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  1. We all know of Beatport by now. However, where can I pick from a large selection of psytrance tracks? Beatport's selection sucks for teh psy, and Psyshop does not offer that service... I can't be buying these albums with 1-2 good tracks and filler for the rest! $15 for 2 tracks is robbery IMO. I would pay $2.50 each no problem...
  2. We all know of Beatport by now. However, where can I pick from a large selection of psytrance tracks? Beatport's selection sucks for teh psy, and Psyshop does not offer that service... I can't be buying these albums with 1-2 good tracks and filler for the rest! $15 for 2 tracks is robbery IMO. I would pay $2.50 each no problem...
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    checking out the minimal mix good start so far playlist!
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    that's just too easy all you have to do is throw reason and compassion out the window!
  5. this has been asked like 1000 times on psynews try virtual dj or traktor
  6. +1 although some are kinda good sometimes (like pumping up before going out to play some futbol )
  7. never heard of any of them probably all of them are the same guy
  8. this can be done as a cooperative 1. gather some netlabels and graphic artists to produce cd packaging for the albums up for pressing 2. use existing duplication technology that has as good quality as replication 3. expenses will be less through the cooperative's collective load. 4. use a fed-ex or ups etc mail-to-order system or go to #6 5. automate the process like how newegg.com does it by giving shipment tracking numbers etc 6. get some distribution deals with a major record label * 7. combine with online distribution (aka like kompakt does for small minimal techno labels) 8. done deal the pay for albums can be done by splitting the gross income - tax, management labor, etc what's left (and should be streamlined with some good ol' fashioned negotiating with all the label reps on msn or something ) then a split of percentages according to quantity pressed (which will be controlled by a vote by the co-op on each album up for release) for example: 3 netlabels gather 5 albums will be pressed co-op (one vote per label & 1 for co-op manager) votes on how many of each are pressed 5 album presses will offset the 1000 minimum requirements no problem the 5 albums a. 400, b. 300 c, d, e. 100 e/a album "a." gets 40% of the collected moneyetc and all 3 netlabels get what they wanted: low quantity distribution and a small profit to justify the effort to pay the artists (each netlabel can take it on with them by cutting a %deal with them on the album they designed for) example: album "a." gives graphic artist a 20% cut of whatever the album sells for in this (very small case) that 20% of 400 albums pressed is the mechanical royalty of 80 albums. if this co-op thing can be streamlined, one could make up to $3-4 (or maybe more i dont know for sure) per album even after costs so that could be a good deal for the graphic artist involved. so for this example, lets just say that on a first try $2 is made per album after all expenses. well thats $800 for album "a." which the graphic artist (20%) gets $160 and not much work was put into it * having a distribution deal is NOT the same as them producing your record or collecting your publishing royalties (of which your label should go register at the local ASCAP or BMI office). what you do is have them use their already working distribution channels and putting out your cds out everywhere. their take is earning some through the product distribution of a medium scale co-op, and if there are enough labels and product, and a reasonable profit margin they will do it. ** ** large record labels are fighting for profit. fighting them vs. working with (not "for") them...which will you choose? i hope that was helpful this is how I would do it anyway. the more people think like this or improve on it the better if i messed up the numbers, i hope you get what i mean with this comment instead of just nitpicking on some typo :posford: btw, if any of you are up for this...PM me because i sure will be going in this direction in the near future (for physical media)
  9. hoping you were being sarcastic there. fedex, ups, whatever deliver worldwide. without them many people would have to fly to germany and visit the psyshop warehouse. what a pain in the ass. I'd do it in October for obvious reasons though
  10. software does indeed mix the tracks for you if you want it to. People just want to see that you are doing something and not just dancing around the booth with a premade track list you did the night before. there is nothing wrong with not being able to beatmatch...since that takes a lot of effort I notice that most new DJs bypass that completely and do the software thing. older DJs transitioning to software bring in their traditional skills and learn the new stuff too. mixing with vinyl is damn sexy it just looks cooler than any other way. Its a pain in the ass to carry though. the future might not even be taking hardrives to the party. the future is computers doing it all and maxed out with sensors on peoples brainwaves etc etc. then laptop guys will be bitching why virtual dj 2012 gets all the gigs.
  11. like infected mushroom bringing in linkin park fans?
  12. i like your attitude man! im torn somewhere between what you said and being a snob about music quality etc
  13. oh man! i thought there was a new Jaia album (as in 2007 new) :drama:
  14. if they dont want to hear it then bring them over to your place and play it on good speakers since its your place and you have control over what music is played thats how i do it. many of my friends i have introduced things gently. like boiling a frog, but starting with cold water
  15. expand your mind. 128 and 320 and .WAV is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. underestimating and stupefying the crowd into accepting your low quality standards will go around and come around to bite you in the ass. from personal experience. There are many times that people in the crowd are more knowledgeable than you are at what you do. and lets just say that this forum is your crowd since you started the topic. most people around here aren't bashing laptops. they are bashing snotty kids playing stolen 128k mp3s. if you are gonna steal something and nobody can stop you at least steal some good shit so that you don't sound like you have no idea what you are talking about. besides, you still haven't even mentioned that you pay for your music...
  16. im taking this as you are an mp3 DJ? honestly, its bad enough im spinning other people's music. Worse even that I would contemplate spinning anything under 256k. You see, DJs need to use turntables or CD players to legitimize what they do. otherwise it isn't art if all you do is categorize them make a string and poof there it is. My little sister can do that. Im not paying good money to go to a club that plays a human jukebox. i don't mind mp3 DJs. what I have a problem with is snotty little brats with money doing gigs for free so they can play their kazaa folder and then me having to get a real job because DJing doesn't pay around here. I put a lot of work into mixing and to be usurped by one of these brats who just downloads some other DJ playlist and plays it word for word makes me want to never mix for parties. DEVOLUTION and people say that about me too! vinyl guys get all pissy because I use CDs. so there you go. its a matter of talent and taste over technique and medium
  17. amen brother why are the beats repeating? what you mean like a chorus in normal western music?
  18. gemini cdt-05's hybrid turntables...like hybrid cars, good concept, wont change the world and pricey!!
  19. I had a gig opening for Astral Projection years ago. The vibe of those guys changed my life. I met a couple others, but nobody as truly spiritually friendly as them. Before I feared that psy trance acts of the AP caliber were unreachable but they were so friendly. Let me put it his way. One of them brought their father to the gig (in MIAMI) and he made an effort to speak broken yet understandable Spanish with me The Infected Mushroom dudes were cool too. I asked Erez why he was selling out with the new sounds (circa 2006) and his smile disarmed me. I guesss I was missing the point. Aside from that I have met local and American psy DJs. Cool people in general, with a couple douche bags sprinkled around, of course. I also met myself and think i am a completely full of shit superstar DJ who touches nothing except $1500 mixers. (kidding)
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