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  1. wicked, ordering right now this, thanks for the heads up technosomy
  2. wicked, ordering right now this, thanks for the heads up technosomy
  3. Far too loud cant do wrong, absolutely rocking stuff; these lads got a bright future !
  4. Saw him djing a few months ago at a squat party in london...one of my biggest inspirations, very unique style of production; dont know though if hes still producing any music nowadays
  5. Along Eat Static and ZenMechanics! lucky cunts! they cancelled their gig here just a day before
  6. Since this is a psytrance forum,i thought of just posting my 3 favourite psytrance labels AT THE MOMENT,so here it goes... 1. WildThings 2.PharPsyde 3.Ambivalent
  7. YEEHAW!!!This looks like a proper corker.Looking forward to have a good ol' stomp..You guys should arrange a psynews gathering,i know Colin will be there So that makes 2 of us there..Anyone else ?
  8. Good to see such events in Athens and friends playing there;Such a shame its the same night with the Psyacoustics party.Would love to see Detritus once again although i really doubt im missing the other party.Good luck on that one SpectralLiquid
  9. Yeehaw!Lovely news,cant wait to hear it lively.EAT THE STATIC !
  10. Quiet Storms set on RinseFm.Fresh dubz and as PHAT as it can get
  11. Nothing wrong with it,if you want it that much get it straight away from Twisted
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