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V/A - Twist Dreams


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V/A – Twist Dreams


Posted Image


Hi-res cover: front + back


Artist: Various

Title: Twist Dreams

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Suntrip Records (France/Belgium)

Cat. #: SUNCD06

Distribution: Arabesque

Date: 26 January 2007


Track listing:


01. 08'01" Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit

02. 09'04" Aerosis - Contorsion

03. 07'28" Red Gravity – Momentary 29

04. 07'52" Talpa – Till We Meet Again

05. 07'54" Merr0w – Utopian Society

06. 08'32" Khetzal - Trancefuzion

07. 07'08" K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner – Weight Of Oblivion

08. 08'48" Afgin - Dimensional

09. 06'04" Ra – Gates Of Triphareth


.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/2vujeg (all tracks!)




Celebrating the marriage of the moon with the sun…


Twist Dreams is the 6th release by Psynews.org spawned nu-school goa trance label Suntrip Records. Operated from Ghent, Belgium (Anoebis) and Paris, France (Mars) this dedicated label has graced us with magnificent albums by Filteria, Ka-Sol and Khetzal. This is the second compilation, following the lush Apsara from 2005. Once again the guys have scoured the underground goa trance communities in their quest to bring high quality trance to the masses. Let's find out what they hand-picked for us this time…


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit [140 BPM]

First up is a track up from upcoming German producer Michael Nadj. In essence, this is melodic morning trance in the shape of deeply melodic and progressive goa trance… Cascading synth melodies fused with galloping arpeggios and floating, atmospheric pads… The sheer magnitude, the tempo and the lush rhythm section steers the track clear of the most obvious cheese-pitfalls – and without being revolutionary in any way, this track accomplishes exactly what it set out to do: Delivers a psychedelic spirit. The build-up/break part is pure bliss and I'm totally digging the layered melodies + the subtle vox. Great.


#02: Aerosis – Contorsion [146 BPM]

The Aerosis outfit is the goa trance moniker of young Americans Bobby Ognyanov (Synogen) and Jeremy Green (Tempestuous G). These guys have been causing quite a stir on the internet with their infectious sound. Suntrip acted on that – and here is their first commercial release. This is fast-paced, complex-melodic, multi-layered goa trance with a frantic feel to it… Rich in pounding SST-like basslines and flaring, twirling melodies… Maybe a tad too fast for home listening, but for the floor this is pure napalm… I can't help shake the feeling though, that this track lacks something that I can't quite put my finger on. It's nice for sure – it even grabs me, but it doesn't catapult me nearly as much as I could have wished for.


#03: Red Gravity – Momentary 29 [143 BPM]

Remember the Speech Module track off Filteria's second album Heliopolis? On that track Jannis was joined by Leo Petrus aka. Red Gravity. This track is very similar and immediately sends your mind wandering back to epic goa trance moments by the likes of Transwave, Prana and Astral Projection… Hugely melodic, hard-hitting and totally psychedelic trance with tons and tons of layering, flaring 303s and of course the ever-important acid-lines… All that + much more is present in this amazing track which is literally a walk down memory lane for a nostalgic old trancer as me… Amazing track!


#04: Talpa – Till We Meet Again [145 BPM]

After Serbian producer Goran Juric released his brilliant debut album The Art Of Being Non (Sundance Records/2004) we have only heard a couple of scattered tracks from his hand. But what he lacks in release frequency, he makes up for in sheer production talent. Everything he touches turns into gold and he has yet to disappoint me with his hypnotic style. This new track is no exception. What we get here is über well-produced psychedelic trance which crosses over into both spugeadelic and full-on… The violins and the high-pitched synth explorations fit each other perfectly and help Goran paint a very lovely sound picture… Very different from everything else here, but equally entrancing… Go go Goran!


#05: Merr0w – Utopian Society [146 BPM]

Merr0w is Brice Fruyt from France – another talented upcoming producer. Once again, we're galloping away at an incredible pace, but unlike the previous 146 BPM track this one really hits the spot… This is mesmerizing, pulverizing, mind-expanding, Mad Hatter goa trance… Constantly spiralling melodies seasoned with tons of trippy twists, turns and quirks… I'm very impressed by the energy level which never seems to fade – as well as the progression which is up to par with some of the legendary goa trance tracks of the past… Stellar track!


