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  1. Great album, I got a chance to hear a lot of the tracks on a fat soundsystem during the kdd live at Antaris this year, and have to say it was a great experience. I was glued to the floor with my feet by some electro magnetic force field while I was surfing through hyperspace. I dont find any really dissapointing tracks, as was already mentioned there are alot of small touches that grow on you over time, the trip lurks in between those little, time warping details whose effects grow with the size of the soundsystem. The production is second to none as we have come to expect. In fact this is what relly makes the sound special imo, that crystal quality and supreme punch that really makes the most of effects..small touches, shifts in baseline colour - you can hear the detail that went into every single sound with supreme clarity. Excellent review, I agree with most of it! I enjoyed the first 2 tracks as well though. And then there are those mechanoid aliens which communicate with me through the music
  2. lbum: Cycle of Secrets - Ektoplazm 2010 Artist: V.A. Lable: Ektoplazm http://www.ektoplazm.com/ Release: 05/2010 Style: Forest Trance Free Netlabel Release- Download here http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/cycle-of-secrets/ (MP3, FLAC and WAV) 01 - Troglotaigan - Organismo (146 BPM) 02 - Zalabim - Chasing Ghost (145 BPM) 03 - MakadaM - nattUgglan (145 BPM) 04 - AnnoyingNinjas - Rævehulen (148 BPM) 05 - Parus - Vodameri (148 BPM) 06 - Cenotes - Gnomadelic (148 BPM) 07 - Krussedull - Alberts Journey (147 BPM) 08 - Pantomiman - Black Mamba (146 BPM) First off I have to say maximum respect to Ektoplazm and the artists involved for delivering this quality free release and the many others we have been graced with before this. This time round we have something for forest lovers - 8 wierd and wobbely tracks soaked in shroomy swamp vibes. The album has been compiled for us by Silent Existence from Kosovo and features an international selection of artists with a Scandinavian slant - to sum up the general style I would say experimental, funky forest sounds spiced up a decent portion of humour. I persume Troglotaigan is a collaboration between Troglodytes and Taigan Sunset from Sweden. Please correct me if I am wrong. We begin our trip with "Organismo", a bouncy and playful tune with organic atmospheres, tempo changes and vocal samples that throws some chunky base lines at us. Ambience wise I would say "Circus show gone out of control". The animals dont want to do tricks anymore, monkeys ripping off wigs left right and center, elephants with hats running a muck and to make things worse, the clowns couldnt keep their fingers off the potion. Zalabims track "Chasing Ghost" creates a twisted cinematic atmosphere and leads us to a cartoon/video game influenced scenario with synths and samples that could be straight from an arcade machine. The vibe is light hearted with a humerous eerie touch and very experimental beats - we have lots of slow downs, speed ups, changing beat patterns - more freaky and funky than hypnotic because of the many tempo changes. Sort of like playing Mario when the ghosts chase you and you have to turn around everynow and then to get them to freeze See - thats how the title plays with my imagination. In the end if you like this or not depends on if you like your forest music with a slapstick touch or not. Personally I found it quite entertaining. Makadam continues our journey through the Swedish forests with a grumpier baseline while succesfully invoking our friends, the lovely frorest critters, we expect to encounter sooner or later on our marsh exploration quests. Has a relentless energy and determination but is also like a curious adolescent tapir - always on the search for some insects to munch on, at the same time always willing to take a moment to roll on the floor and hold its belly into the sun for a second or 2. Has that funky mischief inside we have grown accustomed to from Scandinavian forest music. Next up we have Annoying Ninjas. I loved alot of their other tracks, especially on V.A. Somatic Frenzy (7 Slags Sovs) http://forum.isratrance.com/v-a-somatic-frenzy-mighty-quinn-records-2010/. The trip speeds up a bit here, running through the bushes alongside an aggressive baseline and kick at 148 BMP - this time we have plenty of sci-fi effects and an overall very intense feeling- busy, covered in mud like a dirt caked hippotamus basking. Alien dissection fx icy atmospheres, swarms poisonous beatles breeding on sterile metal floors- the smell of antiseptic mixed with cow dung creeps into my nose. Nice one. California based twin brothers Valentin and Mark Tarasov , also known as Parus, take us deeper into the night. Got to keep moving, the Californian wilderness is dangerous, no time for jokes and carelessness, predators on all sides. Driving, relentless and follows a gradual tension build up pattern. At first fx are used sparingly, as we progress a metalo-electrical inferno is gradually unleashed. The lone robot with bowel problems, emptying his mettalic intestines and letting out a hearty burb - oil at lunch was too greasy More serious, deep, growly and not willing to compromise untill the diet is changed. Lithuanian duo Cenotes are next up to play pied piper with our minds. If you follow Forest psy you may also be familiar with Dohm, who is one half of this project. A demented monk chants for us from his self-made church of mud, the cosmic radio dial is turned through the otherworldly stations and 1-2-3 the gnomes sweep us away. Great track which stands out with its rich atmospherics and mysterious melodic cascades and leads - we have reached a clearing in the forest here, hints of sun rays give rise to twilight, in the mist small, hooded creatures scuttle in and out of the underbrush, shadows in the corner of our eye. Krussedull continue in this mysterious style with increased focus on melodic elements over a base of crackling and buzzing organics, playful percussion and bells. Feels wobbely like proper shroomy forest sound should. You know those rubber bouncy castles they have in playgrounds, fun fares and the like? Well sort of like standing on one of those while somebody is bouncing...you get the idea As the track unfolds it developes epic qualities as it jack-in-the-boxes alot of twists, turns and spiraling melodies on us. Beautiful. Pantomiman brings our muddy journey to an end with a track that lures us to false safety as a Black Mamba would, waiting for the right opportunity to slither out of the shadows. Propably the most experimental track on this album with its slow build up and wierd rhythms - here the snake is still slumbering. Once the snake awakens we find ourself gradually adapting a more Stabile rhythm. Kill Bill samples reveal we are actually dealing with a human snake, a skilled assasisn lurking in the shadows. Takes a remarkable paths with changing atmospheres and the lingering feeling it has a story to tell us. Reveals its clouded intentions in the last third with emerging melodies and order in chaos as the pieces fall into place. Interesting ways to open a set imho. Silent Existence has compiled a journey with alot of quality and underlying humour here. If you enjoy forest sound, there is really no excuse not to give this a listen, its for free afterall . The selection is very diverse with the first half of the album having the chunky, cheaky, playful quality we know from Scandinavian forest sound - phat, coily purring baselines and a lot of winks of the eye. In the second half we taste some different flavours as melodic eeriness emerges more and more. To complete the package we get a fair portion of experimental and freaky ideas. Its great to see free releases of such high quality - Full respect to Ektoplazm and all artists involved. Keep it up! Favs: 3, 4, 6, 7
  3. Lol what nonsense..... Its just an ancient and sacred sun symbol not a nazi swastika. If you go to India/Tibet/China you will see it is commonly used in art/as a talisman. As was said earlier, the readapted, negative nazi one "rotates" the other way.
  4. Album will be out on Beatport and cd on 4th of June.
  5. kazuku

    Autonomech - 1/0

    Album- 1/0 Label: Zenon Records http://www.zenonrecords.com/ Release: 1/10 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5438 http://www.myspace.com/autonomechzenon 1. input 2. breathe in 3. micro 4. the boney labyrinth 5. 1/0 6. mucosal wave 7. macro 8. breathe out 9. output The first thing that caught my eye when I opened the package was the artwort, very much in the usual minalmilistic Zenon style, but this time with a bit of a doom-techy kind of touch, skulls amongst fossils and smooth rock. The ascending skulls seem to represent evolution, the largest and final skull having an x-box like power button at the "third eye" - impressive and stylistically sound art, a gem ammongst many dodgy covers in the endless jungle of stereotypical fractal explosions and colour bursts. Propably my favourite Zenon cover so far. 1/0 is the first full length album by Zeb Richardson from Australia, who has been previously heard on various compilations on Zenon Records, such as V.A. Sea of Vapours http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4372 and V.A. Permutations Vol.2 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4996 as well as some older releases. In 2008 the Autonomech EP Cryptic Witch Bliss was released, already giving us a first taste what to expect stylistically for the future with 3 intersting tracks that I only discoverd recently and that were the catalyst for me to order this album, especially "Forest" remains memorable. https://www.beatport.com/de-DE/html/content/home/detail/1/beatport#app=767f&a486-index=3 Autonmech´s sound fits smoothly into the Zenon catalogue, being deep, dark and minimal while also diving into unexplored areas and drawing on experimental ideas and musical inspirations from outside of the traditional "psygressive" field. This development of Zenon pushing musical boundries is not new, past releases like last years V.A. Small Talk already demonstrated the labels intention of enlaging their sound spectrum to include influences from other forms of electronica. If you look at the tracklist you can see that it is built up in a very intelligent way - "As above so below" is the principle here as we have a mirroring of the tracks (apart from tracks 4 and 6, although it can be argued that the poles we are looking at here are inorganic - organic or dead/alive perhaps. Interpretations please Input The album begins in a Autonmech typical way, with patient progressive build up - Spacey, luke-warm pads and psychedlic creaks engulf us as we are off on a journey where every sound is made to count. The psychedlia in this track is everpresent, but in a gentle and sublte way - the sparing use of fx and intricate, sharp percussions is instantly mesmerising. Freaky and original slip in and suprises, giving the track a funky feel in its minamilism, d n b and dubstep elements seemlessly melt into the mix, rounding of an experimental voyage. Breathe In We continue the ride in a minimalistic, experimental manner spiced with the same inherent funk and the short, glitchy Zenon style vocal samples we know from artists like Sensient and One Tasty Morsel. Organic and inorganic atmospheres emerge as stylistic boundries evaporate once again, dub-step elements and unorthodox beat patterns melt into a strange, yet intriguing piece of music that defies definition, but manages to create the deep atmospheres that flow through Zenon releases consistently. Micro The wierd mechano electro funk ala Autonomech continues with Micro. Electro-glitch-funk flows through light and dark atmospheres, the beat patterns remain playful throughout, manipulating the vibe and direction of the track here and there while still calling on an inherent mesmerism equal to that of a Mexican spiral eyed staring frog. This time the track is also saturated