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V/A - Twist Dreams


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just had it in the mailbox, it's freakin superb, it has an all time classic feel to it, a timeless elegance feeling, like goa trance was reinvented again into something more stylish with less boundaries and cliches(though there are some big cliches in it, but they're good :P)



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On a side note, its not very common to make critique about mastering for an album but Jos/Fab, the mastering has the open hat in Contorsion pushed up quite higher than intended (which also indirectly lowers the volume/impact of the hihats going in 16ths) , its at about 2/3rds that volume on my release copy I sent, compared to the original its emphasized enough to draw attention away from the dynamic parts of the song, particularly the bass is more defined as that was by a small amount the loudest part playing of the track and what you rythmically follow as its something that is neither full on nor prog in style which is the rythmic styles of bass being used now, and was what I'd liked to have had emphasized strongest on the track.


But thats not to say I don't understand what you were intending to do with the chance, with more emphasis on repetition via the hat you seem to slow the track down (seemingly) and make it more of a "follower" style track rather than a groover...be it that in this way it fits better as an intro or starting up track to serve as the rythm initiatior and psychedelic landscape. But...when the open hats (doof....tss....doof....tss ) sound louder than the bass they naturally are what people unconsciously listen to to set the rythm, which there is expressed as 4/4ths temp, when the bassline and hihats (doof t t t doof t t t ) drive the groove of the track at 16/16ths tempo which is most notably/impressively heard in the bit from 3:45 to 4:25


Its the trivialest of trivial nitpicky artist details that don't matter at all almost, but just enough to get pointed out :) Hehehe, peace bros.

Couldn't have said it better myself :D
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Thanks guys!!

Btw Sideffect, you mean hats off. Don't cut my head off. Then I won't be able to write reviews! :)

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Now this is one hell of a compilation! Uplifting, yet psychedelic. Works wonders in a sunny morning even at home ^_^ Apsara never really conviced me that much, but this one is just something else! It's been and will be a frequent visitor in my cd-player :wub:

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Cosmic Silence's track ends with a pad that plays the very same note that Aerosis starts with. Contorsion ends in the very same bouncy plucky melody waves that Red Gravity's track starts on, AGAIIN having the track start on the same root note the previous track [contorsion] ends with.

wow, that's amazing man. did the label plan it this way (ie ask the artists to produce music in a certain key) or was it all beautiful synchronicity? :)


either way, sounds like i should give this a listen

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wow, that's amazing man. did the label plan it this way (ie ask the artists to produce music in a certain key) or was it all beautiful synchronicity? :)


either way, sounds like i should give this a listen

well, that's why compiling IS important... Compiling a compilation is more then just "choosing" tracks... no kidding, it took us at least 1 month to compile it, listening day and night to have a harmonic and good fitting together cd...

In fact, tracks that were very strong on itself wouldn't fit this compilation, like Ka Sol, because then it wouldn't sound harmonic anymore, so this was planned to sound like that, and we are very glad people actually hear that, even if it is a minority :)

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Various - Twist Dreams

(Suntrip 2007)


Uh... a new-school goa compilation again? Worth checking out, I suppose. Just for the rarity factor among all this neofullon and EvilPsy flying around...

First a track-by track review..... and then some closing words.


1. Cosmic Silence - Psy Spirit


Disturbingly awful bassline somewhat ruins this track that could otherwise be a listenable goa cheese track. Track progression also lacks complexion and leads to a rather boring outcome. The melodies carry a slightly melancholic epic/anthem/cheese characteristic and are pretty well thought out, but not so well executed - the layers are not fit together well and the track leaves quite an amateurish impression. Also - the fx/percussion part simply lacks.

To put it short - the cheesy melodies are nice, but otherwise this track, while not bad, still lacks almost in every aspect.



2. Aerosis - Contorison


A more complex and 'maximal' track. Lot's of layers flying around and they are well produced. The oldschool bassline really puts me in the right goa mood. The melodies don't shine, but certainly fit the track's atmosphere. The somewhat club-trancey part around 5.20 is really nice and helps to distinguish the track. While not offering anything new, it's a solid goa track, and yes, it's truly goa.