#06: Khetzal – Trancefuzion [143 BPM]

"Our next guest has been called Uncle Tim, the guru of psychedelic utopia!" French old-school producer Matthieu Chamoux released his debut album Corolle on Suntrip in 2005. A very uplifting and highly Eastern-influenced morning trance album. This track has some of the same uplifting qualities, though it has enough edge to stand out from the crowd. That's right, Chamoux' sound has evolved into something even better than what he gave us on the album… This is a tightly-knitted, refined piece of dancefloor-friendly goa trance… I totally love the squelching sounds and the advanced melodies… This track has soul and it's one of the best Khetzal tracks I've heard thus far. Brilliant.


#07: K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner – Weight Of Oblivion [144 BPM]

KOB is an alias for Greek-born, Sweden-based producer Jannis Tzakis. Under his Filteria moniker he has released the amazing and genre-defining nu-school goa trance albums Sky Input (2004) and Heliopolis (2006). Both albums spearheaded and helped define the sound of Suntrip Records in at the time of their release. K.O.B. is different from Filteria in several ways. This is more psychedelic, less in-your-face climactic… This is full-on psytrance bordering on goa trance. Don't get me wrong, this is still miles beyond your usual formulated neo full-on. This is super-ripe, bursting with energy, twirling stuff… Spiralling synths, analogue pads and some real funky percussion thrown in for good measure. Very Hallucinogen-like really – oh yes! The angelic voice of Klara Steiner fits nicely and all in all, this is a very lush piece of melodic psytrance.


#08: Afgin – Dimensional [135 BPM]

Elad Afgin from Israel had his first commercial release on the digital Pyramidal Trancendence (Metapsychic Records 2006) release… His Israeli roots does not go by unnoticed on this epic goa trance track which has evident similarities to those amazing Israeli morning trance tracks echoing in the past… What we get here is 100% pure, unfiltered morning trance from the Holy Land not unlike California Sunshine, Indoor or MFG… Add some 2007 know-how and studio trickery and you've got a pretty good idea how this track sounds… Totally danceable, despite a couple of somewhat fluffy passages. But all in all, this is tasty stuff!


#09: Ra – Gates Of Triphareth [112 BPM]

The final track marks the biggest surprise on the compilation. I'll be damned if Suntrip didn't manage to dig up and dust off legendary goa trance act Ra. Christer Borge-Lunde of Dimension 5 fame has resurrected the old project and is joined by Christian V. Arvesen. This is a trippy downbeat track lingering somewhere in between melodic morning goa trance and atmospheric ambient. Floating, epic stuff which instantly sends your mind wandering off… Dreamy, lush and totally trippy. What a great way to end another fine Suntrip journey.


Once again the Suntrippers have outdone themselves. This is a fantastic compilation – even better than the already classic Apsara released in 2005. There are no bad tracks here, and with the exception of one single track, I was taken in by every single track… It's one sure-fit blast after another - which is getting rarer nowadays. Hats off to Mars and Anoebis for their never-ending, arduous task of bringing high-quality goa trance to the hungry masses… This is a lush, plush and totally twisted dream come true.


The dot-paint art by Margot Schaefer (Anoebis' mother) is breath-taking and everything about this release just reeks quality. A very important release in the resurrection of goa trance – and an essential purchase for any dedicated follower of melodic trance. Go get it and a prepare yourself to be blown away… Enjoy!


Favourites: 1, 3(!!), 4(!), 5(!!), 6(!), 7, 8, 9



Posted Image


External links:

Suntrip Records: http://www.suntriprecords.com

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/893665

Tower Records Japan: http://tinyurl.com/2t9yqd

Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/2q29bu

Beatspace: http://tinyurl.com/2kp72o

Discobole: http://tinyurl.com/2qvf7v

Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/36avzc

Juno: http://tinyurl.com/3b6edy

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#02: Aerosis – Contorsion [146 BPM]

… I can't help shake the feeling though, that this track lacks something that I can't quite put my finger on. It's nice for sure – it even grabs me, but it doesn't catapult me nearly as much as I could have wished for.