in a rich and mysterious, almost choire like pads that emerge and underline the duality of the soundscape - bone dry skeletor funk on one side - organic trickles and piercing arrows of celestial bliss on the other. The Boney Labyrinth The Boney Labyrinth builds an extremly rich, eerie ambience in the first section of the track before it takes us on a ride which hits us with more traditional consistent psygressive beats to begin with.The skeletal, boney imagery which is present in the artwork is succesfully transported into a sonic form with the creepy fx play. The darkness is interlaced with quirky glitcyness as we move into some of the more weird, funky sections of this labyrinth where norms and expectations are shattered once again. I found the twists and turns this takes and mental imagery it conjures up very psychedlic, creeping into the mind with an intense subtelty reminsecent of eerie, vivid ambient pieces at times. One of my favourites so far. 1/0 1/0 - Input/Ouput, the middle track and conceptual balancing track of the album errupts with driving psygressive beats and the intricate percussional groove that has entranced us throughout the album. The groove this time round is less prone to morphing but atmospheriacally we are still in very much in a skeletal, boney zone, rolling along consistantly at 138 BPM, which is a notable change to the 134-135 territory we have been moving in untill now. A strange, somewhat corny video game esque melody emerges and stays with us as the tune progresses - I can see opinions diverging on this component as it does add a wierd dimension to the ambience. I have decided tolike it, because upon listening to it several times it seemed to fit in more and more. Serves as a very good example for the freaky elements Zeb introduces to his music that make it unique - like a funky, dancing skeletor-mech Mucosal Wave This imediatly had me grooving along - a very techy psygressive groove, tribal rhythms and subtle psychedlic elements. Organic pig gurgling gently traumatises us as we move through a wide spectrum of emotion, break beat passages and traditional progressive/tech trance elements merge. Again we have a masterful display of using elements sparingly and wisely - the springy, bing-boingy underlying quality of the track is imprinted with minimalistic but efficient means. Another favourite of mine! Macro Another less experimental effort, increasingly driving progressive beats, tribal-techy mayham is on the program here. Very rich sounscape, organic fx and developing melodies. Atmosphere wise we seem to find an exit to the boney labyrinth as the song progresses with lighter, more aetherial elements -we seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel, somewhere beyond the squelching and blurping of the underworld. Amazingly deep atmospheres. Breathe Out The lighter, celestial elements stay with us as we move back into more experimental territories again. Dub steppish vibration blend with intricate tribal rhythm play, break beats and soothing melodic pads. In the final passages we find almost none of the skeletal squelching, burping and blurping that has lined our path, the calls of the underworld have subsided here- we have reached a distinctly mellow and warm phase of our trip, we exhale and relax. Output We close in an experimental manner as the tempo is reduced and we move through dreamy, mellow environments at 130 BPM, accompanied by breaks, melodies and wierd samples from a wide range of sources and musical directions. Lovers of experimental music that it is impossible to define and pin down will have alot of fun with this. As I mentioned earlier, lovers of ambient music should also have a listen at some of the tracks because of the atmospheric density and shifting emotions. Conclusion Autonomech is defintetly one of the most original and experimental artists on the Zenon roster, he manages to create an intersting blend between driving psygressive and a wide spectrum of electronica including break beats and dub. It is also a very emotional album imo, oozing with atmospheres, feeling and subtle psychedelic playfulness and achieves the Zenon typical depth and hypnotism. If you have listened to recent Zenon releases you will have noticed an increased love for experimental sound, and imo this album is a perfect manifestation of the desire to blend the dark and deep psygressive elements with the rest of electronica, creating something smooth and futuristic piece of art. If you want something fresh that moves far out of the boundries of traditional prog trance, this is highly recommended. BPM range is 130 - 138 with most tracks in between 134 and 136. Favs. 1, 4, 5, 6 I didnt find a single boring or uninteresting track here. Nice one This will sit in my car cd player for a long time, smooth music for long drives!
  6. I thought this was really, really bad..
  7. Very nice review Psytones, and very nice album.
  8. You guys have me intrigued.
  9. A Psytech mix with lots of Zenon Records All the music is original in 320 and WAV, but I had to compress to upload it to Soundcloud. Feedback welcome Tracklist: 1. Autonomech - Cryptic Witch Bliss 2. Merkaba - A Green Shade of Deep 3. Cujorious One - Bass Bitch 4. Sensient - Ballistic (One Tasty Morsel RMX) 5 Tetrameth Jungle Weapon (Sensient RMX) 6. Grouch - Labyrinth 7. Autonomech - Minimonstas 8. Megiddo - Keep On Rising 9. HypoGeo - Noise Division 10. Sun Control Species - Polarized 11. One Tasty Morsel - Renegasm 12. Tetrameth - Grinder Reminder 13. Grouch - Pyramid Scheme 14. HypoGeo - Global Noose http://soundcloud.com/kazuku/mother-parrots-advice-mix-mp3 Enjoy!
  10. Artist: Haldolium Album: Repainted Classics in New Colours Label: Blue Tunes Records Release date: 5/2010 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5701 Tracklist: 1) Be Real (Remake 2010) 2) Diabolika (Remake 2010) 3) The Peal (Remake 2010) 4) 2nd Movement (Remake 2010) 5) Protek (Remake 2010) 6) Plusminus(Remake 2010) 7) E.B.M ((Remake 2010) 8) One of these Days (Remake 2010) 9) La Ciel est e Triste (Remake 2010) I have been listening to Haldolium from the very begining of their career, Mario and Mark used to be our "local heros" when they were living in Langenhorn, a little shitty village in Nord Friesland, about 1 and a half hours drive north of Hamburg. When I was sitting in a bus riding to Shiva Moon in 1999 there was a cd playing that made the 2 hour ride pass very quickly and that wouldnt go out of my mind, even during the Festival. On the shuttle bus back I asked the driver what album it was, he told me we had been listening to "Haldolium-Deagua". I knew I had fallen in love with this album, so at the next festival I was lucky enough to find it at a stall and bought it. Deep, beautiful tech-trance with a subtle psychedlic touch. For me the first Haldolium album became a real classic and one of my most cherished cds, everyone I used to play it to seemed to like it, I cant even imagine how many runthroughs this album had, and I still consider it to be groundbreaking today. The follow up H20 also did not dissapoint and found itself a special place in my collection and my heart with its phatter production and double cd concept that kept the deep dark, growly flavor that marked their style, combining it with many experimental ideas, especially on the second, ambient based cd. Brilliant! Then Haldolium began to slowly but surely change their style. Some people said they were maturing and embraced the lighter style they were producing. Sure, the increased focus on prog house/electro house in their sound was very dancefloor friendly and accessible to a wider audience, but personally I did not welcome this style. I think Ibiza was the devil here, they "borrowed" my friends synth and off they were on a long trip to the sunny island of fluff and cheese, not to be heard of for a long time....here something bad must have happened Whereas some releases like "Be Real" had some highlights, I didnt like the later albums at all . Sure sound needs to evolve, but I personally didnt like the direction it took (Apart from some rare stuff like "Game of Death") However, I still have a weak spot for Haldolium, just brings up warm memories from the past. Seeing remakes of classic tracks makes me smile. Looking at the track list we can see the album is a mirror of thieir career, containing remakes of pieces from different points of their career. 1. Be Real is the title track of their third album. It reflects a special time in their development of their sound. Let us call it "The Melting Point" here. The sound still had a somber, darkish tribal-tekk influence in it, but we heard the blending in of house and electro influences at this point. Much less brooding and growly than older work. Overall I thought this was the best track on the album at the time. It was heavily played at festivals all over the world and impressed with its deep, techy, catch percussions. Its vocal sample "Stay Tuned, Play Hard, Be Real" rang in my ears quite alot This remake is very well done imo, remains deep, tech prog, but the overall production quality seems much improved, sounds "phatter" overall, the rhythms are as hypnotic as ever and additional soaring pads lead to a slightly more "trancey" atmosphere. 2. Now we take a step a little back further in time, to their second album, H20. Diabolika was a personal favorite of mine with its dark vibes, supreme growlyness and rotating baseline . Whereas the original was somewhat grim, somber and minimal, we can hear it has become alot more lively overall here with many new elements being introduced, taking into lighter, more morning orientated spheres than the skeletal and eerie original. We still get some peaks of the tunes Diabolikal nature coming through, in that reoccurring growlynes and ritualistic percussion. This time round the sound is richer with more melodic elements, hinted house like piano stabs and warm pads and optimistic melodic approaches towards the end of the tune. Although it has become less dark I like what they have done with this, blending the gritty elements of the past with a more positive outlook suited for modern progressive trance floors. 3.Next up we jump forward and can glimpse through a window in time and witness the their development into an electro-prog house direction continue with "The Peal". Here we see the metamorphis is complete as they seem to have shed their somber techy deepness and tribal percussions for a much softer approach. The track displays the love of vocal samples/singing Haldolium developed in their latter years openly. I have often found these suspect to say the least, but in this case it is still done in moderation. The original was no favorurite of mine, and although the remix is well done, this still does not make it anywhere near the top of my list. 4.Next up we have 2nd Movement from 2002 which I already mentioned in my review of V.A. Sunday on the same label. http://forum.isratrance.com/va-sunday-blue-tunes-rec-2010/ It fits very well in here, showing that they can achieve the same deep mesmerizing trance effect as in early years while including pinches of house. I prefer the 2010 version to the original as it has become much more atmospheric on top of its groove. Excellent tune. 5. Protek is perhaps one of the lesser known tracks, having been released on V.A Irresistable Meltdown (2000 on Spirit Zone Records/ R.I.P if I am not mistaken). This was released between the first and second albums and was an excellent example of classic, raw Haldolium style and gladly it has stayed this way despite its face change, at least to begin with. As the track progresses we find it has put aside alot of its grumble for a more playful and upbeat approach, but we still find ourselves encountering some trademark haldolium leads that bring plenty of pld school vibe. We again see the marriage of new and old style, with the more house like influences entering the mix later on. Strong nostalgic track but I would have liked to see a little more rawness remaining in this remix, this aspect subsides too soon imo. 6. Plusminus is one of the many highlights of H20, and a very good place for new listerners to start if they want to know how older Haldolium work sounds like. Even in its repainted form this track brings across that minimal, tribal tech trance feel and unique vibe. Perfect for night time. This is one of my favourites here as the original feeling remains, and the additional elements are not overwhelming, more subtle than on some other tracks on this album. 