I speculate it would work wonders on the dancefloor. Killa.



3. Red Gravity - Momentary 29


Highly melodic stuff right from the beginning. Lot's of layers etc... More structured than Filterias usual output (to compare with something) and I like that. Some quite interesting (although already old) sounds are used and track progression flows quite nicely... Still... it's the third track already and thus fur all tracks have left me wondering why 'nu-school' goa artists experiment so little. It seems that they just want the old times back so much that they completely forget to try and be original/innovative (well, maybe the clubby element in track 2 excluded).

I appreciate the harmonical aspects of the melodies, but for such a harshly melody-driven track I would like the melodies to be a little more memorable.

They just isn't as catchy as they could be.



4. Talpa - Till We Meet Again


It is clear from the beginning that I am not to face another old-school immitation and this time the artist has some innovativeness... The bassline sounds really awkward when it kicks in, but it's modulation plays out quite well. Some funky riffs and samples are flying about and soon a few background layers are introduced to add some atmosphere. Then the bassline morphs into a hybrid between oldschool and fullon bass. And then.... some acidic melody madness. I would say the best thus far on this compilation. A bit awkward, slightly nitzonothish (?) and even with some hints to folk music (? again). I really like how Talpa has built the atmospheric background on this track.. The electronic piano sounds weird, but fitting. Maybe I just like Talpa's style so much (his debut was my 2004 favourite), but to me it towers above the first 3 tracks in terms of quality. The end climax is quite eppickx. I'll start drooling for Talpa's next album now.



5. Merr0w - Utopian Society


This one shows a more aggressive side of the album. But still melodic and goaish.. you get the point. It's the theme of the album anyway.

Tons of effects flying around, but they are not executed very harmonically. And that's bad. While the powerful leads are catchy and driving, the overall background of the track is too overdone/chaotic/lacks harmony. Call them production issues, if you will. I find it disturbing... I'd like the effects to have an organized rythmic input, I'd like the percussion to be more complex (the drums in this track really show 0 innovation. And the kick drum seems weak (maybe it's my soundsystem's fault)).

Potential is there (mainly in the leads), but it's not realized.



6. Khetzal - TranceFuzion


I'll say it right out - I didn't like Khetzals album half as much as most people here.

That said... do I even dare to comment on the track?

Well... I must say I thought, I'd enjoy it slightly more than his debut album, for it started quite well. While the sampled vocals seem unnecessary and the first melodies a bit lacking, I find the overall soundscape quite pleasant. The sweepy effects really add a nice amount of psychedelia to the track. What ruins the track for me is the lead introduced in the 3rd minute. It's cheesy, it's stupid, it just doesn't carry the right mood. The melodic work in the middle section of the track is better, but seems 'empty' and isn't really catchy. In the end of the 5th minute there is a really well executed dropdown with mutilated vocals. Thumbs up for that - there aren't many good dropdowns on this comp. But the 'climax' in the end of the track really doesn't deliver as much as one could expect from a melodic goa track. It's a step for the right direction for Khetzal if he wants to please my ears, but he must work on the melodies. (Egocentric irony intended.)



7. - K.O.B. - Weight of Oblivion


It's Filteria, lol!

A new alias for a new sideproject, so I expect a different sound.

Let's hear.

The intro is a bit simple and empty, I'm not too fond of the bassline that kicks in either. The whole beginning of the track leaves a rushed impression.

What does K.O.B. mean by the way?

Anyway - back to the track - the processed vocals should have been left ungated or differently gated IMHO. It doesn't deliver it's rythmic potential to me..

The track keeps the empty and rushed feeling throughout. The vocals have potential, the whole atmosphere has potential, but it just isn't well executed.

More power, please. More screaming leads and psychedelia. Or if the track would take a different path (let's say more minimalistic and dark) - better rythmic work, percussion and effects. It's definately a step into an interesting direction for Filteria, but he should invest more time into this.

Again - empty and rushed are the two keywords I find all over this track.

