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  1. Hi! It's been a long time since I've uploaded some new music (was very busy the past couple of years), but recently I've been working on some new stuff I will upload new tracks/demo's here regularly: Enjoy!
  2. There is a binaural plugin called H3D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm3ZRSLMWQA
  3. Hmm I think of it more like this: If I say there isn't something as a God/Creator, i'm presenting it as factual information... And the same the other way around. The problem with a creator is that you can't simply analyse all arguments for and against the existence because they are so vague and undetermined.. Like saying there is a non-tangible, non-measurable energy around us.. That's a dead-end statement, because the nature of the object is that it can't be measured/proven nor falsified.. But there are some interesting point of views in the matter.. For example, I read a text written by Theodosius Dobzhansky : 'Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution. He talks about, well, what's in the title, but also about the fact that he is both a Geneticist/Evolutionist, AND a devote believer.
  4. The Messenger (2012) and Drum n bassa are ace tracks! Really like them As for the rest of the album, I applaud the production quality, and in some tracks (some may find this a bit weird) originality.. I have seldom heard this kind of mix between dubstep, electro and Infected's typical Psy.
  5. Hmm I would say Electro House or something, although it has a kinda chill vibe too.. Wouldn't say deephouse, because deephouse tends to have a jazz or funk influenced vibe.. Anyway, sounds nice.
  6. Really, great track man! Epic intro, wicked bassline.. Fantastic. Agree with Javi, needs a proper cd.. All the best and I hope to hear from you more!
  7. Another album-preview! Hope you enjoy http://soundcloud.com/simon_felix09/daimon-transmutation-sample
  8. Well it's not Goatrance, but this is amazing! One of the most intense trance I have heard so far, truly beautifull. This is exactly what the trance scene needs for me.. And that remix is great too..
  9. Hmm I was never a big muses rapt fan... But this doesn't dound to bad to me, allthough the tracks don't sound finished somehow... Like rough sketches. And offcourse, it doesn't come anywhere nere the pure genious of this epic The Muses Rapt track! : http://vimeo.com/2276202
  10. Free -jazz players know there share of music-theory, believe me I see it this way: To make music, you don't necessarily need the theory behind it, you can make music intuitively. But knowing something about the theory behind it, makes it a lot easier to discover the different 'roads' to take while composing. If you want to break boundaries, you have to know what the boundaries are first. And it's the same when making electronic music: you can make a fantastic song with samples an presets, but to create every sound that pops up in our head, you've got to know about synthesizing.
  11. Indeed top notch production as usual, and some interesting harmonies from time to time, but it seems that they have gotten Skrillex-Fever. Epileptic-wobble-house-step describes this best for me.. Seriously, you could have told me this was the new Skrillex-album and I would've believed you Well not my cup of tea, and it seems as if IM hired a trend-watcher to tell them what kids these days are into, but I guess a lot of people outside of the Psy-scene will like it
  12. Haven't posted anything in a long time, so her is another album preview! Hope you enjoy
  13. Hmm yes he has a lot of breaky tracks too, but is was referring to a lot of the tracks on the first page of his soundcloud, wich are pretty dubsteppy to me, as in: deep basses, 140bpm halftime rithm, wobbly atmosphere.. The first one actualy reminds a lot of Kryptic Mindz http://soundcloud.co...f-prey-paradise http://soundcloud.co...-prey-stargazer
  14. Very nice!! Really, great stuff. i only dislike some guitar-notes in the intro (f.e. at 33 sec), and the last part (6 min and onwards) doesn't sound really consistent with the rest of the track to me, but the middle part is beautiful.
  15. Bird of Prey (or his collaboration birds of paradise) is amazing! http://soundcloud.com/bird-of-prey And i'm working on some psybreaks/psystep, a new project I will put some tracks on for download when they are finished..
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