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psy track that makes you high without actually doing drugs?


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I find it really hard to get to that strange, tranced out and meditative state with any new psytrance. Goa does it in minutes, almost any Goa, the sound completely removes me from my chair and takes me on that extraterrestrial voyage!

This one did it last night:


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I'm listening right now first time Nimba - Elements and first 2 tracks make me high. It's difficult to work and difficult to write here :lol: 2nd track just blow my mind. Very powerful sound substance. :wub: Can't find youtube.


And it's remind me about

The Nommos - Life Is A Dance

Is it goa trance for you? For me it is good combination of techno and goa.

And it did trick with state of mind too. Also album of Kiriyama does it even better.


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there are tons of tracks that give me that happyrush :)

here is a small list (good old stuff)


Cypher - Alternet (Deedrah Mix)

Beast – Spawn

Elysium – Atmosphere

Pleiadians – Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral Remix)

Technossomy – Indiginus

Blue Planet Corporation – Antidote (Pleiadians "Under The Roof" Remix)

Astral Projection – Enlightened Evolution

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I've never heard a piece of music that ever has had a hundreth of the effect of a "good" drug.


However when the two are combined the synergistic effect in my experience can be mind blowing.


I wish I had more music like this, as it does fall into that "hundreth of the effect" category



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Shouldn't any good psy track be able to give you a high? It does for me. I never understood why people say you need to do drugs to appreciate psy :S


Yes. I don't think you need drugs. It just increases your ability to see geometric patterns in the music. And, it's fun. I listened to the lone deranger on 2CB(like a synthetic LSD without the shitty side effects), with a friend. It was so mindblowing and the geometric patterns that formed from listening were so intricate. But this song still makes me high.


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Psytrance was my first trip :P really, when youre in a town of 6000 ppl, 150 miles from the next in teh middle of Nevada, you taek waht you can get, and what i got was MWNN-Teleport, Juno-God is God, Eat Static, and whatever else MTV showed 14 yrs ago


heres some trips



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Brain Accent - Orange Acid



By listening to it via /0 radio just noticed it makes really an incredibly great resonanse within the source of myself, which makes me feel really just as.. khm khm.. I was on drugs.

Seems to be seiousely and clearly made music composition.



Also, totally +1 for that this kind of music should give help to get high without any "drugs" absolutely naturally. This is how it was supposed to be I strongly believe.

But the above mentioned track for me is like the beginning, the starting point, the awakening and the guide to these kind of "electronic" sounds.

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Okay these are straightforward:


X-Dream - Panic in Paradise

Logic Bomb - Unlimited

Astral Projection - enlighted evolution

Hallucinogen - LSD

Planet Ben - Future trippy garden

The Infinity Project - Stimuli

Moog - Euromotors

Green nuns - Megalenic cloud


I very much agree on Brain Accent

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