7. E.B.M takes us back to the very first Haldolium album, Deagua. "If he gets away, then everyone will get away with it". Some of you may remember this sample...ah I heard that album much too much. As a lover of the original I found this rmx very intersting, it keeps some key elements like the classicic leads to it and the inherent old school growlyness, but also smoothes it out a great deal - it is not the rough edged twisted monster we used to know. Although the minimal tribalism remains as a skeleton, we do get a significantly more funky, electro overtone here which takes out some of the intensity the original had. Remains highly danceable though and I find myself impressed with the fluidity of this remix. Better heard as something entirely new rather than comparing it to the original though as the change is significant. 8. Next up we have the atmospheric "One of these Days" from 2001, based around the original Pink Floyd track. Definetly another highlight and sure floor filler with its guitar riffs, deep ambience and "march into freedom" progressive build up - despite its layed back attitude it tends to errupt in energetic bursts it smartly sets up. I was impressed. 9)The final track on this cd is a rmx of Le Ciel Este Triste from the the 2nd H20 cd which was filled with experimental and ambient music, showcasing Haldoliums emotional side, ability to create moody, deep sentimental tracks in a down tempo manner. This is a beautiful interpretation of the original, oozing with emotion. Listeneres who liked the original will find it has not lost any of its mystery and magic in this version, personally I thought the new elements actually improved on the wonderful original, it has become even deeper. Conclusion Diverse selection of Haldolium classics from different chapters of their musical journey, a marriage of styles from the past with their preferences of today. Imo this album works best when you consider it something totally new rather than comparing to the originals too much. Starting with myself - I have finally accepted letting go of the original deeper-than-the-black-hole-of Calcutta tribe-tech Haldolium sound which is long gone. This is why in the end this is a welcome and positive suprise to me to hear some old styles ressurected with a modern make over. Sure, the track selection will be open to alot of debate as everyone wants to see their favorites come back to life, but overall I think the choices mirror Haldoliums evolution well. Personally I would have liked to see some other material from the first and second albums - Pi Symptom, Plasma and Heliotropin. Who knows, maybe we will get another set of remixes in the future. New listeners can get good idea about how Haldoliums music has evolved over the years, but should also give some of the older releases a look because there is some real gold there which has been very influential on the development of progressive tech trance imo. Listerens who know the old material will find themselves pleasantly suprised by much content here if they keep an open mind. Like I said, best to treat it as something new imo Luckily for me the electro house escapades of the past are not in the driving seat on this album, and this gives me hope for the future. Favs: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9
  11. If you want fresh music from this year you could check out V.A Jupider Toadstool on Quantum frog records or the Multi Evil album on No Comment Records. Another general recommendation - C.P.C project
  12. Got an order from Beatspace today with some new and older Zenon releases - The Autonomech and new Sensient album as well as One Tasty Morsel. I also received Dissociactive-Underground Lab EP, The Terrafractyl album and Crazy Astronaut
  13. Artist: Multi Evil Album: The Multiplication of Evil Label: No Comment Records http://www.nocomment-records.com/ Release: 04/10 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5545 http://www.myspace.com/multievil Tracklist: 1. The Bridge 2. Komix FM 3. Molecule Accelerator 4. Goa Power (with Ator Project) 5. Opposite Directions 6. Psy Cut Fingers - Bombay Fx (Multi Evil RMX) 7. Time Screaper 8. Radical Structures 9. Transport Blazing System 10. Colors The Multiplication of Evil is Polish artist Jakob Kaminski´s debut album on Warsaw based label No Comment records. You may have heard some other No Comment Records releases if you keep upto date with dark and twisted night music - The most recent CPC release Sublimininal Messages which came out last year for instance. The music on this album ranges between 150 and 156 BPM and takes varying stylistic directions, but more on that later. Lets get muddy and jump right into the action The Bridge After a short atmospheric introduction a powerful and relentless baselines leads the way. Jakob is a Science fiction fan, and this immediatly shines through in his choice of FX which paint artificial intelligence infested secenarios. Echoey vocals, metallic percussions, laser warfare line our path in an electrically crackling environment. Imo this is a strong start to the album - I appreciated the curve of the track as it is given enough breathing space space to unload its fx firework piece by piece as not to totally fry the listeners brain after 30 seconds. Komix FM As we tune the dial into Komix Fm we are welcomed by stuttering voices and weird harmonic snippets that fade in and out of this reality. After the steady first track we take a different direction here - this is busier and more agressive overall, definetly has some Noise Poison style influence in that it is very disorientating and glitchy. Whereas "The Bridge" knew exactly the direction i was heading, this likes to do this: I know exactly where we are going, its this way! Oh wait let me stop and think for a second ...nope its the other way... oh hold on just one sek...... I think you get the idea I think this one unfolds its true potential on dance floors, it definetly manages to build up and release tension very well with its intensity. For home listening I did not find it very memorable. Molecule Accelerator Here we take a steadier approach again and some deeper atmosphere. The base line is determined but also shifty and playful at times. Reminds me of Meteor Burn at times, but only in terms of the baseline. In terms of imagery I have to emphasise the metallic, sterile machine environment that the sound manifests. Are we inside a computer perhaps, witnessing the binary flow? Maybe we are a microchip... Nice choice of fx which bring a "springy and boingy" quality to the track, wierd harmonics, DNA strands unraveling and coiling up. Good track! Goa Power (With Altor Project) This one is more organic sounding in the fx choices, I can only guess this is the Altor project influence. Definetly adds another dimension to our robot environment. Also has a slightly glitchy approach but storms forward remorselessly. I would say this is comparable to Kdd in the sense that it has those charecteristic random trinkling beeps and bleeps. As we move deeper into the track a haunting melody slips in and out, is this the "Goa Power" which is invoked? Another comparison with Kdd here in the way a melody slips into the frenzy and catches listerner by the balls - Shaivaya Voda and the like. Definetly a favorite. Opposite Directions Sets the scene with bucket loads of sample chops that add as rhythm developing devices, although the direction of the track is clear we do experience some disorientation at the hands of a glitchy massacre. Definetly on the quirkier side of things and the percusion work comes across in atruly agressive manner, it sounds outright pissed off. First time the "Evil" shines through as it seems to channel its rage into beating the crap out of the virtual drums. Becomes increasingly steady and settled and some very cool and diverse fx like hints of distorted guitar riffs. All along we still have the metallic, heavy soundscape it the track - later the Evil subsides again as it seems to have calmed down again, we wind down in a more relaxed manner, music has soothed the beast it seems. Propably the most rhythmically intricate track up till now. Psy Cut Fingers - Bombay Fx (Multi Evil Rmx) Next on the tracklist is Jakobs remix of the track "Bombay Rmx" by fellow Polish artists Psy Cut Fingers. The inclusion of some external influences adds some more depth to the album. Here we have a warmer and more playful effort as Indian esque vocal cuts slice through the soundscape and mysterious pads create an eerie, yet optimism infused outlook. Later into the track we have some quieter passages with breakish and funky elements which add some light heartedness to the mix. Over all this does feel lighter and less weighed down in its metalic, bestial nature. Definetly a welcome addition. Time Screaper Here we find the speed increased (154 BPM) and this is audible in the baseline immediatly as it races through cyberspace. This is more on the rage filled and glitchy side again, definetly in-your-face as it does not waste any time in unleashing in assault of fx, which tend to like to hang out in a high pitch region that is not always easy on the ears. Another reoccuring feature of this track is the "computer talk" assorted random bleepology, bleep warfare Track fades into a much welcome sea of calm which I gladly dive into after this violent assault. I feel.... violated As I mentioned earlier I prefer the sound when Jakob does not go into full fx assault mode right away. Not a memorable track for me, might be stronger on the dance floor where it can unleash its full disorientating potential. Radical Structure Slows things down again as we welcome some deep atmospheric elements, like the somewhat Delta- esque exhaling Darth Vader when-he-is-sleeping and deep-breathing synth You will here this begining in the quieter middle section of the track. Also some subtle fequencies going on that operate on the outskirts of hearing and a genearlly wet, oozy moist feel which is a contrast to the metalic dryness we encounter in other parts of this album. I liked this more layed back style, definetly a favourite. Transport Blazing System After an extended atmospheric disorientation intro we reach the fastest point of the album, zooming along at 156 BMP. Full violent onslaught again, the Evil is bursting through again A bit more on the jumpy glitchy side again but get alot of its charecter from those wierd subtle high fequency ambushes. Overall this fits into the group of tracks that work best on the dance floor imo. Not that memorable for me. Colors Jakob ends the album with an absolute Gem, the question I have to ask... why is this only just over 6 minutes long? Gives diversity to the album with its haunting atmospheric syths, and layed back, almost foresty attitude. Very cool, smooth crackling flow with melodical touches pulling everything together beautifully as the Evil subsides into tranquility. Jakob really uses the closer to show his talent and give me high expectations of things to come. Conclusion Personally I like Multi Evil the best when the tracks have some breathing space to develop, when the FX and subtle elements launch a tactical assault rather than trying to storm the castle with brute force alone. Luckily this is the case most of the time, and I have to say thumbs up to for debut album Whereas I liked the slightly slower, steadier tracks better, I am sure the super glitched out ones will also lead to some twisted limbs this summer. I would like to see Jakob continue this diverse style and include more experimental tracks like Colors, I think it suits him well. People should also not misinterpret the name, there is nothing truly Evil here... yes it is agressive and vicious, but in no way "Horror Trance", we dont have any cheesy splatter samples or the like. Just really powerful ,somber sci-fi night time music which unfolds its subtlty after several listens. I think the name "Multi Evil" represents the ability to call upon multiple darkness infused styles Favs - 1, 4, 8, 10
