ledy-ep/1037181 VINYL http://www.deejay.de/Pierre_Delort_und_Remy_Maurin-Bloody_Ledy_Ep__117611 Tracklist: 01. Bloody Ledy (Original Mix) 02. The Kraken (Original Mix) 03. The Kraken (The Hacker Remix) Samples: Bloody Ledy: The Kraken: The Kraken Hacker Remix: Infos: Played by Ramon Tapia, Stephan Bodzin, Ivan Smagghe, Thomas Schumacher, Slam, Electric Rescue, Oliver Klein.... After celebrating the 5th birthday from Skryptom with the huge package we continue with skryptom 14. We want to develop a little different way of doing. For each release will propose orginal music from the skryptom artists plus a guest remixer. To start in that new direction, Pierre Delort and Remy Maurin deliver 2 different killer tracks. The first one is a very deep Detroit techno track with beautiful pads who make us flying very high and dance like robots. The second one is a real hot bass techno with a little electro deep feeling. The Hacker himself remixed that second track and we think that his remix is really one of the best tracks weve heard from him for a long time, so we are very lucky. Of course he showed his electro techno face and pushes the dance floor feeling to his paroxysm. Links: http://www.skryptom.com http://www.delortmaurin.fr http://www.facebook.com/Skryptom http://www.facebook.com/delortmaurin http://www.facebook.com/DJTheHacker DJ Feedbacks: Ramon Tapia: the kraken original for me ! ace Ivan Smagghe: can i have 320 please? Thomas Schumacher: Great release, all tracks are in my crate already! 2000 And One: original for me Joakim: cool, muscular techno! Coyu: Wow, the remix of The Hacker is HUGE! What a electro-techno killer! Florian Meindl: I like the Hacker Remix! Alle Farben: yeah i like the hacker remix! Slam: Nice original – cool remixes thanx Stephan Bodzin: massive! the kraken original for me!!! Joris Delacroix: The Hacker remix for me, please ! Marco Bailey: nice Hollen: Nice Tech EP - Thanks! Macromism: the hacker remix is supercool ! thx Danny Serrano: the kraken original is my favourite! The Man With No Shadow: The Hacker does it for me! Olderic: The Kraken Original is totally for me.. ! Karotte: the kraken original ist top. Doomwork: Kraken is sick! Thanks Wally Lopez: both original are great..support Funkagenda: Cool EP, thanks :-) Joe T Vannelli: Love it Oliver Klein: very cool stuff! The Kraken original for me! SaschBBC: i really like hacker´s remix and the original of the kraken! floorkiller. thank you Morpheus: I like the original kraken best Remy: Like Kraken orig! Francesco Farfa: I support this! Sam Divine (Defected): original is my favorite, thanks! Mijk Van Dijk: support for the "Bloody Ledy". Lissat & Voltaxx: we like this!! Nudisco: B1 for me ! Anderson Noise: Great Yves Deruyter: The Hacker Remix Les Petits Pilous: This is big , love the original ! Francesco Farfa: I LIKE IT! Nathan Detroit: Hacker mix is HEAVY.. DJ Ralf (Italy): I love Bloody Ledy! Cashmere: Free your style is defenitly my fav one! cool use of the oldskool hip hop samples! full support for this one! Matt Walsh: great big room stuff! D’Jamency: nice release, for me "the Kraken" orignal mix, big support ! Ryan Davis: bloody ledy for me..thanks Radio-Djs/journalists Iulian Toma (Label Leaks Radioshow): We’re beginning to get addicted to the tunes you send us, like Bloody Ledy! Thanks for sharing , support ! Andi Durrant: Thank you very much for sending this.. I think it might be a bit too deep for my radio shows at the moment, but I'll do my best to play it if I can Tomaz: Bloody Ledy is cool for the big floors. Hacker remix is great ! Kristijan Molnar: This requires some big, crowded halls! Good stuff, thanks! Riyaz Khan, DIVERSIONS radio on CHRY 105.5FM, Toronto: diggin' the tension laden rolling grooves of Bloody Ledy - killa! Merlyn Martin (DI.FM): 'Bloody Ledy' is tight - Thx! Stuart Millar: Hacker mix is ace thank u DJFORUM.IT Magazine: very nice sound,thanks! Conecta Dance radioshow: Great EP, full support Raphael Dinksoy (Partysan Stuttgart): danke. das label ist echt fett! finde wieder alle nummer cool Hans Temmermann (Rotationz Belgium): Tripping on the hacker stuff ;-) Colin (acidtedblog): That Bloody Ledy track is lovely.
