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  1. the beatmatching is fine -- for ambient, track-to-track mixing. But this is not club dj style mixing. Club DJ's actually mix two tracks or more together. Decide what kind of DJ you want to be?. I can set this tracklist on automix and walk away and it would be identical. A club DJ has to be there. Where do you want to be? However, I would rather listen to this than Goa Gil anyday. Don't be afraid for the first time it is great. My first mix was similiar. Just be you. Don't listen to me. But if it helps doing nothing will get nothing.
  2. Sorry, I disagree. Can you explain how you arrived at this decision? Because my defining moment was Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution
  3. DJ Tiesto=Satan GOA GIL? That was the thread ender? It was the hardware sequencing machine Hello? Raja Ram.
  4. The Infinity Project Album: Feeling Weird: Track: Cybertropic. You are correct.
  5. http://soundcloud.com/djmaxfactor1995
  6. Oh, I see. That's cool. I have to check her out. Does she have any thing in particular, you would recommend for me to listen?
  7. How is that possible? Quantum physics shows the opposite, that we all create what we have the ability to see. So, "outside input" is an oxymoron. All input is from outside, or it would be output.
  8. because from the early days, it was treated more like a scientific discovery. historically, women have not been given the credit they deserve, especially in discovery. Women have so much power over the environment that they can make it possible for the manifestation of "angelic particles." but their feminine soft sorcery is ignored and they are objectified. when its groovy house music, the need for women is mandatory and gratefully embraced. the icy glare of psy does the opposite when woman need to be thanked because they are the reason for music. they create the music, men just perform coordinated gestures that would be meaningless without the magic that woman weave.
  9. i don't know but the scene has not been nice to woman. so either it doesn't like woman or it doesn't know how to be natural.
  10. can you give me a link to a mix? This was the other music sold in the record store I used to buy from: This is cybertrance: 90% of the females chose this over psytrance.imo http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F1mY8jH9r0
  11. Yes, they are. They chose cybertrance. All the chicks flocked to the lameness of cybertrance. not at all. In fact, most chicks are into weird music. Psytrance was too elitist and misogynistic so they went to cybertrance. Plus, woman like to dance and it's difficult to dance to trains wrecking.
  12. This topic did sound familiar. So, all these people are wrong, too?
  13. Around 1994, there was a massive amount of Electronic Music, produced. No MP3, not even CD burners, no internet. We had to go out and find this music. The computer helps me undestand the magnitude of good music that blanketed our senses. It seems that it was much bigger and more influential than thought. It seems that Psytrance has been commercialized. At least it eludes Pesto's grasp. That means it's time to change it. The electronic music produced from 1995 to the end of 1999 was way better than today. The production quality is better today, but the stuff being produced is not. Before 2000, anyone with enough skill to get something from R&D to the Distribution stage could have the dopest song. But today, Someone without the ability to make music, can use a computer program that has the ability to correct input that is not technically musical. So pitch, tempo, musical time, are unnecessary skills. This should not be used for this reason. But, I know that it will get better. If this is the worst, then it's already getting better. Tiesto did not help. This is not my emotions. This factual. Just because it is not an affirming statement only makes it a statement. *** ***Translated by Google
  14. Awesome set. The music before 2000 was so dope. Excellent track selection. "...the electrons do it to the neutrons-." I love that sample.
  15. in the first place, I am not a troll ... second ... There's obviously a big problem with miscommunication on this site. It seems it would be better if I use the Spanish language when posting. Then I can use Google's translation before I give my final post. Because Spanish is my second language, I could not use slang. Also, only 10% of all written messages can be received. So, again I apologize. I assure you this is a language problem. No this is not a problem of a troll. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience that I am to blame.
  16. Yes. I don't think you need drugs. It just increases your ability to see geometric patterns in the music. And, it's fun. I listened to the lone deranger on 2CB(like a synthetic LSD without the shitty side effects), with a friend. It was so mindblowing and the geometric patterns that formed from listening were so intricate. But this song still makes me high. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=j49jqewI984
  17. Okay, Is this how the scene is over there? Because, If it is like this here as it says, my dream came true. But, I think this is just a promoter that is touring. But, this is kinda how II wanted it. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_0Isb8pkK4
  18. I consider jacking off important. But I don't make time for it. I don't make plans, I make minute to minute my divine plan. Working hard is a load of bollacks. Unless it is a work of passion. But, I don't see many of those jobs posted. Why? Because passion is not part of business. Production is number one. Almost every job will be automated soon. So, if you take such pride in your work, I hope you share that pride of a robot. Robots don't do work of passion. If you want to get paid to work, do something a robot can't do. Using guilt-laced language like what they consider important, is so messed up, Everyone has different priorities, everyone is different. And, that makes us all the same. So, try self-love, it's the only love that helps everyone.
  19. Is this an epitaph or a topic. I am so bummed out for no reason. So. NeoGoa -- no offense but never heard of it. Except as a new micro-style. Also, how much influence on people did one year bring? I thought that something bad happened, Are we supposed to feel sorry for a transitional/evolutionary process? Oh yeah I love the money thing. I totally agree with TranceVisuals, If you are doing this for money, you might as well go all the way with it and become the new Tostido I mean Tiesto. Sell out, suck Satan's cock, But, if it is your passion, enjoy the perk of getting some cash. Facebook is the Antichrist. Good luck with your new direction,
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