Maybe I could explain? I have noticed a subtlety along those lines.


If you listen to contorsion thematically, for the first 5 minutes it undergoes constant change building up seamlessly and dramatically, the second half of the song slows down (yet still has its own climax and action taking place) - this is a formula put together for the dancefloor - if the track kept kicking hard people would burn out - or they would think its repetitive (reptetitiveness is something we put a major effort to get rid of) - furthermore the 2nd half attempts a more mainstream groove that eventually builds down the energy and fades to a more peaceful rythm - which makes this perfect as a track to end a set, or even transition to darkpsy. Something Aerosis is trying to do with our music is make it friendly for other styles. Goa parties need not be 100% only goa - I'm all for hearing a DJ set travel as much as the melodies do :)


I personally don't think the track is flawed, all the effects intended are there - the "missing feeling" is a 2nd all-powerful climax taking place around 5-7 minutes which is a typical formula for every track you are used to - the intended effect here was different :) IMO the track is perfect for ending a set - both through climax and build down.


That said I'm glad for whatever splash this track has created as this was the very first track myself and Jeremy created when we started collaborating. Look for our next release with Metapsychic Records, and eventually a free Aerosis EP to show everyone what style to expect from us.

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Got this today & I am just finishing my second listen with headphones.

I was wary of all the hype around this but being the curious orange that I once was I bought this knowing it was never going to be bad!

I was not expecting it to be this good though, I mean oh my god this is creamingly good! All tracks have that special feel & IMO the Aerosis tracks is one of the best here :)

A special mention must go to the last track by Ra, absolute brilliance, I love it!

I spent time buying this today that I should have been at work & therefore had to stay late to finish up but it was all worth it when I put this beauty on!


Top marks now lets see how it fares being played constantly for a few months :)

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love it! so far, great!


Aerosis track is great!


Viva la GOA!!



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So far the only track that's really waking me up is Talpa's. Probably because he actually has a lead melody playing over the Endless Derivative Goa Arps , which is all that I heard on the first three tracks. <_<


Cosmic Silence: One note bassline (most of the time). Shame on you!


Fucking hell I'm picky nowadays. :( I still enjoy Apsara though.

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~suntrip records~


Va - Twist Dreams (2007)


Posted Image


1. Psy Spirit



2. Contorsion



3. Momentary 29



4. Till we meet again



5. Utopian Society



6. Trancefuzion



7. Weight of Oblivion (feat. Klara Steiner)



8. Dimensional



9. Gates of Tipharet





1. baseline is very tiny, kick nothing special, a not overloaded concept of melodies, the crystal clearness off the sounds is amazing, humble waves appear in the advancement, compared to other new skool tracks we experienced the last two years this not layer after fat layer but more khetzal style… the atmosphere is very spiritual and the variety is perfect, certain melodies reminding me of the track jaïa & (forgot) – rebirth that crosses my mind, perfect speaking melodies stronger then any other, unicorn releases (specially goasia) use this formula all the time but here it's only subtle used, very nice track, playing with the sounds, pure traveling…

heads off ;)


2. lot's of detail in the intro, nice done, this baseline is more motivating, harder and the kick get's more direction cosmosis – synergy 1998 style… Advancement reminds me of that same cosmosis too, this is intelligent goatrance, it keeps you busy and it's not just aiming for the most melodic but good waves coming from everywhere and all proportions… Very psychedelic to be honest, totally not "new skool" for me but crystal clear old skool goatrance,

very nice, love it, it's has a typical dimension 5 – second phase subtle euphoria atmosphere, a continue… The end climax is pure euphoria , big waves speaking fast like we experience in fullon but it's still totally goatrance… nice work 


