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  1. ROFL dudez!!!!1

  2. Heh, last time i checked you werent here :P

  3. cock

    baba, where are thou?

  4. Jeppe VS Insa remix, foo sho'! The first collab was a success, the next one is bound to be awesome
  5. shit baba, irc sucks, it sucks you in :ph34r: talk back into my profile B)!@

  6. I'm back baby!

  7. read his post again. The Chemical Brothers were "The Dust Brothers"... but they had to change it. back on topic, Chems are wicked I've ignored their later stuff, still listen to the old classics Private Psychedelic Reel Surrender The Duke Under The Influence Morning Lemon
  8. Moti.. :drama: :blink: :drama: I know the feeling of such a bargain (i think )
  9. all links seem to be down.. so i uploaded it to youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fonMoNn6GKo (Part1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGkDEc7HnHw (Part2) oh the memories
  10. More of an analytical review, because I find a track by track fancy word juggling review quite boring to read I'll have to agree with Chis on this one.. even though I want to like this I can't find myself getting into it. A lot of the melodies seem to follow the old isragoa formula that I'm not particularly fond of. There are of course some very talented artists behind some of these tracks but the end result is not very impressing. Khetzal.. what happened? He made some of the most beautiful tracks ever a few years ago and now he's resorting to cheap tricks to create a track that'd suit Avigmatic more. But there are some exceptions. The Talpa, KOB, Red Gravity and Ra tracks saves the CD. You can certainly trust talpa with trying out new things and "Till We Meet Again" is a very interesting track, but with some odd moments that I'm not sure are awkward, bad or just plain genious "Weight Of Oblivion" is also pretty interesting and even though the vocals are nice the effects doesn't do them justice and even pales in comparison to e.g "Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles". I will definately keep an eye on this project though because I really like this new direction and more recent samples I've heard sound really amazing. I'm not totally against this "newschool" movement, there has been a lot of amazing stuff coming out of it and in my opinion the best efforts made to recreate the oldschool vibe were those made back in 2003-2004. To be more specifically, the debut of Filteria and pretty much all tracks Soliptic made back then. Despite the critics this is a good CD, but I would have expected more from Suntrip. The next two upcoming releases look mightily impressive though (Dimension 5 & Ra) so I don't think I'll be dissapointed this summer
  11. hi! That set was made strictly for Insa Not very satisfied with the mixing or the tracks (Insa compiled it ) But I will do an oldschool set on the 31st, I'll try to record that and post it later. Cheers
  12. Oh hi! I upgraded ur RAM

  13. how could you really know how good the mastering is if you haven't heard the unmastered version? Those crispy clear albums are usually the work of really good mixing, not the final mastering
  14. yep, that is all! But then again it's quite a simple chill tune
  15. Planet BEN - trippy future garden on mushrooms
  16. 600 lines of talk today, is that quiet?
  17. stats are now update to include the whole of 2006 oh the drama period
  18. 1. Filteria - Heliopolis 2. Androcell - Efflorescence 3. Seahorse Transform - Dust From A Trip 4. Ka-Sol - Fairytale 5. Luomo - Paper Tigers
  19. Du kommer alltid vara en 5:a för mig. *kjamiz*

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