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Current Top 3 Record Labels


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Guest The Journey Man Project

They are no more :( (at least under that name)


Yuh I know but still one of my top 3 labels of all time... every release was wicked :D

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1. Iboga - Antix, Phony Orphants, Behind Blue Eyes... the list goes on.

2. Suntrip - The future of the glorious past of goa.

3. G+ - Not because of their releases but their absolutely kick ass artist roster. :wub:

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Iboga (by far the best)

Aleph Zero

Tribal Vision


(no I won't tell anything about Suntrip, this wouldn't be correct héhé, but thanks a lot for the support)

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1. Sending Orbs

2. Hymen Records (Ant Zen)

3. Moamoo (Japanese - but some UK distributors carry their releases)


Merck also has an honourable mention - they're not releasing any more stuff but a lot of their back catalogue is still available. Impressed with the cds I did get from them. :)

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labels I really like but forgot to mention: (in no particular order)


Faerie Dragon Records


Electrik Dream Records


Demon Tea Recordings


6 Dimension Soundz


Antiscarp Records


Suntrip Records


Trishula Records


Interchill records


any plenty more

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