3. enters with that unicorn crackling sounds I described before, again the baseline is doff and like the above tracks we don't experience a drive like in fullon what many new skoolers do use but than old skool tinted… I like the pumping motivating baseline with the double kick to look forward to and set up another story of pure goa sounds, the advancement is a combination of some slight acid waves who transform in goatrance speaking sounds… Red gravity uses some new sounds but the main is that it's gets more euphorically and more layers with the same sounds he begins with, then again those sounds are fabulous and perfectly detailed and caress in the ear wanting for more…


4. Freaky atmospheric beginning but the most psychedelic part imo until know, this bassline is more like new psychedelic trance, the kick is brighter and has a tiny walk in the woods baseline atmosphere. Very original and marvelous advancement, this track scores high and even just got started. Talpa uses here again the more typical goasia sound and does a perfect job. It seems to be goatrance has found a new breath and oh no is not dead, but we already now that but it has entered a new stage of evolution… Tracks like shakta lepton head (deedrah rmx) who had those typical crying, breaking your bones melodies are totally back here, and those are the ones I love the most , thanx talpa…


5. this is like more psychedelic trance, first time a present drive within the baseline is present, the flying bird in the advancement going left to my right speakers, very amusing, very entertaining and well produced. In the middle of the track merrow plays with one wave like a pianist, were almost getting to the advancement of the last track of world of goatrance 2 (1998) cd 2, remember that one, insanity in all it's forms…


6. khetzal needs no introduction, this track is amazing, we all heard his debut album, I reviewed it, it's on myspace and posted on psynews and isratrance. Still the kick is more dark compared to other tracks made by him, the slight 303 khetzal sound in the advancement is good. The climaxes are bit overloaded for me but all the parts between using his khetzal sounds are pure bless.



7. this is psychedelic trance, the sounds used are off course direction goatrance but the concept is obvious psychedelic trance checking the main marks of the song, but very good, a but a luminus kick and drive (some tracks of luminus) so this means very motivating, it's keeps you busy and has a space traveling atmosphere. It's a perfect continue of psychedelality (doesn't exist that word I guess, well I invent it )


8. Afgin start with some very emotional classic goatrance sounds and a very present and doof baseline… Off course those goatrance artist can never act normal (kidding), so in a very short period waves are sliding liquid  above the baseline, fading away and exploding,

The afgin album is free to download, I've hosted it, just check on my space (see signature) and browse blog / free download albums…

or just click this link :)




9. last track is an ambient track, don't spend much writing about those mostly but then again this is RA, the one and only, good track, nice morning tunes like "gods of the sun",





Like nature finds it's way so did goatrance and it's proven today 

this is an absolute must for old skool fans who want to sniff some fresh goa sounds but also for other genre lovers who like quality trance, cause this is intelligent, detailed quality garaunteed,


Nice work jos & fabien

And the artist off course,


Keep up the good work 


grtz koen :)

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Thanks again to Suntrip Records for ressurecting the true goa spirit! Tracks which are on this compilation are very beautiful, melodic and deep. Also they are very atmospheric and shiny. I like that style! I like all music on "Twist Dreams", but anyway my favourite are Cosmic Silence "Psy Spirit", Talpa "Till We Meet Again" and Afgin "Dimensional".

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Let me guess. Derango. :P A billion and one sound effects and bugger all melodies. Way to make a trance album... (oh alright, Isentropic's is even worse)


And that is why we can thank God for not all of us having the same taste...


In all I think suntrip did a good job in bringing what the label stands for: melodic goatrance... My review will come in 2 months or so, when I can make a fair conclusion...


Derango is what it is, trippy foresty cd/tracks, to variable and non-saying for some and perfect for others and a whole lot of people who place themselves somewhere in between ...

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Twist Dreams gets better and better after each listen. I can honestly say this compilation is one of the best albums ever released. :)


Go Suntrip!

Yeah, it's pretty good :)


In a nutshell. This is the album Suntrip has been embarking on from the outset. And the first Suntrip release, I feel, where Mars and Fabien truly succeeds with their rendezvous of mid nineties Goa and modern production techniques. This is every bit the old skool vibe you could ask for and totally up to par soundwise with nowadays releases.


