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The most psychedelic old school album?


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For me:


Toi Doi - Technologic


One album that rox the sox out of me. the definition of psytrance and oldschool put together . I remember listening to toi doi's track on forest of the saints that too was a total belter. i knew i had to get this album.


This album is very powerful and in altered states can have a very profound effect on the listener. Seriously psychedelic music that doesn't beat around the bush and is made with the intention of spinning you out of control that is if you can handle and make sense of it. hehe


BTW does he still make music? i know he has released two more albums after technologic which avid fans say isnt as great as his masterpiece.

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Indeed it's about taste, under which circumstances you've experienced the albums, how you define psychedelia and much more - it's all personal. That's why I often seem to find these "which this-or-that is most psychedelic" discussions to be rather pointless. Nowadays I generally like to find psychedelia in the subtleties and the atmosphere, but at the end of the day it's all about the music being good or bad; if some purists doesn't find it psychedelic, it doesn't really matter to me.


The weirdest, trippiest and most wacky musical experience I've ever had though, was with Odd Harmonic's "Coincidentalism"-album from 2000 (oldschool or not?), which got played to me one saturday (or sunday) morning after a good night of partying. An intense, funny, weird, random, deep, wacky and simply fucked up musical experience mixing lo-fi breakbeat, idm, trance and some strange kind of 19th century Western-music - we even tried pitching the album by +8% and -8%, and we couldn't hear the difference. Not to say the cover is one of the truly most mind-boggling I've ever seen :D


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Koxbox "Forever After" on Harthouse. IMO "psychedelic" does not represent "powerful turbo trance" but music with fine trippy details. But of course it's all about taste :)


i could say the same about kox box that psychedelic doesn't mean putting together different sounds to make music sound more intelligent but like you said its all about taste. ;)
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i could say the same about kox box that psychedelic doesn't mean putting together different sounds to make music sound more intelligent but like you said its all about taste. ;)


Koxbox did not just put sounds together to sound intelligent. They had a specific reference to the music and what it was aimed to do to the person on the floor (or in the corner listening) and they were spot on and IMO the masters at that time (later releases can be debated). My opinion will always be that the early Koxbox was pure trippy psychedelic music made for one purpose. To trip you out big time. It had nothing to do with trying to be intelligent. I know the guys and that was not what they had in mind.


I only used your reference to "powerful" because it's interesting to see how big a gap there are in people's minds regarding what's psychedelic and what isn't. It was not an attack on your taste or opinion. I think I made it very clear too in my previous post :)

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Koxbox "Forever After" on Harthouse. IMO "psychedelic" does not represent "powerful turbo trance" but music with fine trippy details. But of course it's all about taste :)


I agree on Koxbox, but I'm kind of torn apart between their sideproject Psychopod - Headlines EP which really is almost like a mini album and Koxbox-Dragon Tales. I suppose Forever After could be in that conversation, but I'm having trouble selecting only one release of Koxbox :)


I think the fact that Koxbox/Psychopod came to mind first and not one but 3 of their releases in discussion is a testament of their contribution to pure psychedelic aspect of the scene.



Maybe another name that deserves to be mentioned is not an artist but a label. Early Psy-Harmonics released some seriously twisted stuff too.


I think Toi Doi - Technologic is a solid, upbeat album, but I don't think the craftmanship of detail and the effects are in the league of early Koxbox...not even close...again my taste :)

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I'm torn between Hallucinogen, KoxBox and Pleiadians stuff...but once again I'll stick to IFO.


I agree. I also imagine Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch and BotFB - Twin Sharkfins being in the top most psychedelic old school albums. Having said that, many have learned that one's perspective of "what he or she considers psychedelic" can drastically (completely, at times) change under the influence of various stuff. :D

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Koxbox "Forever After" on Harthouse. IMO "psychedelic" does not represent "powerful turbo trance" but music with fine trippy details. But of course it's all about taste :)


I tend to agree on this one. IMHO, despite going against the current here, Koxbox have never really recaptured the magic and intensity they achieved and portrayed on their debut album... But that may just be a whole other discussion!