7/10 (for it still has a lot more balls than some other tracks on this comp. And I like the idea of the track. It just needs more work.)


8. Afgin - Dimensional


Starts out with a cheesy melody. Not anything special, but good melancholic cheese we all enjoy from time to time. With the 2nd minute a harder, harsher lead is introduced and the track gains in power... But again... The 0-innovation factor comes to disturb my experience. Yes, it's nice. Yes, it's goa. Yes, it's better than many nu-goa attempts, but it's still blunt and ambitionless. Try to surprise us more, people. Not bad. But boring. However, the melodic work is really promising. The guy just needs to add some solid elegant rythmic structurrrresz and then we're set.



9. Ra - Gates of Tiphareth


Old school ambient psy. At least we have up-to date production and the percussion is better than it used to be in downtempo goa tracks. The snare sucks tho....

Melodic work is the best on this disc and the sounds, while old and 10000 times heard, are well chosen and build the correct mystical atmosphere. Solid track. Nothing mindblowing. Nothing innovative. Nothing that will make it in any music history. But pleasant.

7.5/10 (from all the wannabe-oldschool tracks this is the only one that really makes me smile)



Total - 6.5/10


So.. In conclusion - A compilation of goa tracks that has very little interesting moments. Very little innovation. It's a phantom limb of a dead genre (I should give the credits to the comparison to Pavel, although he used it in a slightly different context) and it mostly repeats what's already been done in a worse quality.

The Ra track lives up to the 'real' oldschool, Talpa shows real innovation and get's the credits for the best track on this disc, Filteria shows a new side, but should work on it for some more and Aerosis presents the best example of strict, blunt old school immitation. Which is really danceable.


So that's the way I see thsis album.


PS. Sorry for E-ngrish. I'm a bit tired.

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*sigh* As much as I love what Suntrip is doing, what they stand for, and most of what they've put out... I can't help but tend to agree with Dajek. A few of the tracks here sound like they want to be big, epic goa masterpieces... but if you go and listen to Transwave - Backfire (which is what I did soon after getting Twist Dreams), you'll see who the better composers are. Going back to Twist Dreams... samey, generic "goa" arpeggios only get you so far.


Damnit Suntrip, sign up Symbiote! Or convince Aerosis to make more tracks like Spacious Endeavours.

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More of an analytical review, because I find a track by track fancy word juggling review quite boring to read ;)


I'll have to agree with Chis on this one.. even though I want to like this I can't find myself getting into it. A lot of the melodies seem to follow the old isragoa formula that I'm not particularly fond of. There are of course some very talented artists behind some of these tracks but the end result is not very impressing. Khetzal.. what happened? He made some of the most beautiful tracks ever a few years ago and now he's resorting to cheap tricks to create a track that'd suit Avigmatic more. -_-


But there are some exceptions. The Talpa, KOB, Red Gravity and Ra tracks saves the CD. You can certainly trust talpa with trying out new things and "Till We Meet Again" is a very interesting track, but with some odd moments that I'm not sure are awkward, bad or just plain genious :)

"Weight Of Oblivion" is also pretty interesting and even though the vocals are nice the effects doesn't do them justice and even pales in comparison to e.g "Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles". I will definately keep an eye on this project though because I really like this new direction and more recent samples I've heard sound really amazing.

I'm not totally against this "newschool" movement, there has been a lot of amazing stuff coming out of it and in my opinion the best efforts made to recreate the oldschool vibe were those made back in 2003-2004. To be more specifically, the debut of Filteria and pretty much all tracks Soliptic made back then.


Despite the critics this is a good CD, but I would have expected more from Suntrip. The next two upcoming releases look mightily impressive though (Dimension 5 & Ra) so I don't think I'll be dissapointed this summer :)

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Apsara had more of an impact on me when it released back in 2005 than Twist Dreams did in 2007. Apsara was the first great Goa-Trance comp I heard in years so it was only natural for me to compare the second one they released.