  14. kazuku

    V.A Geek Mythology

    Artist: V.A Album: Geek Mythology Label: Cosmic Conspiracy Rec http://www.myspace.com/cosmicconspiracyrecords Release: 04/2010 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5581 Tracklist: 1. Alfredo Garcia Vs Day.Din – Ghost 2. Dopped-Accesing 3. Grouch - Concentrated Weaponary 4. Hedonix - In the beginning was the command line 5. Disfunction - As Above so below 6. Slytrance - Spectres 7. Meggido - Keep on Rising 8. Slytrance - Chuggernaut 9. Tripinstumble - Reality Show 10. Minimal Criminal - The Tao of Yoda "Geek Mythology" is the most recent release of the California based Cosmic Conspiracy Records, compiled by label Dj Wizdumb from NZ. In this label has supplied listeners with memorable releases such as Bufo-Bug Eyes from 2006. You may have also come across some of their other V.A´s such as Tall Poppy Syndrome or The Plot Thickens. What we are looking at here is a compilation that combines progressive and minimal tech with a wide variety of psychelic influences. Geek Mythology features artists from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Germany, the BPM range is between 125 and 138 and there is a definete growly, night time atmosphere to be found in most tracks. Alfredo Garcia VS Day.Din - ghost First up we have a collaboration between two German based artists, Alfredo Garcia and Day.Din. Ghost is a gentle start to the album as it softly floats into the listeners awareness with its dreamy pads and techy beats. Despite the minimal nature of the track, it manages to create a rich atmosphere that grew on me after a few listens, mainly because it becomes of its warm (but not cheesy) feel and mesmerising nature.. The deep tribal feel begins to unfold with deep hypnotic beat patterns that have alot of groove The interplay between the warm pads, choir like fx and metallic beat suceeded in entrancing me. A solid begining, but not a favorite. Dopped- Accesing Dopped from Brazil moves things in a more psychedlic direction, with a very thick, phat and chunky track bustling with organic vibe. The style reminds me a little bit of the Bufo album on this label at times, although this has a more spacey vibe, - it has the same kind of funky attitude though. If I remember a comment from Bufo about their album at the time, they mentioned something about "Beer trance".... in this case this case Dopped might be called "mushroom laced beer trance". I liked this alot, it represents exactly the kind of psychedlic music in this BPM range I like to hear. Grouch - Concentrated Weaponary You may have heard New Zealand artist Grouch on previous releases on this label as well as on Zenon records. Concentrated Weaponary follows a very nice curve as it unfolds, building up minimalistically with a hint of funk before assaulting and suprising us with assorted psychedlia, leading into a deep brooding atmosphere. Talking synths, vocal snippets, and above all the supreme dark "growlyness" work together synergistically creating a subdued quirkyness above techy beats. I have only discovered my love for this style recently (by listening to alot of Zenon stuff), and this tune is infused all the slick charecteristics I like about this sound - it is kind of low BPM forest music Sure its somber and tech at heart, but the sound is also drenched with organic feel and psychelic trickyness. very tight, mature night time music imo Hedonix - In the Begining was the Command line Hedonix from Sydney pick up the pace significantly as we move into the upper BPM ranges of progressive trance at 138 BPM, along with this we get a sound that is "busier" overall. A funky baseline leads the way for playfull elements to unfold in the form of melodic sprinkles, subtle percussion mischief, glitchyness, moist feel and a very dense, rich psy atmosphere. Does have a progressive attitude, but also draws on many old school psy influences, I even find myself thinking of Hallucinogen at times. I also thought the vocal sample had a very old school touch to it, in a very gratifying, non-cheesy way. Definetly the most twisted track untill now, but slots in nicely at this point. Hints of carnival Progessive techy psychedlic. Disfunction - As Above So Below The album winds down again at this point Disfunction´s track, which took me a few listens to get. Its a 130 BPM minimal piece with focus on vocal sampling, breakyness, tribal-techy percussion work and glitchyness in an industrial computer dominated world. Sunlight infiltrates this world in the form of hinted piano stabs and inclings of warm pads. All the while the listener is drawn into dissasociation by the constant interplay of whacked out samples, robots and trumpeting space elephants line the corridors of imagination. After a few listens I learned to appreciate this, has a lot of suprises hiding inside, especially the percussion playfullness and overall tightness give it depth. Very nice for home listening imho. I think people who liked the Grouch track will also enjoy this alot. Is connected with the rest of the tracks on the album with the same underlying "growlyness" which comes through. Slytrance - Spectres This is the first of 2 Slytrance tracks on this album. Very much back in pumping progressive territory we find ourselves bouncing into the night at 134 BPM. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn´t exist". Very tribal attitude in the baseline and percussion that remind me of early Haldolium especially towards the end. Again we have a very intersting interplay between reoccuring growlyness and creakyness mixed in with more upbeat vibes, manifesting themselves as melancholic, yet optimism infused synth melodies. (Which took some getting used to for me). In the last third the track breaks down into a prolonged atmospheric break before coming back for the finale in full force and taking on a dimension of tribadelica I havnt heard in a long time, with extremely wicked beats and great organic drip-drops. Megiddo- Keep on Rising The Relentless, determined basline and steady tribal tech beats melt together with a dark, twisted atmosphere that develops in intensity as the track grooves along. Otherworldly vibes peak in and out of the sounscape like the glowing eyes of predators in the dark. The forest animals we know from faster night time music seem to have made themselves at home, building a nest for themselves in this special breed of nocturnal tech-prog with a twisted edge. Maybe I repeat myself, but this reminds me of long lost styles - night time music at the milenium shift. Later the track evolves to include funkier and more light hearted aspects. Slytrance - Chuggernaut The second Slytrance trance is a great example of the possibility to create an intense yet funny track at a low BPM (125). It uses the well known "Pink Elephants on Parade" song from Dumbo and combines it with chunky, funky minimal elements.( I am sure most of you have seen the in-your-face psychedlic sequence from this movie). This works as great comic relief while also providing lots of playful ideas, surely it is going to cause some intersting moments on the dancefloor when it is unleashed on the unsuspecting. Great and brave idea to do this track, I think it will make everyone with a heart smile at least. Cheeky, original and twisted. Tripinstumple- Reality Show Very patient track focusing on minimalistic steayness and incorporating samples that make me think back to old Shiva Chandra work with organic sampling. If you have heard classic tracks like "Gartenzaunpforte" and "Schaukelstuhl" you know what I mean- THE EPIC CREAK for example Here we also have use of ping-pong samples being used to create and develop rhythmic elements. Evolves to include small portions of psycho-drama as well, but with restraint. Overall I found this to be a solid track but not memorable for me. Minimal Criminal - Tao of Yoda Minimal Criminal winds up the album with a mellow piece with small Yoda wisdom snipets. Like some other tracks it took a few listens to grow on me. I find this is the case with alot of minimal music - may work instaneously on the dance floor, but for when listening to it at home it takes me a few times to appreciate the intricate design and "get it". After a few listens I found this to be a very deep and mesmerising track with alot of style. Slick, groovy and cleverly blending repitition of key sounds with evolution to do what it is supposed to do - lead the listener/dancer into trance. Conclusion I think a wide spectrum of trance lovers will enjoy this album because: a) Progressive lovers will appreciate the cheeseless approach and night-time focus in this time. Some darker vibes on prog floors at night is a good thing imo. GROWL and KREAK Tech trance fans will enjoy the intricate, intelligent, minimalistic designs and above all the tribadelic flavour that runs through it c)Old school listeners and all other might recognise inspirations from the past and may be impressed by how seemilessly twisted and psychelic aspects are integrated into the sound. Great mixture of prog, minimal tech, assorted psychelia and experiments. Funky and tribadelic I think it must be the foresty nature these Australian and Newzealand Bush doofers are exposed to Favs: 2, 3, 6, 7, 8
  15. Artist : VA Title : Subliminal Messages Label : Zero Gravity Records Format :CD Release: Feb 2010 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/zgr/zgr1cd001.html 1. Melanice-ELECTRYPNOSE 2. The 4rth One-INSIDER 3. Induced-NAUA 4. Cosmic Mudra-STEREO VISION 5. Logical Data-TRON 6. 0G.-CLEAN TRIP 7. Monsayon-THE DRUIDS 8. The one just moved-ASIMILON 9. Ecstassy-HYPNOXOCK 10. Igziabeher-PROYECTO AJAYU ) What better way is there to get the listeners attention then kick off an album with an Electrypnose track? Although it is not my attention to begin this review with unproductive fanboy-rants, I do have to take a brief moment to mention the fact that I find the quality and consistency of this guys work second to none. To get to the point- I don’t know what it could be..the ultra clean swiss mountain air in combination with subtly psychedelic milk from psy-cows maybe….. Electrypnose stands for platinum (monoatomic!!)quality in my ears. The ease with which LeBard shakes out hyper-overtly psychedelic emotion activators from his sleeves is phenomenal. Melanice is no different and had me interested very quickly with its mysterious melody which, along with a groovy baseline, sets the backdrop on which trademark Electrypnosesque magic is painted. From my perspective one of the things which make the trippynoses tracks so special is his mastery of something I will choose to call contraction/release or coil/uncoil for better lack of words for this emotional/psychedelic aspect of the music. Isn´t it this subtlety, the X-Factor, that which we cannot grasp, the touch of the invisible,…which drive passion for Psy? /Mad rant off Anyway, great track, not the 147+ BPM mad alien angels hair dissection massacre we know, this a smoother, groovier approach at 143 BMP…..not strictly a night time track at all, could impose itself on a crowd at anytime the swiss clockwork might show….. 