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The psynews smilies


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I have bored of our usual smilies so I made some new ones myself.

They represent some of our beloved members.

For example:


Rotwang: Posted Image


Caff: Posted Image


Abasio: Posted Image (melted from the ambient)


Anoebis: Posted Image


Bahamut: Posted Image


Buzzman: Posted Image


Christos: Posted Image


Mars, after he closed off topic: Posted Image


Prio: Posted Image


Radi: Posted Image


Snowball: Posted Image


Billy: Posted Image




Lemminwinks: ;)

Reger: :)

(no need to change something)

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Hahaha! Loving them smilies! But some of those members aren't even on psynews :P

I think the members here are psychedelic enough that this topic warnts being in the psytrance section :ph34r:


We need new smilies too as the ones Nemo put on (clapping posford rant) etc seem to have vanished after the upgrade. Maybe we could use some of these as new additions.



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nice topic


I find all very good except:

Reger: :)


request for change => Reger: :lol:

must be!


other than that, this is a great idea!


can anybody make a little bad aum smiley for me? you know, the avatar I had for so long until I decided to go for da Panzar :)

(no, this is not really a request ... I just want to make sure people remember it)

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Back in 1997.





















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