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  1. the answer is one: ultimae records
  2. happy new year to all!!!! (simple & style)
  3. Hello all and happy new year with full of health and positive vibes!!! well...a friend of mine found the "M AUDIO AUDIOPHILE USB" soundcard in a store with stock stuff about 35 euro! i think the price is very good, and i have heard nice words about this soundcard! i want your opinion about?any experience with this soundcard???
  4. Steve Roach is open library!what can we say for this guy(!)? all his releases they have something to say...so start from the first and step by step go to his last!!!
  5. Hello all!!! i read all your opinions and thoughts about and here's mine... well...all this thing with the producing is so tedious.Everything is the same, with some "unique" parts, that next time someone else maybe he will use!Especially in psytrance with psy front or not!Everyone write in classical forms, same synth sounds, loops, percs all the same!!!!!Personaly i have quit with this scene (psytrance) even to listen this music or produce!!!Now my music trips is closer to something experimental and ofcourse with ambient!In this music you have many options what can u do, what can u write, u have many options what percs do you want to use,drums,synths etc and u can make a great resault!!!My mind has tired with this music (psy)!I can't any more!Even to listen as i say it before!I have nothing to take now from this music! Now about the subject to stealing kicks or something else....mmm well is better to create something yours,from the start to the end!Is my opinion!But each one of us has his own theory about it!!! Have a nice day to all
  6. VA - Global Underground 28 - Nick Warren - Shanghai Amazing atmospheric vibes!!! Nick Warren Rulez
  7. i hear the Ovnimoon - Human Spirit album! i find it great
  8. Hello people! First of all i want to tell you that i will say some thoughts that i have in my mind and i want to share them with you! Is some thoughts that coming in my mind when i hear some albums or comps, new or old releases, i'm thinking how music has changed all these years! I listen goa & psytrance since 1998. Everything start when my brother gave to me the album "trust in trance 3" from "Astral Projection" and i loved this music! I found in this music something magic, something that i could travel with these melodies, well i cant describe exactly my feelings about this music but the most of you i think you can understand how i felt when i heard this music! After all of these i started to search for more stuff about trance (my brother had gave to me many cd's and vinyl's) ,i started to go in parties and festivals, some years i didn't lose some, i went every saturday and sunday and sometimes friday (special partys), i had heard the most of artists (some of them: Astral Projection, Etnica, X-Dream, Psychaos, Synchro, Mystica, Mfg,), very nostalgic years. Now about music, i 'm still very close in the scene but i dont go so often in parties, cause i believe (at least for me) the feeling has been lost, definitely music have a big part in this, cause music now isnt than old years, the known full on style is so bad and without any feeling, the progressive i believe have something fresh and some tracks are very good, from new stuff i prefer progressive and projects like "Vibrasphere" and "Son Kite" are very interesting, i went only in special parties now ( and this isnt standar). Many of the artists that they produced music from the old good years, they have turn their style music in fullon and their bpms is so speedy and that is terrible! i can't imagine how these artists write this terrible and without feeling music. What they think? Why? I belive we still can find good music from new and old producers but we must search a lot for something good. I know many people that they hear only old stuff, (like my brother), well i must to say i cant do this! I want to hear new and fresh music, yes i'm big fan of goa but fresh is fresh! As i said now i prefer to hear progressive psy, i find this style very interesting, fresh and groovy, and this style have nice vibe and some amazing melodies! Melodies ha??? Well i want to hear melodic stuff, melodies like the "teleport", "goaway", searching for ufos", "people can fly" how can you be forgett? Amazing feelings! I have dance these tracks many times...mmm Something else, i hear some news from artists like rastaliens for example, a friend of mind bring it to me the new album from them and i heard it yesterday! Well, what? What you expect to say? Nothing, just trance with the same stuff, you know any part in this music, is so known, you know even when the melody plays, when the hats and what hats they will be use, nothing! You wait something from these artists and you wait from them to keep in high level the trance music, and what? They give to us the same fullon style! Something good happens with "Suntrip records", very good effort, very profesional work and the label keeps underground profile that i love it! Anyways these are some thoughts that i had...I cant stop hear this music cause goa is in my heart! I hope for better music in the near future like the old gold years!!! Greetings Billy from Athens Cheers
  9. great to see this unique minimalistic weird project back to work! i'm very curious for this! i can wait! very good news!
  10. great! i love the music dvds! especially something from twisted! i'm looking forward to this one ofcourse!
  11. I want to hear new tunes from Noma! his album "navigator" is still running in my head! Also i want to hear news from: Mino Morphem Amphasis Midi Miliz (where are they???) and ofcourse: Power Source California Sunshine Miranda (respect) Mystica
  12. a beauty set from my lovely fitalic! its the best way to wake up!!! G O O D M O R N I N G
  13. hehe i have already melt this disc in my soundsystem and many times in my headphones! i love the aleph zero sound! is so unique electronica ambient experimental...beauty! p.s i have seen very interesting choises from you abasio! well done:)
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