  5. another videocast, this time we show our live set! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjezrce5QBU
  6. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybgQBjcrHi4&feature=youtu.be and download the samples here! https://www.facebook...170267393102150
  7. Artist: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Title: Trajectoires EP Label: Flash Recordings Format: Digital Release: 17th September Catalog: Flash 058 Tracklist: 1. Trajectoires (Original Mix) http://soundcloud.co...es-original-mix 2. Rad Add (Original Mix) http://soundcloud.co...inal-mix-coming 3. Sxbt (Original Mix) http://soundcloud.co...mix-coming-soon Links: http://www.delortmaurin.fr http://www.soundcloud.com/delortmaurin http://www.flash-rec.com http://soundcloud.com/flash-recordings
  8. The two evil masterminds behind the P-A-I-N project are Remy Maurin (Principles Of Flight) and Sandro Colavolpe (Syndrom). They describe their debut album Perverted Aliens In Neighborhood, released on Baguette Trax, as “moronic hyperactive dance floor music”, warning that if you are epileptic or have heart problems it might not be a good idea to listen to this! Mastered by Pierre Delort (Principles of Flight). 01 - Introlube (160 BPM) 02 - Dans Ta Mémé (162 BPM) 03 - Cough Syrup and Yodles (164 BPM) 04 - Crew Man Number 6 (161 BPM) 05 - Myrornas Krig (164 BPM) 06 - Interlube (160 BPM) 07 - Baguette Story (163 BPM) 08 - Stroh 80 (165 BPM) 09 - Extraterrestrial BDSM (163 BPM) 10 - Perverted Aliens In Neighborhood (165 BPM) 11 - Outrolube (140 BPM) Download Here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/p-a-i-n-perverted-aliens-in-neighborhood Now lower the volume for your neighbors sake!
  9. Artist: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Title: Pineapple EP (part two) Label: Frequenza Records Format: Digital Release: OUT NOW! Catalog: FREQDGT064 Buy Link: http://www.beatport....p-part-2/818737 Tracklist: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Rusty Sorrow (Original Mix) Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Sexy Spandex (Original Mix) Feedback / Support : Slam, Alexi Delano, Mihalis Safras, Umek, Jorge Ciccioli, Franco Bianco, Roland M.Dill, Anderson Noise, Electric Rescue, Tonio, And many more… Links: http://soundcloud.com/delortmaurin http://soundcloud.co...equenza-records http://soundcloud.com/pierre-delort http://soundcloud.com/remymaurin
  10. i know a porn actress that goes to psy parties! hehe
  11. Artist: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Title: Zombie Disco Cat EP Label: Skryptöm Records Format: Vinyl / Digital EP Release: Out Now! Catalog: SKRPT09 Tracklist: 01. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Mijaouw (Original Mix) 02. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Disco Zombies (Original Mix) 03. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Mijaouw (Paul Nazca Remix) Samples Here: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Mijaouw (Original Mix) Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Disco Zombies (Original Mix) Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Mijaouw (Paul Nazca Remix) Buy Here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/358293/Zombie%20Dico%20Cat%20EP Links: http://soundcloud.com/delortmaurin http://soundcloud.com/remymaurin http://soundcloud.com/pierre-delort http://soundcloud.com/paul-nazca http://www.skryptom.com/ http://www.myspace.com/skryptom Feedbacks: Stephan Bodzin “original rocks a lot!!” 5/5 Ellen Allien “hahahaha party its fun” 5/5 Popof “tres sympa !” 4/5 Slam “nice EP - will play thanx” 4/5 Brodinski “big EP! in the Techno WAY!! perfect for my set!! Big u” 5/5 Per Hammer “Disco Zombies is a mysterious and cool! Thanks!” 3/5 Phunk Investigation ““good package, our fav's disco zombies” 3/5 Paul Nazca “ disco zombies is cool! Support Paul” 4/5 Tarlouf X / B Trax “I LOVE MIAJOUW & DISCO ZOMBIES ORIGINAL and PAUL remix !!! full support !” 5/5 Frank Mueller / Beroshima “sounds good. full support !!” 4/5 Nitebeat Magazine “both original tracks are bombs, huge release” 4/5 Laurent N “Nice release. Disco Zombies & Mijaouw Paul Nasca Remix are my 2 FAV. I will play them for sure. Soon on my radio shows and now on my bag FULL SUPPORT !!” 4/5 Sweet FA “Super melodic techno, just the way I like it. Mijaeouw is a solid track. I can see this being a set staple for the next month ” 4/5 Greg Delon / Boxer “Monster ! Disco Zombies is the one for me ! thanks!” 