I was very impressed with Apsara. I was very satisfied with the follow up. I don't feel as though Suntrip really put energy into topping Apsara however and that would have been interesting because there were many great songs back-to-back on Apsara. Twist Dreams takes a hit here and there but there is no bad song per say. More solid Goa-Trance songs exist on it than any post 21st Century Goa compilation with exception to Apsara. It's far from perfect but in a sense it is impressive all over again, just not as fresh in concept or theory. I'd love to see Suntrip top Apsara and make a masterpiece compilation where every song is B+ to the A range spectacular but so would everyone. Excellence is not easy and Suntrip has proven to put much work into having such a great track record already.

Here are my scores back-to-back for both Suntrips compilation' tracks. It's not that Twist Dreams is a level below. It simply lacks the "new" amazing new-school sound. It's now up to a new artist and sound that IS excellent to really impress people like myself once again to the level I was before.

For a post 21st century Goa-Trance compilation however, Twist Dreams tops virtually all NEW-SCHOOL Goa albums with exception to Suntrips powerful Filteria and Khetzal debuts, Filteria 2, and the elegant Pyramidal Trancendence compilation.

What other New-School Goa albums has there been to compete against you ask? Oh let's see here... Radical Distortion's Regenesis 2006 album (where they decided to begin with Goa before turning it into mostly weak Full On/Psy, Purple Energy Vol. 2 (excluding the solid Goasia tracks this sucked), Ka-Sol's debut (overall good but nothing spectacular), and few others I'd rather not add. The best stuff makes fond memories. I remember them.

APSARA - [2004]

Aes Dana - Digitalys - B+
Yesod – On The Edge of Time - B
KhetzaL & Chaï (Avigmati) - Babylone Beach - B
Lost Buddha - Metamorphosis - B+
Filteria – Tiny Universe - B+
Ka-Sol - Skraqp - A-
Ypsilon5 - Titanium - B+
Goasia – I’m Ready - B+
Radical Distortion - Communication - B-



01. Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit - B
02. Aerosis - Contorsion - B+
03. Red Gravity – Momentary 29 - B+
04. Talpa – Till We Meet Again - B
05. Merr0w – Utopian Society - B-
06. Khetzal - Trancefuzion - A-
07. K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner – Weight Of Oblivion - B+
08. Afgin - Dimensional - B
09. Ra – Gates Of Triphareth - B



Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit is pretty good, full of changes. It's a pretty starter, harmless, and pleasent to listen to. It's very well done... Actually I don't want to hear any bitching or I will come over to your country and... It's a decent. That voice in the end is very appealing and plesent. Enjoy it or skip it. Enjoy it or shut up and go to bed.

Aerosis's Contorsion has a simple, catchy melody that is crucial for this thing to work and it does. This song is so sweet sounding from 3:44 to around 4:10. Just listen to the song from the beginning and be aware of this moment as it takes place. I wish they'd develop stuff like that because it's awesome. It attracts my ears like a magnet. To me it's like this uplifting, individualized climax but not. This moment involves a short build up in a sense which fronts this infectious cool chiming melody echoed. All else seemst to dissappear with exception to this engaging feat, accomplishment. It's short but damn it's nice. The song changes up about two more times as it progresses but I feel certain change up is to keep an otherwise not great song interesting. The listener is teased with what seems to be a second wind or climax but which soon becomes more anti climactic by it's reserve to let looose and let us really soar. The change is better than none however and I do like it. This is a good track, very danceable and energetic.

Red Gravity – Momentary 29 is the first track that doesn't take its foot off the ignition when it comes to dancing, building up, climax and/or energy pick up. The melodies are good and develop. Ne ones are added as the track progresses; it becomes even more appealing. This may not be the most original or stunning song, but it knows how to pull off a solid beginning, middle, and end. A melody towards the end is very good or great, sound structures, more emotion and energy. Are you ready for the weakness? This song lacks the slam-bang freashness of what Talpa, Khetzal, and K.O.B. are about to bring. It utilizes its elements and melodies well but lacks having a strong, original character and personality. As opposed to building a house from the basement up as those mentioned artists did, Red Gravity took the common [build, layer, deepen, climax] formula and left it at exactly that. Fortunately they nailed all of their elements correctly even if this song stands out less than far more individual, successful risk taking as Talpa and few others here which sound very different and new to the ears.

