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  1. you should also try Ektoplazm if you haven't already. great place to download free albums also buy. but would agree wit everyone about beatspace for hard copies go there.
  2. guitar baby! i truly don't knw! maybe give genre hint?
  3. Infected Mushroom-Never ever land (BP Empire) old infected is great. not their sell out crap!
  4. Infected Mushroom- B P Empire....... never ever land... trip on dat!!
  5. i definitely agree with u shiau.. I've been to a total of 6 shows in us and in MX and the only show that Ive truly 100% enjoyed was 2006 infected odyssey festival in Mexico city. that's the problem with becoming famous. you lose sight of true ambitions. just about every album before vicious delicious is pretty good. my fav prob classical mushroom. but i've strayed from that psychedelic genre to more psytrance and full-on stuff!
  6. Psytrance!!!!!!!

  7. for psy id have to say a few are: Bizzare contact U-Recken System Nipel Ultravoice Virtual Attack Burn in Noise Electro Sun Old Yahel stuff Old Infected mushroom make sure you check out Ektoplazm if u havent already
  8. Song of the day...~! Sperminator (remix)-Vibe tribe...... original by X-Noize :drama:
  9. so who can suggest a good melodic full-on group/artist... cuz thats what i love... i like a lot of sesto sento's melodies because they always peak really well....
  10. who likes Sesto Sento? and what is ur favorite song?
  11. Sesto sento- Key to the universe!!! fucking great album!
  12. Thank u basilisk...!!! u a savage.. and props for ektoplazm.... if theres anyways i could help u let me knw!!!
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