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The 2nd Generation Goa Collective


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Dude I suck at finding time to this but its still in the back of my mind, periodically adding any new artist I come across, encourage producers to add themselves too so I don't have to :)

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If agneton could possibly edit his post so it says: oriental/light/bright goa trance or something instead of dark/melodic etc since i have changed back to my old style of goa trance.


And add the link to my site as well www.diaks.com not just myspace since myspace sound quality is the suck :P


sent you a friend request on myspace Sergei =)

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Brilliant idea. I was hoping people still made it "like it used to be." I hate having to try to explain to people recently that most of

the full-on stuff is not like it used to be back in 96-7, etc.


Have got some of the old Flying Rhino back catalogue on, as we speak. Brilliant stuff.


This really was my first love immediately after Orbital introduced me to electronic music, and before I discovered jungle.

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Yes listen up, newschool goa is not about rehashing what was done 10 years ago, its about continuing it and innovating and finding fresh sounds in this very old scene. Ideally this is the scene we are in.


Also, I don't like the name newschool goa :) We're calling it Goa or Melodic Goa Trance. Or melodic psychedelic trance as the most general term.

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Well then, I'd like to add myself :) I wouldn't dare calling it (Neo-)Goa Trance at all though. - What I am into could be called Minimal Goa, I guess, even though I am being announced as "Progressive GOA" on flyers. Link is in my signature :)

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I think I'd also might fit here:




Good stuff man


Lapsus Etnica+Filteria


That one track before didn't exactly spark my interest but hearing these, so much potential for a full length album. I'm liking what I'm hearing
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