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Current Top 3 Record Labels


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1) SunTrip

2) Iboga

3) Digital Structures


Runners Up (in alphabetical order):







Tribal Vision


:clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:


I would be interested in your personal opinions, not records sales etc. Please also note current labels, i.e. not all time favourites.

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i dont believe that there are three top labels anymore..especially after the 'schlab-silence' from the upsalla kids..


anyway,with no doubt the other two are..


* Psy-Harmonics

* ExoGenic and all the wacko suomi crew ;)

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Guest The Journey Man Project

No databloem? :o


ooops... not quite with it after a long night at work :angry: :drama: 12 hour farkin shifts!!


of course Databloem is number 4, my fav chill label...



by the way, your girl at the bottom is too distracting and makes me feel like wanking all the time :angry::ph34r: :drama: :clapping: :posford:

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1. Chill Tribe Records (offcourse..... :rolleyes: 3 more albums on the way before the year is over... Almost like seeing Blue Room Released back in business, at least the Blue Room artists...)



2. Twisted Records/Backroom Beats (except for their latest two releases on Twisted, but more interesting stuff is on the way... :clapping: )


3. Dakini Records (doesn't release much, but when they do, it's always great)

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no particular order:



Sonic Dragon (i admit to a slight bias here, but i've only had anything to do with 1 release out of the half dozen that i really like)

Liquid Records

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:) thanks for the support guys! :)


I would buy blindly anything of:


Ultimae Records

Faerie Dragon

Sanaton Records


Runner up's:

Giiwa (they never reached the AMAZING schizm level anymore)

Everybody releasing some goa trance (which ain't much)

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Techno :





those are good labels indeed! :)


DJ Koze and Ferenc albums on Kompakt are super.


Minus is nice too. I like the two Plastikman albums, two Theorem albums and the richie hawtin mix I have from them. :)


From Cocoon I only have Jacek Sienkiewicz's Displaced, but be warned it's nothing short of amazing.



tribal vision (altho I only have Roman Rai album)

Aavepyörä Records, nothing but quality :D

Faerie Dragon would take the last spot, altho there's no order really.

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i'm happy to see to many "ultimae" fans

They are one of those labels that is consistent. If you like their sound you will like everything they put out :)

Not heard a bad one yet from the ultimae guys!

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6 Dimension Sound They cannot go wrong. They do not know how to go wrong. They will not ever go wrong.


Faerie Dragon Amazing music, amazing artists, amazing covers- it's all top notch!


Suntrip Records If they keep it up, they might be the only label along with Flying Rhino whose entire catalog will I one day own. And that, as far as I am concerned, is saying a lot. B)


+ 1 runner up: Demon Tea Records!!! Tea Chairs is still on its way. I don't know what is up with croatian post offices? Can it be the summer? They are sloooooooooooow...

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