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  1. So you're basically telling me you cannot even notice that if you are 'sober' ? ... God please take me out of this place lol
  2. Santorini is an island down in Greece. If i remember correctly Shidapu made a song titled 'Santorini'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santorini They took the last 'i' off so who knows ...
  3. #BURPs# apologies , must've been the cheeze i just ate 5 minutes ago.
  4. (UFO crash booomasndlahkjsdflkahfkjn adf sound) hmmm , what the..? what am i doing here? yes that's right my ufo ran out of petrol but soon scotty is going to beam me up in a few seconds. what? me? apologise to mars? are you crazy? that rocky thing is drier than the sahara desert and you guys still trying to look out for life up on that thing? lol , get yourself a bucket of water all over you will you? Mars is a dead planet , there's no life there ok?? jeeezz ... Meltdown? lol these people are really nuts all over here. Scotty can you read me ? Are you there?... ahh damn.. cmon du
  5. https://soundcloud.com/sleeping_buddha/king-kong-god-eye-synced
  6. Amazing really happy to see this dude.
  7. I will continue to make Goa that's for sure. It's great to know you enjoy our first release , our desire is to bring more variety to the Goa scene else things will begin to be predictable and that's just boring imo. Guess the first release did ok , we're now thinking ahead , GOAHEAD! Thanks for your good wishes
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