2) Next up is Insider. Insider is Brazilian artist living in Berlin. I had not heard any previous work of his, so I was able approach this with a fresh and open mind. If we were living in a world where robots stamp cds with a big red rubber stamp to label them into one of 10 or so government approved categories for the ease of categorization my robot-I would stamp this Progressive trance. Of course this does not really do the true nature of the sound justice, but it may well fit into a prog set alongside Sensient and the like. Definitely a style we do not hear a lot these days. Although the sound is in no way retro, it reminds of some lower BPM night music around 1999-2002 or so, before psytrance got blasted by the dirty-bomb called GMS BASELINE TM and fragmented into itsy-bitsy pieces. A time where X-Dream could flow into Mandala could flow into Chi-AD could flow into Haldolium.. and nobody would raise an eyebrow. Where psy was psy. Where our music was one. Anyhow, I liked this track, rolling along smoothly at 140 BPM, somewhat minimal, progressive pattern but with enough psychedelia for the spirit to soar…More of this style devoid of styles please You can check out more about Insider herhttp://www.myspace.com/insidersound. 3) Naua are a Spanish/Mexican duo, and their contribution to this albums brings with it another dip in BPM, this time we find ourselves plodding along at a relatively relaxed 138 BPM. Hmm this Album is leading us on a weird journey. This track leads us straight to optimism land. The kind of track which tries to “clarify”, exorcize demons of the night and may cause the Jesus/Messiah effect on the dance floor. Hehe you know what Im talking about.. when a trancer starts doing the “liberation march” , arms outstretched in jesus pose chasing away the darkness as the chosen one, fueling dance floor evolution…. /mad rant off Again kicking off with a very progressive attitude, but begins to unfold rapidly, coming across tribal, becomes increasingly driving, has a lot of positive sweeping elements, makes my memories wander off to some typical Silicon Sound (maybe also Zen mechanics like?..) like effects, but that’s just what some elements remind me off, I hope you know what I mean, soaring clean pads. Plays a little bit more with breakdowns/build ups for”emotional peaking” and in that sense also displays some full-on like characteristics. Doesn’t get boring because it does evolve a lot, but for me it did nothing special I haven’t heard before in a similar manner. Interesting track, but nothing amazing to me personally. 4) Stereo Vision continue the flow with Cosmic Mudra, which takes us on a quirky journey with a distinct sense of funk and playfulness about it, the baseline bounces about cheerfully and this vibe is soon accompanied by some mystical sound spheres. Kind of the comic-interlude of the cd to my ears. All takes a good direction, building up to something we cannot yet predict as we trod on through the twilight, intrigued by what is to come. Suddenly the story turns towards a happy ending, with optimistic leads guiding us through the hyperspace of quirky confusion. After a significant break down the lead becomes increasingly determined to show us the way into a bright, quirky future, which seems to be the general vibe and direction this album is taking. ) Now Tron from Mexico is an artist who has attracted my attention due to some very stylish releases (think of the collaboration with Flip-Flop on V.A Frogology). If we play the defining and comparing game again, I would put Tron in a group of artists who are trying to uplift “full-on” out of the generic copy and paste hell it has been in and reuniting it with its psychedelic roots. The way it was always meant to be before psychedelic music was infiltrated by those dark forces who have made our music profane . Imo artists like Tron and Headroom along with others have really brought a lot to the table in terms of intelligent music which exposes the lack of originality and inspiration from many copy and paste producers. This again is reflected in this track bubbling with creativity, and yes, I repeat myself, psychedelic intention and understanding of its subtle organo-mechanics. Brilliant work from my favorite Mexican producer at the moment. 6) Forest Gump made that analogy about the box of sweets and life and you never know what you get and so on…. Well sometimes things are different too. I looked at the artist name and it told me I was in for a Clean Trip, and that was exactly what I got…..Clean Trip is Juan Manuel Serna from Barcelona and continues the positive outlook of this album with his energy charged track “OG”. “OG”? Yo fo´ rizzle my nizzle! Track pushes forward in a very determined manner, we have the perpetual feeling of being in the middle of some kind of launch sequence. At 143 BPM we are picking up pace again. I listened to this a couple of times and it did grow on me continually. Now as we approach the latter parts of the track, maybe Forest Gump was right after all, as the “Clean Trip” becomes increasingly twisted. We get assaulted by some very strange distorted synths which sound like 1980´s arcade game soundtracks, OUTRUN meets GHOULS and GHOSTS on DMT. But like everything else this passes. Nice track, fits well into the general concept of the album but somehow reverses the formula a little bit..instead of a ascent from confusion into clarity, here we have a shorter descent from a clear, determined path into regions of strangeness later on. 7) Next track is brought to us by “The Druids”…..Hmmpf, I don’t want to be negative but the name “The Druids” made me cringe a little bit. I was almost willing to give an imaginary prize for most original psytrance project name (cough cough). If you go down that road why not something equally original: Here are a few super original suggestions: The AlienZ, The Magic Mushr00mz, The Wizards, Ze Shaman Ok enough….. let me talk about the music….. these guys are Jose Zurita and Daniel Morales from Barcelona and give us a slightly night time orientated track which shows parallels in build up and attitude to track nr. 2, albeit with a darker mood. Like I suggested earlier, I feel myself somehow transported to a time where psy was psy, where people accepted minor differences in style without running off to another dancefloor, off to their comfort zone where every breakdown can then be predicted like the next coffee and donut break at the office. Another excellent track, one of the most entrancing on this album so far,in the sense that it doesn’t impose itself on you with but gently lulls you in . Gently, yes, but everyone knows still waters run deep and this is the case with this track. I hope to hear more from these guys, and I will be less cynical human concerning their name Maybe we can do a live act together one day ninjas vs pirates vs druids ;P 8) Woah…..what just happened. Time just began to move faster….146 BPM..looks like we are entering close to warp speed. Captain Asimilon from babyLondon has taken over. Track unfolds with a naughty mischievous baseline tunneling itself through the endless soil mounds like a single-minded mole. The mole relentlessly digs itself forward making way for nothing. Beyond this scape single minded, relentless tunneling psychedelic warfare unfolds….warfare? Yes bloody gruesome warfare…but on towards the enemy within. Peace. Track is very night time suited, is one of the more wild spirited ones on this album but not one of my favs. 9) Hypnoxock is another representative of the Spanish mafia on this release, showcasing the continuous emergence of Spanish influence on global psytrance. This development has been astonishing, if you look at the changes in terms of number of artists, significant festivals, growing underground scene in the past 10 years. Hypnoxock´s effort can is positive and although it is high paced (145bpm) relative to some other tracks on this album it continues the spirit of previous tracks. By this I mean that it sits in a sonic zone that can be appreciated by a wide band of listeners…. Soaring, Melodic….bridging progressive and full-on, maybe not in terms of pace in this track, but in terms of attitude. Remaining positive without slipping off into a formulaic scheme or resorting to cheese. 10) Projecto Ajayu contribute the closing track, a very smooth melodic affair. Although it runs at a relatively high 144 BPM, I would say this track has a progressive heart, the speed cannot hide this. It is a beautiful track, but I found it a little bit uneventful and I heard nothing original which grabbed my attention. Maybe It needs a few more listens. Conclusion: I enjoyed this release due to its diversity, everyone should find something they like on here. It sits in the omnipresent grey zone between progressive and full-on which once upon a time was known as Psytrance…..Lets hope in future we can have more interesting styles uniting the fragmented psyscene and closed minded attitudes-the common denominator so to speak. Moderate pace, optimistic outlook piercing mystery, between day and night, united by a silver band of psychedlia. It is also an album which showcases many new and less known artists from the growing scene in Spain alongside established psy-giants. Favs: 1, 5, 6, 7 Overall: 8/10
  16. Artist: Wizack Twizack Album: Space No More Label: Antishanti Records (http://www.antishantirecords.com/) Release: 02/2010 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ash/ash1cd002.html Tracklist 1. Wizack Twizack Spirit Molecule 2. Jaia Mad Processor Inside (Wizack Twizack rmx) 3. Wizack Twizack Slow Budget 4. Rinkadink Pirate Signal(Wizack Twizack rmx) 5. Wizack Twizack Space No More 6. Wizack Twizack 3rd Person Perspective 7. Hux Flux Bring your Own Bios (Wizack Twizack rmx) 8. Scorb- Mutoid(Wizack Twizack rmx) 9. Sattel Battle- Roundy(Wizack Twizack rmx) 10. Abomination Contraction (Wizack Twizack rmx) 11. Wizack Twizack vs Psyshark Life Farewell I am on holiday at the moment so I finally have enough time to order and listen to a fair amount of music and get up to date. This year has already given us some nice releases, 2010 may turn out to be a quality year, and here is another one which definitely warrants attention. What attracted me to this album was bizarre looking track list. Here we are confronted with some remixes that really stick out like a rusty nail if you look at them the first time. Wizack Twizack remixes of a diverse range of artists such as classic Heroes Hux Flux and more unlikely match ups, like remixes of Rinkadink, Scorb and Jaia. Could you have predicted this? It always speaks for an artists bravery if they dare to take the leap of faith when moving into more unfamiliar, unexplored, fresh areas. Some of the ideas are really far out of the box, so lets see if this pays off. 1)The first thing that strikes us is the relatively moderate pace as we take off, as Wizack has been known to enjoy venture into higher BPM regions. Running at 140 BPM this cruises along with a powerful, dominant drive behind it. Plowing along at this relatively low tempo we trademark spacey atmospheres and squelchy effects set the scene. As we have come accustomed to with Tommy he always has a rich story telling element to his music and this is also the case here, blending mysterious atmospheres and vocal samples telling of the exploration of our inner selves with the aid of the spirit molecule inherent in all of us, dmt, revealing the secrets encoded within. There is a balance here between a fresher, clearer, more clinical approach as opposed to former work, coming across as a clear push forwards, a relentless evolutionary push, and more traditional Wizack elements, like shroomyness, although this steps back here a bit for a more clean and spacey vibe. There is an interplay/exchange between this straight minded drive in rhythm and baseline driven sections and quirky, psychedelic passages. At times a B-movie esque atmosphere hovers over the tune. We also see the emergence of some oldschool style leads and melodies which bring up nostalgic memories, I can possibly hear influence of Logic Bomb and the like. 2)Here we have the first remix, the Jaia track Mad Processor Inside. As we would expect from a Jaia original this track has a positive, uplifting attitude at heart and stomps away at a similarly moderate pace. Again we have this sense of clarity in the sound, a new