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  1. Everything is shifted 78 samples, so it affects play for 0.002% of a second at the start and end and the tracks are shifted, not a big deal.
  2. Their first 2 albums are good (Macrophage best). I never bothered to listen to anything late from them.
  3. Actually I think Opus Iridium and all the other compilations have a pretty nice cover, but most of the others are not very good looking, especially Goasia (lame), Khetzal (lame), Ra (lacking) and Filteria (just looks gross). The Ka-Sol artwork is pretty cool I must say.
  4. Is this sucking up day or something?? Where else would a record label be built out of?
  5. Please don't promote illegal file sharing activities on our forum, thanks.
  6. The artwork looks very simple and cheesy, similarly to lots of their CD artworks. Are you denying that? Maybe you're the real "fucktard" who needs to get glasses.
  7. I know what FLAC is, I mean, are the files touched in any way between the original 1996 release and now?
  8. So you're saying... the music is good... if you don't pay attention (listen) to it?! Does it have some subconscious effect?! I guess it's best not played at all, then I don't even have to worry about not focusing on it.
  9. Yup. Why 2GB for music that can be compressed to 350-550MB? It's easier to rip and after that you can just delete the music and use it as a usb flashdrive, not that those have much use anymore lol.
  10. I'd give it another listen to be doubly sure they suck, but their disk is somewhere in the landfill right now.
  11. Let's all avoid using Crop Circles and Filteria in the same sentence. :puke:
  12. So if I downloaded the FLACs, And ripped the original CD, Would it be the exact same files?
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