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  1. Brilliant idea. I was hoping people still made it "like it used to be." I hate having to try to explain to people recently that most of the full-on stuff is not like it used to be back in 96-7, etc. Have got some of the old Flying Rhino back catalogue on, as we speak. Brilliant stuff. This really was my first love immediately after Orbital introduced me to electronic music, and before I discovered jungle.
  2. Fuck aye. Trying to sort out a 3.5mm <--> 3.5mm cable at the mo. Most of my electronic shit is in england at the moment (as opposed to cardiff). This tune seriously did knock me sideways though, and I demand to know what it is called
  3. Everything by Gaiser and Guido Schneider.
  4. No ideas? I will try to copy it off the minidisc later and post a sample. Really need to know what it's called.
  5. Black Sun - "Fat Buddha" TIP - "Time & Space" (Black Sun remix) Both of these are deep and trippy, and I love them. The latter is much calmer. I usually cite them as the archetypal "good, old, psy/goa-trance", when discussing it with people.
  6. Ey oop, A friend of mine just showed me a deeply impressive psy-trance comp on a Minidisc, which has a truly amazing tune on it, with a sample to the effect, "we have no idea who this man is. send him back". On the MD is written: "Another Landz" - 1200 Mics, Neuromotor, Skazy, Parascence. I have made a thorough search of discogs though, and not been able to find any comp of this name, or featuring all of those artists. Ditto on google. Nick says he remembers seeing the original CD a few years back, so apparently the name is correct. I need to find out what this tune is called. Best recent psy-trance I've heard in a long time. Any ideas? M.
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