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  1. "Schmerzverstärker" !!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!
  2. 1. Spirallianz - blast food 2. The Delta - scizoeffective 3. X-Dream - irritant 4. Midimiliz - passages 5. Midimiliz - antistat 6. The Delta - send in ...send back 7. Midimiliz - non standards 8. X-Dream - radio 9. Fuzzion - black magic 10. Atmos - 2nd brigade
  3. Neser D.N.A. his 2 tracks on boshke were killer! I want more!
  4. wtf have u been smoking lately??? THE DELTA been making "fist class" psy techno, trance, downtempo, electro and other syles of electronic dance music for more then a decade! Minusman rmx is insane... bow down to master Marcus!!!! cant wait!
  5. 1. Spirallianz - "Blast Food" 2. The Delta - "Scizoeffective" 3. X-Dream - "Irritant" 4. Downhill - "Silent City" 5. Fuzzion - "Black Magic"
  6. why would someone buy an album out of hype.. is beyond me... dont u guys prelisten the album before u buy??
  7. yes! best track on the album!!! ....... and one of few psy tunes that i actually liked this year
  8. PSYCHOMACHINE!!!!!! ...imo greatest psy track ever made
  9. "Boshke Beats "Chronika Chapter 3" to be released in September 2007." wooohooo!!!!
  10. James Holden - "the idiots are winning"
  11. most consistent EDM labels for me...... Boshke Beats Border Community Horns & Hoofs
  12. X-Dream Midimiliz James Holden Boards Of Canada Silicon Scally aka Carl A. Finlow
  13. mindblowing cinematic techno the legends are back!
  14. X-Dream - We Interface (Gravity Plus) Fuzzion - Black Magic (Boshke Beats) Midimiliz - Non Standards (Gravity Plus) James Holden - The Idiots Are Winning (Border Community) Atmos - 2nd Brigade (Spiral Trax) Kino Oko - Lost Entertainment (Horns & Hoofs) V/A - Chronika Chapter 2 (Boshke Beats)
  15. my all time favorites... "psychomachine" - possibly the best psy-trance track ever made! "the 1st" "peeter's hoover" "out here we are stoned RMX" "radiohead RMX" "freak" "the second room" "aspirin" "distresser"
  17. already heard "we interface" remix by Tony Rohr and it rocks!!! looking forward to "Distresser" remix! original is a monster track
  18. MIDIMILIZ LIVE @ Arrival Festival (Montreal) - Summer 2001 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBVnyaDToh0 legends indeed... i was there ehehe!!
  19. Extrawelt / Midimiliz / The Delta / X-Dream / DownHill Fuzzion Kino Oko
  20. check freestyle labels like Horns & Hoofs & Border Community or just check EXTRAWELT
  21. 1. Alex Tolstey 2. Metalogic 3. James Holden 4. Sven Vath 5. Richie Hawtin
  22. even a year later i cant get enough of this tune. with so much crap getting released in psy scene its hard to find another jewel like this! brilliant from start to finish.. it just works! http://play.saikosounds.com/mp3/H/HHCD005-10.mp3
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