side of Wizacks multi-styling capabilities. We glide groovily into some intricate percussion sequences as we gallop along steadily on the baselines back. Increasingly quirky and bizarre elements are infused, giving this version the psychedelic edge and we find ourselves sliding back and forth between uplifting melodic themes and the mischief Wizack creates on top of deep spaceyness. We are dipping in and out of madness so to speak.Despite of this the tune does not forget it has progressive ancestry and always keeps a clear goal in sight. )Next up is another pure Wizack track, Slow Budget. Here he is at his pure, unrestrained edge again, opening the floodgates with an intriguing baseline and unleashing more of a acid drenched beast. It is gritty and at the same time playful, cruising along at same speed. This track displays the same love and affinity for oldschool melodies, leads and hints of goa elements. Even if things get a little rougher, there are always small signs, short, positive stabs, telling us the light is never far away. When the track dives into mysterious, sometimes nostalgic, forest influenced melodies, it still keeps focus and clarity. Beautiful track and personal favorite so far! 4) Next we have another daring effort, a remix of a track I remember very well- Rinkadink´s Pirate Signal. Looooondoooon……….Hehe I remember this very well. The original had a hooky, likeable, slightly goofy melody which naturally also features in this mix. Always reminded me of 80´s Japanese Arcade Game sound… Wizack juggles between atmospheres effortlessly, moving from the cheerful, groovy and cheeky vibe of the original into deeper, more twisted sequences. Again there is the same passion for deep-retro elements shining through the original synth sections….and when all becomes a little too strange there is still the murder baseline trump-card to be played. Truly a strange combination that will divide opinions, but will definitely catch some dance floors by the balls this summer. 5) The title Track Space No More, a straight Wizack track, delivers what it promises building up a spacey atmosphere and preparing us for one of the more gritty tracks on this album. Another monstrous baseline drives through rich dreamy and atmospheric soundscapes, full of quirky effects. There is plenty of squeaking and squelching, but this never leads to ear cancer via overload, it still remains a smooth affair. It relies heavily on vocal samples in the process of atmosphere building/story telling which may also divide opinions, but imo never goes over the top or becomes too intrusive. What makes this track stand out is, yet again, the creative burst of trippy, nostalgic night time melodies dressed in a modern space suit. (Listen to the section around 3.20 onwards for a clear example of what I mean). Good one. 6) 3rd Person pulled me in with its mechanic rhythm which initially has a groovy and laid back vibe to it. Soon we venture forth into B-movie like environments, green martians from the 50´s are encroaching on us. How would it be to control yourself from a third person perspective, to step outside of your body? As we progress through some epic melodies we move into more organic sounding spheres, soothing, warm atmospheres guide the listener within, always accompanied by a slight sense of eeriness and ambiguity. 7) Next we have a remix of a track from Swedish legends Hux Flux. I remember about 10 years ago I was lucky enough to catch these guys in Australia. There was only about 70 of us, but amazing location and vibe. True masters. This track is bustling with the trademark Hux Flux style that is easily recognizable…..bustling mechano mayhem with an organic sparkle, random burping, bleeping and buzzing in perfection. At heart this is an optimistic track with a big open heart behind the otherworldly high tech , post futuristic façade. The robot has a heart! Great remix. 8) Mutoid is a remix of a Scorb track, and this immediately stands out. We are confronted with a very slick, clean, crisp sound. Initially we follow a predictable, steady direction. This time Wizack works more gently with the remix, slowly imprinting his influences on this more body orientated track who´s battery is the crystal baseline. Towards the end, around the 6:00 mark, the track begins to mutate and become more interesting rhythmically diverse, tribal and psychedelic. 9) Here is where we pick up the pace a bit, now we have accelerated to 145 BPM. This is really another very wacky idea. Here we something that seems like a battle between two different styles, pulling at the track like a tug of war. Through this the tune is sitting in a strange grey zone, jammed in the middle. We fly through rapidly changing atmospheres, from bizarre to uplifting, dazzeling dream scapes to strange disharmonics. Has some more of the B-movie style effects Wizack seems to like. Definitely an experimental rollercoaster… 10) The album is speeding up and moving in a more hyperactive direction, the remix of Abomination rolls a long with the twilight/full-onish energy that we would expect from the original. Again we have more twisting, winding, epic melody- only this time more frantic, industrial and drilling- more nervous energy and haunting pads drive this high power track forward. Manages to strike the balance again between determined progress and playfulness. Not one of my favorites. 11) Last up we have a collaboration with Psyshark. This is the fastest track yet at 146 BPM and again lives up to what I expected. At heart it is a flipped out high speed night time track based on a full-on like structure with longer breakdowns and at first seems like a fairly standard affair until it pulls some tricks towards the end with some strange, disharmonic themes creeping in opening another dimension to the tune. This is definitely intense and has a rich scratching and screeching soundscape, but this time no epic melodies emerge. I feel personally have heard better from both Wizack and Psyshark, just didnt hit me. Conclusion This album is an experimental combination between strong new Wizack Twizack tracks and some daring remixes. The pure Wizack tracks surprise us with their moderate tempo and a clean ,crisp clear characteristic that shines through at times. In all of these tracks the artists love for old-school influenced melodies shines through. I often found myself reminded of the mystical melodies in the years just before and after the millennium changed, influences of Logic Bomb and Hux Flux come to mind. Imbedded into this are the mysterious, often foresty atmospheres spacey effects and general psychedlia we have come to expect from Wizack Twizack. The remixes are at times purely a matter of taste, but what stands out is the ease with which Tommy weaves his influence into the existing skeleton, often diving in and out of madness. Some of them seem strange combinations, but because of this they mostly work very well. To me, the Hux Flux and Rinkadink remixes stood out. Overall a great, highly melodic psytrance album which draws on many influences and styles and shows us Wizack Twizack does not like inertia and is not afraid to experiment without abandoning the roots that define his style. Personally I felt the last 4 tracks are the weakest on the album. Lets see what suprises are next…… maybe Skazi-Into the Light (Wizack Twizack Rmx) hehe 8/10 Edit: The fastest track is actually the Hux Flux rmx @148 BPM
  17. kazuku

    V.A. Sunday

    And some prog for a change... Artist: VA Title: Sunday Label: Blue Tunes Recordings http://www.bluetunes-records.com/engine/label Format: CD Released: Feb 2010 1. Vice - Within 2. NOK- Breaking Point 3. Midimal- Age of History 4. Zyce-Puls 5. E-Clip - Krik 6. DJ Fabio and Toxic Universe - Feel Good 7. Haldolium- 2nd Movement 2010 8. Ace Ventura - Sao Paolo Ritmo RMX 9. Zyce and Egorythmia- Lithium http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/btr/btr1cd031.html What better to do on a boring, snowy Sunday then listen to a promising looking prog album? Meh I don’t like Sundays much (unless Im at a festival)…always seem to drag me down and make me melancholic… ) 1)The man behind the Vice is Martin Daltoft who has played at many large festivals as part of the Time in Motion collaboration. His opening track Within guides the listener into a dreamy trance with warm synths and patient build up. As we can expect a very mature Nordic prog approach, some beautiful euphoric melodies, at times even a little bit melancholic. Within has a very laid back attitude but does not sacrifice power and direction for this. With many progressive trance artists taking different approaches and venturing into more minimal territories, it is nice to hear some rich, dreamy sounds like this, warm hearted Scandinavian sounds with a story to tell. Mellow and emotional track that gently initiates the album. 2)This mellow attitude that we can expect from a lazy Sunday flows over into this track by NOK from Hamburg who you may also know from his project Galactika. Breaking point takes its time to unfold with warm synth scapes and angelic spherical sounds, slowly erupting into a bouncy groove which pushes forward against optimistic melodies eventually dropping us into a long, emotion charged breakdown. After this “Breaking Point” is reached, the pressure is released with the return of the drums, becoming increasingly playful towards the end. After the first 2 tracks I would already suggest lovers of mellow Nordic trance ala Vibrasphere and the like to give this a listen. 3)The pattern of long, beat less, very warm sounding intros continues here in a brooding yet positive buildup where I found myself reminded of the emotions conjured up by classic stuff like head cleaner. When finally “Age of History” decides it is time for the crowd to move their legs, it does so with a big punch accompanied by sunshine drenched leads providing a big energy burst. Although the track runs at 134 I would say at least a half of its heart has a love and pull towards full-on, with euphoric bursts packaged in a progressive form. 4)The album flows on consistently with more sunny dreamscape sounds from Serbian artist Zyce, whom I remember from a recent collaboration with Ovnimoon. Soaring melodies, hypnotizing vocal samples and trancy pads are driven along by a steady beat which remains with us through most of the tune. As with previous tunes on this album we have a very multi layered, rich and colorful soundscape that is very uplifting and melodic. My favorite track so far as it maintains a mesmerizing groove behind all of this. 5)E-Clip brings us a track with a comparatively straight-to-the-point approach relying on focused drive forwards, not letting the listener wait for long before determined drum patterns emerge. paints pictures of a slightly mysterious world…perhaps some clouds are closing up the immaculate blue sky? Not long and the euphoria comes through again, albeit a little bit rougher around the edges and cheekier this time round. Unfolds into some epic melodies that have a definite smile effect and are accompanied by quirky leads, rising to several peaks without breaking the rhythm too long. There is a little bit of twisted attitude in this tune, making it an interesting one. 6) Builds up with a focus on creating a minimal rhythmic approach spiced up with a portion of fx radiating some strangeness. This pattern is rapidly broken by a very fat and chunky baseline line stomping its heavy body across the tune interlaced with intricate funky percussions. The deep vocal effect enhances this groovyness, and piano stabs lead us into a breakdown in which warm pads build positive vibrations. Overall takes a slightly more minimal approach and gets most of its character from the aforementioned chunky rhythm work which really kicks ass but maintains a very laid back attitude. If the track would be a person it would be a fat American tourist on the Bahamas with shades, flip flops, fleuro Hawai shirt and a very large cigar wobbling to the cocktail bar to get another Pina Colada. He ended up becoming Caribbean limbo master. 