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  1. Also living in Germany, i do not go to any Goa parties anymore. Most of the sound is totally boring generic and has nothing to do with the kind of sounds I like. Also the people at the parties are not my cup of tea. However, also in the 90ies where I frequently went to parties, I had the impression that mostly harder and minimalistic stuff was played which was not so much my taste at that time. One notable exception is a Matsuri label party i went to. I wish I would have lived in the Uk! I have to confess that I always had a delay with the evolution of the popular Trance sounds.With some 5 years delay I enjoyed also harder progressive Trance, the like of Ticon, Atmos, early Vibrasphere. And today I would prefer this sound for the dancefloor over caleidoscopic sounds that are too fast to dance, but nice to listen to. However, todays progressive/ full on and whatsoever is different and doesn't give me anything. From 2004 onwards I focused more on downtempo, because I lost track and most stuff didn't went well for me. After many years I went to a Goa party and was surprised that is so boring, exactly as you wrote in the first post.
  2. I studied economics on a Masters level and ther is a almost finished Phd thesis in Energy Economics. I work for a Utility on renewables. Lots of well trained people here ,,,,,my last psy event was full of people with fried brains.
  3. Okay these are straightforward: X-Dream - Panic in Paradise Logic Bomb - Unlimited Astral Projection - enlighted evolution Hallucinogen - LSD Planet Ben - Future trippy garden The Infinity Project - Stimuli Moog - Euromotors Green nuns - Megalenic cloud I very much agree on Brain Accent
  4. I am late but what so ever: In no particular order: Green Nuns of the Revolution- Rock Bitch Mafia (Flying Rhino) Hallucinogen - Twisted (Dragonfly) Gus Till - Best of the rhino years (Flying Rhino) Noma - Navigator (Spiral Trax) Younger Brother - A flock of bleeps (Twisted) Atmos - Headcleaner (Spiral Trax) Ticon - Aero (Digital Structures) Logic Bomb - Unlimited (TIP.World) The Infinity Project - feeling weird (TIP) Vibrasphere - Echo (Spiral Trax) X-Dream - Radio (Blue Room) Juno Reactor - Bible of Dreams (Blue Room) Purple - several EPs e.g. subtle thrust (Transient/Dragonfly...) Planet B.E.N - Future trippy Garden (Polytox) Slide - Saturnalia (Transient) Process -One drop or two (Creamcrop) Noosphere - Radiated (Twisted) Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation (Blue Room) Saikopod - Phutures and Options (Spiral Trax) Pleiadians - IFO (Dragonfly) Shakta - Silicon Trip (Dragonfly)
  5. I very much agree that Koxbox is less conventional than Psychopod/Saikopod. To be honest I really love the more conventional not too overloaded stuff that might even be close to more minimalistic Techno and which just has a rather small pinch of psychedelic in it. However it is really hard to do this with very high quality and thats the reason why Psychopod/Saikopod is so great: It is psychedelic without stretching it over some limit - which exists at least for me. However, probably everyone has other limits or thresholds. E.g. a lot of progressive stuff is too little psychedelic...it is a very narrow path between boring sounds and too experimental or overuse of effects. Thats why I mostly like stuff inbetween old school "Goa" and more progressive sounds. Some further great examples are: Bus/ Gus Till, Manmademan, older Tristan, Bamboo Forrest, Allaby, Dickster, Tranan, older Ticon, Purple, Synchro, only some older GMS, X-Dreams 'Radio' etc. etc. But of course there are also manifold exceptions, e.g. Posford or the Pleiadians are allowed to overuse everything they want to - as long as it fits so well
  6. The Pschopod track is indeed a true masterpiece. Even in that time a lot of artists tried to do something like this and it was mostly cheesy with too much melodies. Not speaking of todays bullshit storm...
  7. I still like Juno Reactor very much - it was my first Trance. But I mostly like Bible of dreams and transmissions. It is dark and has a lot of atmosphere - it truly is psycedelic. Most tracks on beyond the infinite are too fast (exception is rotorblade - what a bomb!) The ethno stuff on shango etc. really turns me off. I like the old style because i am "old" enjoying 20 years of Trance and i also liked the EBM alike Front 242 things that came before psytrance. Juno has truly its roots there. Koxbox makes very weird ans spacious music which I appreciate much, but I do not listen to it often - it is too complicated for my mind ;-) Maybe you are right it is a little bit too slow which makes you nervous and wants you to walk the walls upwards...maybe it makes you mad on the dancefloor. I prefer the other projects especially saikopod with all the groove in it. Without an doubts - both artists are ancestors of this genre and they managed to make unique music for a very long time.
  8. My first post here. I started in 1993 when I discovered High energy protons from Juno Reactor on a compilation. Later on my brother gave me some tapes with Acid/Goa which I mostly do not know until today e.g. Brain Accent. My brother brought me later three albums I love up to today: Outside the reactor (Blue room)/ Orange (TIP) and Hallucinogen - Twisted (Dragonfly). I am into Trance since then...but so much cheese today
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