Talpa's Till We Meet Again is the first really stand-out, fresh and innovative style and track on the album to me. I've never heard Talpa this musical and playful before. It's more fun which is good, but less powerful and toxic which isn't what the song is going for. I like all three if one can pull it off. Here he has capitalized on a wonderful trick. This track doesn't strictly arrest my attention and pull me into its world. It sure is fun to listen to. Interesting for the most part, fast paced, and full of enough tricks and zipping, zippy change-ups to keep an A.D.D. kid entertained. This track does however lack lack that kickass, strong driving power that was existent on tracks via Art of Being Non album. Naturally it isn't going for the intense, dark ride. This is focused on being musically fun and stylish. It's so animated, dynamic, and catchy that I find this great. This is easily the best on the compilation relative to previous ones so far and arguably it's the best on the entire thing.

Merrow's Utopian Society is a track that's made me wonder what Suntrip was thinking when they released it here. It's not that its bad. It's just so redundant and uninteresting in concept and execution compared to other tracks here. It's basically a leading Goa melody with little bits, melodies, and special fx. The leading melody is pretty good but the supporting sounds (with exception to a higher pitched minipulated whistle sound) don't support so well. The lead is driving and successful in a sense. The entire song comes across as lacking. It has that been-there, done-that feel to it. Now the other previous energized song here was track 3, Momentary 29 and just listen to how that song gets better as it progresses. If you're thilled with this leading melody and how it's utilized, great! I've heard this concept taken to the next level with old-school Pleiadians and new-school Filteria, and they had excellent supporting sounds, soundscapes, structure. For the record we've heard stuff like this so many times before. What lacks here is strong, catchy structure, ambience, atmosphere, backgound, and good, I mean GOOD supporting sounds and melodies. It has good elements and ideas, but the overall great energetic effect gets tiresome as it progresses, in my opinion, and I love Filteria and old-school Pleiadians. It's as if this artist got inspired as Filteria did and made another one of those songs, but why not get Filteria to make an amazing track here than? This one lacks layers and substance. It's definitely one the weakest songs on the comp because it's really nothing more than a leading melody. There is no innovation. Some more work and time may have improved this song, by spicing it up with all that lacking in being great support. Again, this isn't bad. I expected more.

Khetzal - Trancefuzion is still my favorite song on the album. So what if it's less mystical/pretty than general songs on the Corolle debut? This song has beauty. It has energy, rhythm, evolution....and enough change-up to revive my relationship and make it feel new and interesting again! Sounds of light and dark melodies/sounds come together in an elegant, energetic fusion. The samples are more mad/chaotic than anything I've ever heard before from this artist. I wasn't expecting something with more intensity. I really like this...just the ideas and melodies (ethnic melodies) taking place here. It's loaded with energy. This is IMO the strongest, most energetic song on this compilation.I love the sound and feel of these fast Goa melodies. The voice compliments them and not over or under used either. Good intro sound too. The combination of light and dark is gripping.

K.O.B.'s Weight of Oblivion track is evocative and I enjoy it more than I initially did. I like the driving rhythm the cork screw melody has grown on me. The female sound stirs emotion. This is a very cool song to drive to at night time, cutting in between cars at high speeds on the highway. Just watach out for the cops. I got pulled over three times in the last 6 months and the next one I get my license suspended. I think I was listening to psytrance on at least 2/3 occasional. Tell the officer the music made you do it and see the look on his face.

Afgin's Dimensional is the song here that most frusturates me everytime I hear it. What the heck happened in the second half of the song? These artists had the whole strong Goa melodies sound and feel going until after that first transition. When the beat returns the strong, sweet Goa ride and feel is replaced by very little else to carry the track another 3-4 minutes. The track drags. Things go stale, fast. This could have been awesome if they kept strong with those melodies as they do in the first third and developed, added more, more change up without losing sight of the Goa vibes, only stregthening it while including the transition, not having two where the second bleeds over into and in part seems to take over the song for the last several minutes. I feel like they ran out of ideas in the last third of this song. Bummer. It had some great parts.