7) I have listened to Haldolium since the very first album and I see their first 2 albums as milestones of progressive trance. The Timetech stuff was also all right, then I don’t know what the hell happened. I guess it’s a matter of taste, but I thought none of the latter stuff reached that same depth of trance. I wish they would have made a little more in that style. Still 2nd Movement is one of the better latter Haldolium tracks, and I enjoyed this RMX, the basic structure of the track remains untouched, and the tribal techy rhythms bring across some classic Haldolium feeling, and I feel this remix has given the track an extra dimension with some slightly eerie atmospheric pads and some nice creaking. I really hope by some miracle these two dudes find a little bit of inspiration in their roots in future. 8) I had not heard the original so I cant say what changes have been made, but for me this is the highlight of the album so far. An epic track that puts you in an emotional roller coaster, many twists and turns and mood swings. The album has developed to include different faces of progressive trance, making a smooth transition from warm spherical tunes at the beginning of the album to include deeper, more psychedelic (imo) pieces like this one. Titled Sao Paolo, it presumably takes us through a sonic voyage through the Brazilian metropolis, showing us the energy, the wonderful sides and the darker sides, always with a mysterious beauty drifting under the surface. 9) Zyce and Egorythmia have the honor of bringing things the Sunday trip to an end with their track Lithium which is a remix of the track by Nirvana, describing Kurt Cobains unhealthy relationship with Lithium, or lack thereof which may have played a role in his brain splattering antics. No, no just joking. This is no remix and I am sure these artists have very healthy lithium levels, otherwise they would have probably created something a lot more depressive…another very positive and beautiful track that offers plenty of drive for your legs while also providing vivid sonic imagery…..I don’t know what it is, the collaboration he had with Ovnimoon or whatever, but Zyces sound always creates South American images in my minds eye, panoramic views of the Andes and dense rainforests….whatever, enough babbeling… Conclusion The album is very aptly titled as the atmosphere it creates brings up emotions and memories we associate with beautiful sunny Sunday afternoons at festivals ( VuuV/VooV floor on a Sunday anyone? Prog Paradise!) All tunes are uplifting yet cover a variety of different styles of progressive trance from nordic sounds to more psychedelic offerings all between 134-136 BPM. In recent times we have seen numerous artists creating a very minimal and slower variety of progressive psytrance. The concept of this album unites artists which present a rich, multi layered sound that focuses more on atmospheric story telling, making this interesting for dancefloors and melancholic Sunday home listening. Some people may find that some tracks (especially in the earlier parts of the album) are a little predictable, but they are very well executed and grow on you over time. Favs 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 8.5/10
  18. Here is a review I wrote a couple of weaks ago: Artist: V.A Album: Jupiter Toadstool Label: Quantum Frog (www.Quantumfrog.com) Release: 02/2010 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5309 Tracklist: 1. The Nommos – Freaky Baba 2. Polyphonia – Reprogram your mind 3. Zik and Orestis – Belo Alemao 4. Glosolalia- Once upon a Time (Part 1 Psyche and Eros) 5. Alien Mental – Believe This 6. Munk E – From Within 7. Polyphonia and Zik – Music is the Way 8. Quantize Mechanics – Ram Jammer 9. Will O Wisp – You know its true Here goes with one of the most interesting twisted nocturnal releases so far in this yet young year. Jupiter Toadstool has a lineup which creates high expectations, throwing a bunch of heavyweight artists into this psychedelic brain stew. The chef took a whole lot of Greek psy-salsiki, some Indo-Californian tantra curry and some other selected, secret ingredients to cook up this strange alien dish. Gordon Ramsey would be intrigued. Lets take an in-depth look at the exotic ingredients needed in the creation of this dis(k)h. The alchemical chef must take, in this order: 1) 1oz Nommos sonic extract: You can recognize this component by the established Nommos style. This is characterized by one foot of the sound being solidly grounded in earthen tones, the other being pulled up by a vortex leading to alien-infested scenarios. The general mood within the chaos is one of progress rather than desperation. We find a lot of energy-winding up micro breakdowns along with the staple clinical alien dissection effects, images of overgrown jungle temples with hi-tech cores and the balancing portion of organic grit to keep the contrast battery going. This reminds me of some of my favorite Nommos tracks, like Magma, in the sense that “tribal rooting” of the sound keeps it rich and progressive without overloading your ears. Imho the sound retains a clear and lucid quality in the chaos, a clear message demanding interpretation. A clever person once said…there is no chaos, only patterns we cannot comprehend. In this case this may be true. Good start, solid Nommos track. 2) 2 ml Polyphonic juice In my mind Polyphonia style stands for a tight, metallic, heavy sound. In this case the chef needs to steal some Psy-salsiki juice from the gods on the Olymp. Thus the angry Greek gods unleash their thundering anger in form of a grumpy baseline and insectoid insect plagues, scratching at our sanity. Metalic, leaden farts guide us through the labyrinth of android eeriness. There are short moments where the veil is lifted and silver glassy shards pierce through twisted disharmony. There is a looming sensation something is being revealed to us as the Zeus sets hyperspace alight with electromagnetic energy. 3) Next we require must combine elements of Zik and Orestis to a metaphysical vegetarian gyros extract. Zik and Orestis make for a very delicious combo as I find that they balance themselves well to create an interesting style. On the Zik side we have the wonderful world of rubbery cartoon physics he likes to create, full of demented melodies, twisted comic imagery..you know….Looney Toons on acid with a Nitrous tank strapped to their backs….Blurping, belching, android sounscapes with an ever-present sense of trademark humor oozing through the sonic pores of this monster. On the Orestis side of the recipe we have the typical relentless determination, metalo-organic grinding and epic qualities that make the sound special and keep it somewhat grounded. Great mixture. 4) 38 grams of rare Glosolalia powder Represents a new name for me, and a big surprise. What this track delivers can only be described as epic. This does not mean everyone will like it, I think it is a typical love-or- hate affair. We are gently pushed onto our voyage with a spacey, brooding, hi-tech scenario…we find ourselves transported to metallic caverns dripping viscous, organic ooze. Bird like aliens call us deeper into the cave with their hypnotic chirping. The groovy pattern underlying this chirping leads us to a stunning crescendo which phases us a giant worm hole. On the other side we find ourselves floating in a bubble surrounded by a Technicolor rain crystals, glass spheres, rainbow shards sonically raining down, cascading cosmic keys, cartoon pianists and disturbed nursery rhymes. Insane, unpredictable beat patterns help us to disassociate and surf the crystal cascades creating an epic journey. At the end of our trip, we return to the same dripping metallic womb we emerged from, this time engulfed by a sense of warmth and security, reinforced through mystical chanting. Definitely a controversial tune with a story to tell, not easy listening 5) A pinch of Alien Mental pineal fluid curry Alien Mental..the name is agenda. Shut up earthling! Resistance is futile! Straight onto the cold examination table, alien surgeons staring you down. Strapped down, disassociated, unable to move..yes earthling, you will be probed, relax and it will be over soon…. I found this less overloaded and flipped out then some other Alien Mental stuff though as it has an imposing and playful baseline which rolls around and purrs like an affectionate cat, taking up a wide area of our attention field.. Don’t resist, it wont hurt…. As the probe scans deeper you fee pleasantly distracted by prophetic mumbling under clinical, crisp squeaking and dramatic atmospheres vibrating more weirdness then the Mos Eisley Cantina. As I find myself back in bed in a flash (with a slightly throbbing rectum) we conclude we have heard more crazy alien mental tracks. 6) 1 gram grated Munk E metaphysical banana peal This begins its journey with hard-hitting determined baseline over-layed with insectoid chittering, metallic vibrations and subdued vocal samples. Again we have glimpses of sparkling crystal cascades flowing down. Around the 3 minute mark my pineal gland started to bleed black crystals because of the dramatic psychedelic effect that caught me by the balls- scratching at a hyperdimensional door. Again we experience humorous acid cartoon physics effects…… bleeping, blurping, streeeetching, and co…n..tarc..tiiiing over the crunchy back drop. Eventually we drop into a beatless playdough zone where we are led into an eerie landscape of twisting ravines a windy peaks in a seemingly desolate world, guiding us to an extended outro. 7) 1 teaspoon monoatomic Polyphonia/Zik granulate Another delicious combo guiding us into another stretch and boing fest and safari through a sonic zoo. We soar past scores of 3 trunked space elephants, their trumpeting heralding Armageddon fending off pineal gland sucking mosquitos. 1000 watchful insects cry out as the madhouse is open for all. Boooing…..booooing….boooooooing….pjingggggg ….comic effects mastery and psychoaerobics in a rubber (veeeery rubbbberry) cell. 8) A tiny amount of rusty scrapings of Quantize Mechanics The intergalactic radio dial is adjusted until we find a suitable station, to which we quickly adjust. A sick, snarling, vibrating, scaling baseline helicopters through space, throbbing through fields of insect-robots. Occasionally the dial is tuned to capture alien bleep and burp signals. The baseline seems to be fighting an internal battle with itself, plodding along as if marching against a force field slightly holding it back, causing it to recoil and wind down before shifting back to warp drive, always remaining intense and fidgety. Not one of my favs. 9) Finally, to complete the recipe, we need 1 strand of Will O Wisp hair A dissociative twisted carnival intro spirals us straight into galactic warfare. Nagging space gnomes soldiers perform a ritualistic, heavily tribal dance while playing intergalactic laser paintball. Random binary codes pass down cryptic information causing the cosmic server to wind down. After restart we have entered a lift off sequence culminating in a mechanic rapture. Having carefully assembled all components for the recipe how does the soup taste? Strange but delicious! Has some real highlights and very few weak moments. My personal absolute highlight is the Zik involvement because he brings heaps of originality to the table. I repeat myself, but he really is the master of psycho-stretch cartoon core imho. I like this stuff much more than his Horror Place stuff and I hope we can have another album in the old Zik style which I have missed. Polyphonia and The Nommos tracks are also bombs as could be expected, and Glosolalia was a huge surprise for me with this epic track drenched in psychedlia. The album never ventures into areas of desperation, under all the layers a positive message of progress and evolution remains the common theme. I was a little bit disappointed with the Alien Mental track….I expected to be fully dissected but unfortunately I was only probed a little bit. I thought there would be more of a psy massacre here. I also found the Quantize Mech track to make a spectacular start only to become slightly boring to my ears later on. I found this to be the best psycho-nocturnal release this year so far. Sits in a zone where it remains lucid enough for a full home listen, something that cant be said for many “dark” release 2010 AD. I am curious to here what people think of track 4. 8/10