However, judging from my own experience, the first time I honestly felt like something really wrapped itself around my brain and teleported me to the outer regions of the universe was when I first listened to Planet B.E.N.'s debut album "Trippy Future Garden". Sure, stuff like Pleiadians, Ubar Tmar and early BOTHB all make the cut, but I have never again experienced the feeling "Trippy Future Garden" left me with. The music is so detailed, rich in texture, with thick and warm layers of whatever... don't know how to describe it. I guess the fact that it has been a regular in my CD player for a firm decade now says a lot about the impact it had. It's not designed strictly for the dance floors, it's not really for chill sessions or meditiation either, actually it isn't for anything in specific, yet it somehow always works. I love it! Funny thing is, many of my friends do to, psy trance addicts or not. How sad Ben Wierzoch never came up with anything remotely similar.

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Dimension 5 - Transdimensional

Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land

Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization


That are something i think is psychedelic and trippy and i remember, who can find best one in 150 GB of Goa 1988-2010? :D

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Infected Mushroom - The Gathering

Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom

Infected Mushroom - B.P.Empire

Pleiadians - IFO

Crop Circles - Tetrahedon

Miranda - Phenomena

Menis - Temporary Insanity

Dimension 5 - Transdimensional

Cosmosis - Synergy

Cosmosis - Cosmology

GMS vs Systembusters

GMS - The Growly Family

Etnica - Alien Protein

Chi - A.D. - Infinitism

Transwave - Helium

Transwave - Backfire

Califonia Sunshine - Flying Eye Land

Various - Lunar Civilization

Various - The Best Of Destination Goa

Various - Aliens Disco

Various - Trance X-Press 3

Zodiac Youth - Devils Circus

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Well, psychedelic means different things yo different people, but to me it's something totally messing up your mind. So - pure oldschool:

Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite

KoxBox - Forever After

The Infinity Project - Mystical Experience


I don't know if you count it as oldschool (98-99), but:

BOTFB - Twin Sharkfins

X-Dream - Radio

Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare

Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch

IM - The Gathering

The Delta - Scizoeffective


The most old psychedelic stuff is something out of this genre, which plays very nasty with your mind:


Robert Rich & B.Lustmord - Stalker


but you have to be in the right mood, with some spliff in your hand, and then - oh mannnn

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phewww long time no seen psynews,

these kind of discussions warms my heart :)


regardless of the taste differences and different definitions of "psychedelic" its always nice to see and "taste" new opinions.

many good albums come to mind when i think of "most psychedelic"

Cryptic Crunch is sure hell of a trippy album, but not "psychedelic" IMO,

same for Toi Doi's debut, I remember the first time hearing it, stomping ruthless electric sounds flying back and forward... and still I've heard better.


"Life In The Trenches Of Hyperspace" on Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins -is very nice, but the rest of the album kinda disappointed me..


many good tracks on compilations, mostly on psy-harmonics like: Reflecta, Parasonix, Rip Van Hippy, the visitors, Snake Thing, etc.


for me the best album of psychedelia is KoxBox - Forever After & Psychopod - Headlines EP

and two that are maybe less known: Exotic Matter - Astral Attaché & Rip Van Hippy - Waking Up Is Hard To Do!

I found Orion's - Metamorpheus to be very psychedelic! although it also has some proggy scent.



how could I forget the Cosmosis - Synergy and Moonshine EP (!!!)

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I agree with some already mentioned here like :


KoxBox - Dragon Tales

Hallucinogen - Twisted / The Lone Deranger

BOTFB - Twin Sharkfins

Pleiadians - IFO / Family of Light



but another one no one mentioned (if considered oldschool) is:


Yamabikaya - The arrival!!!

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