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  1. Amithaba Buddha - Uncharted Planet Love this one...
  2. Here's what I don't get about certain comments people make about goa... Why must new music always be something completely different, unique, ground breaking, or anti-formulaic? There's only so much that can be done within a certain framework. Filipe knows and understands the nuances of musical composition within this style so well that everything he makes is EXACTLY what I want to hear and what I would hope goa sounds like when I go to buy a new album. I don't care if I've heard something similar before, even from track to track on the same album. His music is so mystical, powerful, and I feel the story he's telling in each track which was definitely created with love and brilliance. I don't know Filipe, likely never will, don't care about if he's a "model citizen" or anti-social and rebellious (don't know if he's either of these or anywhere in between), but he has passion for the music he's creating and I can hear it, every time, in every track. I will continue to buy and listen to his music without even sampling beforehand because I love it. The production and mastering quality on this album is very smooth, full of breadth and depth, even though the balance and layer volumes could be more delicately structured instead of just full-on facesmashing , but I enjoy that too. Filipe could develop more when crafting each sound/instrument, with more variation and effects, but that would possibly take away from the raw power that the already complicated and beautiful melodies deliver, don't know. I don't produce this style of music so I'm not an expert. Overall, fantastic album. If I'm the only person that loves it, too bad. I'd welcome an invite to Filipe's studio to even just go and give him a high five, see what he's working on next, have a tea and say goodbye. Felipe please keep doing what you're doingias long as you love it, and love the sounds you make. I know I sure do, and I appreciate your contribution to the musical universe.
  3. I’ve owned this for years now and it still finds playtime on my system. One of my favorite little Easter eggs of this album is that there are several teases of the last track, Always a Way Back Up, at the end or start of several of the previous tracks. I still haven’t heard anything else out there that’s quite this style of music, and a talented producer Matt and his crew are indeed to make something so timeless.
  4. Wow. This album is a gem. I've owned Pan Electric's "Conscious Pilot" for years before hearing this album (even though that came out before this), and I must say this album is equally blissful. I can clearly hear both artists’ influences peppered throughout each track, and enjoyed the interweaving of their styles. There’s superlative production value and sound quality with such effortless creativity. There are so many little details, nuances, and surprises in each track that add to the imagery and depth which are already fantastic without them. Here’s hoping to a second collaboration between these two in the future!!!
  5. Scintillating downtempo "Goa" with an Eastern flare. Every detail has been carefully considered, creatively inspired, and masterfully implemented to create a wonderfully rich, vivacious, and enveloping sonic atmosphere with the highest of production calibres. If you don't own this, you're really missing out on something special. Thank you for the extremely touching music!!
  6. Can't wait for this. Your music is and always has been superlative. Too bad all the sound cloud links are busted... keep us posted.
  7. Do you like goa? Do you like blissful layers of middle eastern harmonies interwoven within a complex framework of exceptional composition? Do you like to feel the music you listen to? Look no further... this album is everything you want. This is pure goa. I've never been one to give a track by track review of an album because each album should be a mystical journey to explore with your mind, without any precent. Get a copy of this album before you can't find it anymore... fantastic work Filipe. I will also be in line for whatever you produce next as I am a fan for life.
  8. Beautiful album. Some stronger tracks than others, but that's the same with ANY album. Overall a wonderful compilation of goa exactly the way I like it. Keep it coming Suntrip!!!
  9. This album is absolutely wonderful. This is the best album I've purchased in quite a while. If you like goa, if you like psychedelic, if you like MUSIC... this album is for you. Amithaba Buddha makes sinfully good tracks, and being the highlight of the album for me (yes I'm biased toward his sounds), I would have purchased it just for the one track! Bravo. More please! =D +100
  10. Wow. Wow. Why is it that finally after listening to psy/goa for about 15 years that FINALLY there are albums coming out where I get to hear EXACTLY what I've been craving in the "genre" for so long? I'm so elated that I get to hear albums of this caliber. Production quality is astonishing, creativity is abundant, and the music just blows my mind. My thanks go out to the universe!!!!
  11. I heard Inner Poison on Goatronika, and I was very, very impressed. This album doesn't disappoint. Brilliant. Long live GOA!!!
  12. Wow, just wow. Having watched the Final Fantasy movie when it came out, and thinking - well this is good, but it still looks like some weird CG adaptation of what a natural organic lifeforms look like to my eyes - compared to the stunning magnificence that is Avatar, I think you have to be the only one. I'm not sure where your bias is coming from, but even just comparatively this movie isn't even in the same league as every other CG animation ever created to date, period. On another note, this movie is splendiferous. I went in actually thinking, this movie isn't going to be very good, and I had quite a bias myself against 3D CG, and it just blew my expectations into the cosmos. I was so stunned by this movie, that it restored a bit of my faith in the movie industry. What a beautiful musical score too Mr. Horner!! I go to movies (and VERY few at that) to be entertained, stunned, encapsulated, and lost in whatever world I'm thrown into. If the movie doesn't grip and demand my attention that way, it's not good. This movie not only was visually jaw-dropping, but it had a very magical and yet somewhat tangible and believable aspect to it. Who cares what plot similarities it has with other movies (which movies don't these days?), what formulaic patterns it followed, what practicabilities it had - doesn't matter. In fact, the less you think of that and focus on the present moment, the more you'll enjoy movies and life in general. Must see, beyond any doubt. Avatar - thank you for allowing me to escape into a non drug-induced blissful dream.
  13. This album is excellent on the whole. However, this CD could be purchased solely for Asura - Crossroads Limiter. This track just whisks you away to a spiritual place where only you and sound exist together in harmony. I love the Eastern influences laden throughout, and this is why it seems to be otherworldly for the listener when "ancient" sounds are combined with cutting edge production and ambiance. I think this is one of the finest pieces I have heard by Asura to date, and that's saying a lot given the fine music that's been produced beforehand. It could have culminated into a more powerful ending, but instead it hypnotically lowers you gently back to your consciousness. I'll accept that even though I felt a bit let down that it didn't, however it could have dwindled on the beautiful voice a bit longer before progressing as that moment was so rich and pure I didn't want it to end. Anyway, the other standouts for me were Zymosis - Summer Twilight, and Ra - Tears Of Fire. But bravo Altar for releasing yet another wonderful addition to this magical series you've created that seemed to stumble out of nowhere.
  14. Did anything get released in August or am I just out of the loop? Really looking forward to this... =D
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