  19. Title: V.A. Somatic Frenzy Artist: Various Lable: Mighty Quinn Records Release : 03/2010 http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5467 Tracklist 1)Nxum – Tin Ni Tudser (Final Edit) 2)Farebi Jalebi – Tastes Like Purple 3)Freakplanet – Master of Dose 4)Annoying Ninjas - 7 Slags Sovs 5)Freakplanet – Out of Space (Fusion 6)Bubble and Squeek – Magix Seeds 7)Saikozausus – Somatic Mr. Qwerty 8)Digitalist and Dr. Magnus – Flame in Y All Brain 9)Dohm – Lonely Creatures 10)Loke – The Shakuhaci Ritual Tokyo based Mighty Quinn Records has existed since 2006, and since their inception they have given us a fair few extremely twisted underground releases such as V.A Royal Straight Flush, V.A. Beauty and the Beast as well as V.A. Invisible Hand. These past releases feautured insaniacs like 1rgum 3urgum, Drury Nevil and Gorump Peya alongside each other. So if you have just met a nice girl and are taking her home for the first time, maybe put something else in the CD player first and wait with this one. She might think you are into some really weird shit otherwise, and you would have to show her your secret garden patch of rare herbs and exotic fungi sooner than you would have liked to… Anyhow, BPM wise this album stays very much in forest range, 148 BPM is its sweet spot, you will not be assaulted out of nowhere by some lurking Gorump VS 1rgum vs Nevil 165 BPM monster Be at ease….time to find what the frenzy is all about. 1) Nxum from Denmark sets the scene with a piece that I would call “forest funk”. We find oueselves bouncing along to a fat, determined and playful baseline over which the FX mischief unfolds along with ehoes and lnsectoid leads. Despite its bounyness, the base also feels weighted down, as if we are moving through a slightly gooey substance, which is also reflected in the “elastic” quality of the track, a psychedelic stretcyness that forest fans enjoy. Nxum uses effects sparingly though and the track remains a smooth and flowing affair. Solid start. 2)Farebi Jalebi transports the listener to the Australian (rain?)forest with tastes like purple, and as you know, its good to be careful of venomous spiders and snakes while traveling there. This has a very wet, moist feeling about it, a sensation that is dripping in our ear drums at various stages of this album, like the melting ear wax of a feral forest hippy This atmospheric ooze trickles down 200 year old tree trunks as the eyes of venomous predators peer through the dark, ever-watching 3)Freakplanet takes our journey into slightly more spacey territories, like we are briefly abducted. Although I say “spacey” in terms of atmosphere, this does not mean the forest has disappeared, as we travel along we find ourselves increasingly grounded in the sounds, which become more and more “terrestrial” and earthy. This is also reflected in the tribal percussion which join in the frenzy at later stages. If you listen to the pads towards the end of the tune you will see what I meant by spacey influence. The sick, organic lead, starting around the 5:20 mark make this memorable to me. To me the attitude of the baseline has a very slight “full-on” attitude in terms of drive, but all in all it is the forest elements that dominate. 4)Now I have to prepare you for an extremely trippy track dear reader. Yes, I know this is the psychedelic trance forum, and trippy sound is our daily diet, but this really is a overtly psychedelic beast. (Imo at least ). Playful baseline which toils around like a 2 weeks old tiger cub. Annoying Ninjas tap into some outrageous frequencies, wobbling along in a bubble of electrostatic energy, revealing a spectacle of melodies, cartoon stretchiness and chopped up vocal samples. Somewhere down the line we fall into a very murky pond (wet!!) and have to fight quite a while to swim to the other side, only to be assaulted by a brigade of ravenous ducks. Extremely entertaining, and I would love to hear this at a festival one day. Now I have to go outside and breathe because this triggered a flashback. 5)By the way, we are still trodding through the murk at 148 BPM….after a short take on sequence we find ourselves catapulted to more spacey heights, a little more sharp around the edges, knows what it is doing and where it wants to go next. What gives the track its character for me are the percussions which creep in again, creating a space-tribal synergy without color clashing and keep the listener interested until the final wind down. Solid track, but not a favorite. 6)Next up, another new name for me, Magix Seeds. Not having heard anything before I went into this without expectations and was surprised with a thick, vivid, rich forest sound which lured me in…very entrancing/hypnotic….(Yes I still know this is the psytrance forum …not pirate death metal.com…entrancing does lie in the nature of things, but for this goes deeper). I find myself reminded of the lush atmospehere and fx development of artists like Atriohm/Encephalopaticys and other pioneers of this style of sound, but not lacking individuality, becomes somewhat “squelch corey” at times. This was definitely a surprise and I am sure it will find its way into a lot of forest sets as more than a filler. 7)Saikozaurus , turns up the intensity a notch with “Somatic Mr. Qwerty”. Saikozaurus is from Ukraine, Im learning something new every day . The first note worthy aspect of his sound I noticed is the thunderous baseline, which occasionally comes crashing through your door like looters in a home invasion. The looter-baseline likes to make you think it has left only to intrude again, prying open the door for a freaky carnival parade of circus feaks to make themselves comfortable on your couch. IMO this has a less grounded approach then some of the truly earthy tracks we have heard hear. Lead from 5.20 onwards cranks up the density of the tune, and despite the slightly different atmosphere, I still find myself engulfed by that reoccurring “wetness” of sound. Stay with me while I empty my bladder….what do you expect, all this flowing and dripping…… 8)“would you wake up?....I am fucking awake!” it begins. How could anyone not be awake within seconds of this? I will make things short here, this is really rocked my psychedelic sandals, brilliant, one of my favorite tracks of 2010 so far. I would say this is straight up twisted night psy, more ethereal than terrestrial, there are no roots keeping this attached to this power-plant, as it grows towards the moon – has a very clear, driving character about it and presents numerous plot twists and turns, constantly morphing a growing from one height to the next, baffling the listener by pulling out one ace after the other from its sleeve. Definetly another very dynamic highlight, drawing a lot of its energy from bubbling expansion-contraction play. 9)By now we are galloping along around 152 BPM with [] who engage in a patient build up with atmospheric pads, choir like sounscapes and percussion mischief. The angelic pads herald the coming of mysterious melodies and bubbling leads that lead us into beatless phases along our journey. Plays with a contrast between grit and the celestial environments Dohm conjures up, but a clear and crystalline side slightly dominates which remains smooth despite its increased speed, not a “power track”. Interesting , has some very intricate melodies that are worth hearing. For my taste there was a bit too much emphasis put on the synth pads which went on my nerves a little bit, maybe a bit less would have done. 10)Closing up, the album slows down once again with the aptly named “Sakuhachi Ritual” which resonates a very tribal energy. We find ourselves cruising through an almost placid, moist (!) an somewhat eerie zone accompanied by breaks and playful rhythms. Flute elements enhance this tribal flair mechanical elements briefly find their way into the organic composition. The machine elves have obviously slipped through the portal here, intermingling with humans at their leisure, revealing the hidden. Wonderful mellow, melodic, funky and weird piece to finish things off. Conclusion I am left feeling drenched in the wetness of the sound, which remains a smooth and crisp affair throughout the album. A lthough I would say all tracks here have the grit for the forest, we do have a wide variety of styles on offer. We have the very shroomy, earthy, grounded sound by Magix Seeds, Farebi Jalebi and Nxum mixed with more base driven, ethereal tunes like the massive “Flame in Y All Brain”. Overall I found this to a very good album mixing true forest with squelch and bubble core and unique spice, cruising along at moderate speed. Favs: 2, 4 (!), 6, 8 (!)
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  21. Oh people, Im truly shocked......... I just listened to the new Haldolium album QNT...... To fully express my disgust I have to rewind a little bit, please bare with me. When I heard Deagua for the first time in 1999 it became an instant classic for me. Through some twist of fate my girlfriends friend was good mates with a friend of Mario and we always had the newest stories about them etc. and I even trodded along to Marios birthday in some barn in Langenhorn (Northern Germany)......so I always wished these guys well. I also loved H20, a great follow up, better production. Then apparantly they fucked off to Ibiza for an extended period of time and everything turned to shit from there......what the hell happened? I have this theory.......Ibiza is evil........it turns every decent artist who ventures there into a psywhore. Look at GMS! I listened to Be Real like 3 times in total, it made me cringe. So now I was curious to see what the new album would bring. Curiousity killed the cat......well almost, right now I wish it had What a turd of an album...I mean, my expectations were low.....but wtf is that??? Those vocals are just plain disgusting....revolting, it makes me physically sick. Especially "It took me red". Im sorry, but thats just bottom of the barrel......I mean the only place you could play this would be the seediest gay club anywhere, and even there it would be considered too gay. It seems like all progressive trance is going down the gutter......oh well, it has been since around 2001 so I dont care, its just I didnt think it would get this bad, with all decent artists going in some totally wayward direction. Why the hell do these people even get booked for festivals like fullmoon..... And if this is the way evolution is going I pray for some some sweeping genetic disfunction in the dna of the genre we broadly name psy. And a)This is not trying to be review, I didnt buy this peace of crap.......I am just voicing my horror b)Dont go to Ibiza, we have seen where that leads C)Apparantly Haldolium stems from Haldol, a medicine designed to combat schizophrenia. I think the d00ds should take a big dose of just that and let it be.
  22. I never could stand Astral Projection I find psytrance I love all the time, there is great music coming out to suit my taste. I find the sound way more satisfying then 10 years ago.
  23. Here are some I liked, but cant say which one will be my fav at the end of the year, must listen some more. Electrypnose-Where do we go? Olien-Sounded Paratronic ParaHalu-Spacerock Trold-Time of Illusion kdd-Waves from inner space V.A-Neverending Story 2 V.A-Amonit People V.A- Psystories 3 V.A-Phoenix Rising V.A-Worldbridger Overall a good year till now imo, I could add quite a few more!
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