4/5 Matt Walsh / Turbo Recordings “big techno bombs here” 5/5 Rambaud Ludovic / Only For DJ’s Magazine “Disco Zombies is my fave wit this rolling bass and freaky sounds. Mijaouw is quiet nice also. Good EP, will review and test it on the dancefloor...” 3/5 Riyaz Khan / CHRY 105.5FM “Paul Nazca Remix for me!” 3/5 Commuter “huge release!!! Mijaouw is real hit, it stay in your head and never quits!” 2/5 Fazhands “fantastic ep! really love it!” 5/5 David Shaw (Siskid) “Great release, love "disco zombies" & Paul Nazca's Rmx, will play for sure! keep up the good work Skryptom is defo a great techno label! cheers my friends” 4/5 REMAIN MUSIC “Very nice release! Thanks a lot, will play "Disco Zombies" for sure!” 4/5 Phil Kieran “sounds like a good release this, nice one!” 4/5 Psycatron “liking the Paul Nazca mix on this. good stuff” 4/5 Starwax Magazine “Très bon maxi, gros coup de coeur pour le premier track” 4/5 Airtoon “un tube en puissance” 5/5 Kreiss & Amp / GFP “full support for the "mijaouw" track” 5/5
  12. Artist: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Title: Myint / Inis & Guns EP Label: Re:Sound Format: Digital EP Release: 25/03/11 Catalog: RES012 Promotext: We make a quick trip over the pond to bring you two very hot slices of techno by French maestros Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin. Myint is a midfield of rolling haunting percussion and riffs that twist and turn, build and drop. This is a pure peak time class. Inis & Guns again shows off the amazing production skills of Pierre and Remy. The lead line hooks you into to its quirky and again haunting sound that keeps building and building. Techno has two new French men to watch out for. Viva la Techno! Tracklist: 01. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Myint (Original Mix) 02. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Inis & Guns (Original Mix) Samples: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Myint (Original Mix) Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Inis & Guns (Original Mix) Buy: https://www.beatport.com/fr-FR/html/content/release/detail/345325/Myint%20/%20Inis%20%26%20Guns Links: http://www.resoundrecords.co.uk http://soundcloud.com/re-sound http://soundcloud.com/delortmaurin http://soundcloud.com/remymaurin http://soundcloud.com/pierre-delort
  13. Artist: Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young Title: Frequenza Revert #1 Label: Frequenza Records Format: Digital EP Release: 23/03/11 Catalog: FREQREV01 Promotext: we are proud to launch our amazing remixes series REVERT! the vol. 1 includes a couple of huge reworks, Derailed (Remix by Andrea Roma), Deception (Delort & Maurin Remix) huge support from Umek, John Acquaviva, Dubfire! Tracklist: 01. Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young - Derailed (Andrea Roma Remix) 02. Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young - Deception (Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Remix) Samples: Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young - Derailed (Andrea Roma Remix) Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young - Deception (Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Remix) Buy: https://www.beatport.com/fr-FR/html/content/release/detail/344963/revert-volume-1 Links: http://frequenzarec.com/ http://soundcloud.com/frequenza-records http://www.andrearoma.com/ http://soundcloud.com/andrea-roma http://soundcloud.com/delortmaurin http://soundcloud.com/remymaurin http://soundcloud.com/pierre-delort DJ feedbacks: Umek - "Andrea Roma for me " Anderson Noise - "support" Slam - Favorite: "both nice trax - thanx guys" Jesse Voorn - "sounds cool for my radioshow" Luciano - Favorite: "Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L" Lissat & Voltaxx - "For our darker setes!!" Matador - "dl" Richie Hawtin - "downloaded for r hawtin" DJ Osho - Favorite: "Andrea Roma remix is the one for me!" DG Star - Favorite: "Love this version!!! all the best Dg Star" Danielle Nicole - "good ep" Roy RosenfelD - "both remixes are just great !!! thx" Karim Zidan - "Deception remix is great for me! Pumping techno here!" Eric Tarlouf - "the remix sounds good !"Paul Nazca - Favorite track: Deception - Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Remix "rmx for me!thanksPaul" Gemma Furbank - "Love these remixes! Dark and twisted Techno from Andrea Roma!Another great remix from Pierre and Remy" Lance Blaise - "Feedback: Thanks!! Nice and deep!" Sam Paganini - "Deception (Delort and Maurin rmx) for me! Downloaded thanks!" Dj Jerome - "pierre & remy rmx is the one for me" Matt Handy - "Both Fantastic Again . Love the label many thanks 9/10" Onewithaldrin - "Feedback: Pierre & Remy for me" Jochen Weser - "Cool...thanx..." Joe T Vannelli - "Downloading for JTV! Thanks for sending " Garematk - "pierre & remy remix ace!" Heartik - "Delort & Maurin remix!" Gabriel Ben - "wicked tracks...both big!" Shi Buka - "I like it....Support!" bestdancefmru - "Good Track! Thnks" RA reviews - "Thanks, downloading." Robin Hirte - "cool release - thanks" Chloe Harris - "pierre and remy remix is good" Sisko - Favorite: "dope!! bomb remixes!" Rachella Maria - "Wow! Deception Remix is pure gold! very sexy techno. Will play live!" Tim Richards - "not something i would play allot but nice tunes as always" Todd Burn - "Thanks, downloading." Ekkohaus - "deception , yeah....ekko" electric rescue - "the remix is the one for me thanks electric rescue" Subfractal - "andrea's remix rockss!! liking the other one too! support!!" Daniel Sanchez - "Nice andrea roma remix!" Dan Monoid - "Derailed remix is a bomb!Full support" Rod B. - "Yeah!" Ahmet Sendil - "andrea remix rockssss !" Plasticlounge - "like this!" Angel Stoxx - "thnx"
  14. i don't even know myself if we will make another one... we have a remix ep of chaos opera that is coming out soon though, with silicon sound, materia, plamostek and lost&found.
  15. lets say that timecode is going more for digital distribution. but perhaps there will be digital albums! anyway there is a new website coming soon, it will probably have a lot more infos on future releases!
  16. don't wanna disapoint you but i doubt there will be any new albums from them anytime soon...
  17. so true, to me psytrance is just music like any other genre, i like it but its not the holy graal like some ppl think no genre is... there is good and bad shit in every genre you just have to dig...
  18. well i can just speak from my own experience with POF and i have never taken any drugs. the anwser is more simple actually the more you learn about music the less sounds you need to get your point a cross and with age you become more lazy... and also the better production you get the more restricted you are in therms of choice of sounds, etc..
  19. Artist: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Title: Eel Porn EP Label: Land of Voodoo Recordings Format: Digital EP Release: 10-02-2011 Catalog: LOV076 Promo Text: Pierre Delort and Remy Maurin are two extremely talented producers from France with many years of experience in the psychadelic techno scene with their project "Principles Of Flight". Their unique combination of dancefloor smashing beats and gloomy melodies resulted in the production of three amazing tracks for their debute on Land Of Voodoo Recordings, "Eelporn", "Blender" and "Kryptor". Including remixes from Kobbe and Daniel Frontado. Tracklist: 01. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Eel Porn (Original Mix) 02. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Eel Porn (Kobbe Remix) 03. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Eel Porn (Daniel Frontado Remix) 04. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Kryptor (Original Mix) 05. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Blender (Original Mix) Samples Here: https://www.beatport.com/fr-FR/html/content/release/detail/330269/Eelporn Links: http://www.landofvoodoo.com
  20. Artist: Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin Title: Ambulance EP Label: Miniatures Records Format: Digital EP Release: 12-01-2011 Catalog: MTR069 Promo Text: After years of releasing psytrance under Principles of Flight, here comes Remy Maurin & Pierre Delort's first techno EP on Phunk Investigation's label Miniaturesrec. Several more EP's are on the way, so stayed tuned! Tracklist: 01. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Ambulance (Original Mix) 02. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - After Omega (Original Mix) 03. Pierre Delort & Remy Maurin - Tech Me Out Of Here (Original Mix) Samples Here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/319335/Ambulance%20EP Links: http://www.myspace.com/miniaturesrec
  21. and you think anyone gives a shit about your opinion? seriously... why didn't you do this, why didn't you do that, this is not psytrance... blablablablablbalbala.... leave the dude alone and let him do what he wants, he has been nothing but respectful here and you dictate to him what he should do or should have done, your a fucking moron man... go get laid or drunk it looks like you need it...
  22. link here... http://soundcloud.com/remymaurin/remy_maurin-promo_mix_tech_house_winter2010
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