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  1. wicked, ordering right now this, thanks for the heads up technosomy
  2. wicked, ordering right now this, thanks for the heads up technosomy
  3. Far too loud cant do wrong, absolutely rocking stuff; these lads got a bright future !
  4. Saw him djing a few months ago at a squat party in london...one of my biggest inspirations, very unique style of production; dont know though if hes still producing any music nowadays
  5. Along Eat Static and ZenMechanics! lucky cunts! they cancelled their gig here just a day before
  6. Since this is a psytrance forum,i thought of just posting my 3 favourite psytrance labels AT THE MOMENT,so here it goes... 1. WildThings 2.PharPsyde 3.Ambivalent
  7. YEEHAW!!!This looks like a proper corker.Looking forward to have a good ol' stomp..You guys should arrange a psynews gathering,i know Colin will be there So that makes 2 of us there..Anyone else ?
  8. Good to see such events in Athens and friends playing there;Such a shame its the same night with the Psyacoustics party.Would love to see Detritus once again although i really doubt im missing the other party.Good luck on that one SpectralLiquid
  9. Yeehaw!Lovely news,cant wait to hear it lively.EAT THE STATIC !
  10. Quiet Storms set on RinseFm.Fresh dubz and as PHAT as it can get
  11. Nothing wrong with it,if you want it that much get it straight away from Twisted
  12. Well Magnus played all his 'dance orientated' stuff last time he was here;thats over a year i think,and Gosh! they worked so well on the dancefloor ... On the chat we had i asked him if hes releasing any of that he told me that he wasnt that desperate to release them and that he already had a label interested so i guess its really up to him if and when is he releasing that stuff..hats off to Magnus from my side though for the music he have given to us till today...
  13. Looking forward to Nanos new stuff : LaughingBuddhas album,then Tristan finally and the very promising V/A Origin 3.Then im buying EatStatic straightawaynoquestionsplease heh;and curious to hear some stuff like AMD album,the new LogicBomb,MrPeculiars,Talpa,DinoPsaras comeback and would like to see that Kasol 2cd on Schlabb getting released sometime.then some stuff not mentioned at all here like Scorbs second album and that new RAM as well;im sure im forgetting many promising releases.will come up with later.
  14. Im here to discuss the so called flying saucer ! Big up to the EatStatics,one of my favourite acts ever as well.I think that all of you have to live the eatstatic experience ! They put up a great live perfomance and love their music evolvement throughout the years... Waiting eagerly for the new shit
  15. Had a great time throughout the party,didnt meet any ofyou psynewers,saw some of you though(Colin in his classic smiley face shirt,the guy with the psynews tee,and then Anoebis which his face was familiar,but was too thrashed to say hello..) Enjoyed very much the music by SeanWilliams(rocked Greenuns last perfomance at the goa room was SICK as well,then the all classics Tristan at the main,great vibes as always,enjoyed SebTaylors digitalis set and mostly most of the party,shame it was so damn packed and such a queue to et a bloody beer(rolled twice while waiting in that queue and met so many fellas,damn took maybe a half hour or something ) Anyway will post full review later,im here from a friend...
  16. http://public.fotki.com/lessname/greece/img_4535.html Fresh picture of Frank'e to clear up things
  17. Looking forward to get it live at SynergyProject with OOOD setting up
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