Ra's Gates Of Triphareth track is very different, interesting, and visual to me. Very distinct and old school sounding. Definitely a track for older-school fans. It actually sounds slightly out-of-place for the newer Goa sound on this album but I like that they put it here because its presence really ends this thing with a sneaky wink of pure Goa, if even it is more down-tempo/ambient or whatever. It is what it is and it's catchy too. But if the new album is comprised of slower like this throughout I'm jumping through the window. I really hope there are some really, seriously NEXT LEVEL, AMAZING, New-School GOATRANCE super songs on RA's upcoming album. It's been a long, LONG time. Gates Of Triphareth is a very interesting, artistic in a sense way to end the album. Nice one.

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Amazing release for sure!!!Congrats to my lovely Suntrip...

Continue the excellent work guys!!!We need good and serious music!

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I had the same thing with the Talpa track, the intro was really really nice, but then some (imo) cheesy melody come's to ruin it.


But now I can apreciate it much more, it's not my favorite though. :)

same here.. the melody was pretty strange in the beginning for me..


after listening to it more it got better..


still i don't think this compilation is amazing.. overall i think it is not my style of goatrance.. i prefer acid goatrance instead of euphoric goatrance and this album is mostly just trancy melody...


so overall i think it is a bit too cheesy for my taste, but still nice, it is just not really style..

the track which I like the most, is the Aerosis track, but it is not the best produced track in here..



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This album was average for my goa tastes ^^


Apsara imho is far better because the melodies are less cheese stuffed and there is a more solid beat to it. Scraqp is such a sick track too. I can't think of anything like that in here.

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<_< What is going on in this thread???


It started out with a bunch of praise, and now it seems nobody likes this V.A. anymore... :blink:


I want to give some more positive feedback I think "Twist dreams" righteously deserves, as it just kicks ass! I don't think there is a single trace of cheesy music here- all the tracks are killers! No weak and lousy melodies, no repetitive and annoying bass lines, and above all, none of the artists are bringing that exaggerated larger-than-life attitude to the table.


Flow wise it works just great. And it tends to move away from the overly melodic path Suntrip Records has been pursueing since day one. Don't get me wrong, this is still very much in the good ol' Suntrip vein, packed with neck snapping beats, head spinning leads and stomping dance floor killers. To a certain extent I could agree with the previous statements saying that this time around, stand out tracks are nowhere to be found. May just be true. But while it's true that "Apsara" has a few, OK, more than a few, marvellous tunes, "Twist dreams" is a stand out compilation on its own. Structure wise it sounds compiled better than 85% of today's artist albums.


As for the stand out tracks, I'd still stick with Khetzal and Merr0w, but it's really a situation where these two picks are just about as good as any. Front to back, this compilation can actually get played from its starting to its ending milisecond, without resorting to that damn skip button. And that is something I haven't heard, and haven't had the opportunity to experience in a while. Way to go! Two thumbs + eight other skiny fingers up for this one!

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<_< What is going on in this thread???


It started out with a bunch of praise, and now it seems nobody likes this V.A. anymore... :blink:

We can't all like the same things ;)


I still do like or even love this compilation. I listen to it almost daily and do enjoy pretty much all the tracks here.

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*sigh* As much as I love what Suntrip is doing, what they stand for, and most of what they've put out... I can't help but tend to agree with Dajek. A few of the tracks here sound like they want to be big, epic goa masterpieces... but if you go and listen to Transwave - Backfire (which is what I did soon after getting Twist Dreams), you'll see who the better composers are. Going back to Twist Dreams... samey, generic "goa" arpeggios only get you so far.


Damnit Suntrip, sign up Symbiote! Or convince Aerosis to make more tracks like Spacious Endeavours.

You compare new artists with "masters of goatrance". really bad comparison.


this compilation is very good and reflect the movement of the new goa generation.

this artists will grow with the time and in the future they will be the new masters of goa-trance.

I give it 9/10. :)




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