Add to this most of the artists here being debutants. Whoever said Goa was going smithereens needs to check out this party baby before repeating that verdict.


Of course, there are personal favourites. Cosmic Silence flags the warning, Aerosis starts party subconscious, and Red Gravity together with Afgin delivers two instant Goa classics if there ever was two. Even Filteria under the K.O.B. moniker comes through better than ever with a less-in-the-face attitude that suits him like a fist. To think I’ve had my hesitations with him in the past. Damnit, Jannis, well done :rolleyes:


And the rest is fillers? The rest is modern Goa history in the making. And brings me to ask: With dance floor adventures this challenging for feet AND mind why bother with Yabba-Dabba-Trance No. 1 mio. releases?! Sure, if you’re used to BNE releases this can welcome you like a hurricane. Too much is going on! Well, focus on one layer and let the melody take you. Then let the next one grab you ... and the next one ...


Then try taking it all in at one time :mellow:


Congrats, Suntrip! I always knew the wait would be worthwhile.


Now we just need to spread the word ... :ph34r:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Couldn't get the Cosmic Silence track, but now it's my fav here togather with Talpa, Red Gravity and Ra ...

I had the same thing with the Talpa track, the intro was really really nice, but then some (imo) cheesy melody come's to ruin it.


But now I can apreciate it much more, it's not my favorite though. :)

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Guest Rezwalker

Instead of review i will post my opinion like this : VA Apsara 8.5/10

VA Twist dreams 4/10.


sorry suntrip but this release has the quality level much lower. hope for better releases in the future, and i'm almost sure for that bcause the RA and Goasia albums are coming :)

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Yeah, this is one hell of a release! My second fave after Khetzal's "Corolle", and it's indeed mr. Matthieu Chamoux who brings my top tune here, Trancefuzion. It has it all: the eastern influences are here, a great dance floor friendly beat and a superb melody. Everythin I expected from this guy and then some.


Talpa, who's debut didn't fascinate me, delivers a marvellous track with some wicked violin effects which blow me away every time. Actually I haven't got any deeper into this track, but I still don't want to- this is some amazing clash between live instrumentation and off the chain psy trance!


Red Gravity and Merrow deliver two stomping goa trance tunes, especially the latter with Utopian Society which is sooooo massive, melody packed, uplifting, constantly increasing in energy and bursting with positive vibes- a stentorian track! And Red Gravity shows that his contribution to Filteria's Speech Module was no fluke, because bringing some beautiful old school flavored music is obviously the name of the game this man excells in.


I was already familiar with Afgin from his wonderul promo album and his track the "Pyramidal Trancedence" compilation, and here he continues in the same vein. "Dimensional" is a morning trance tune you imagined in your dream. Melodic, happy and positive. Just listen and dance your arse off. Cosmis Silence and Aerosis each deliver dance floor gravy, especially Aerosis, which makes me think of Ethereal, thus you can imagine the impact this will create on them crazy dancers! And Cosmic Silence's Psy Spirit sets the mood for the rest of this spectacular journey.


Listening to Ra's track it's like he's never left, and no, I can't stand waiting for his new album to drop. And K.O.B., what to say...? Filteria's new project leaves me in the same state of awe as his "Sky input" album. Or not? This might even be a lil' more impressive as it tends not to recreate so blindly the maximally full on Pleiadians sound. A great tune, and I can only hope that a full album sounding this great is possible. But hell, I wouldn't expect nuthin' less from Jannis!


All in all a great, wall to wall compilation, which will more than likely suffice until the suntrippers drop their next jewel. Enjoy and get your copy as quick as you can, for I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a sought after collector's item ten years from now! Once again, great job Suntrip Records!

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One thing that I can't give enough credit to is just exactly how well Suntrip has flowed the tracks through eachother. It is by all means seamless as a mix that plays the entirety of intros and outtros in the showcased tracks.


Cosmic Silence's track ends with a pad that plays the very same note that Aerosis starts with. Contorsion ends in the very same bouncy plucky melody waves that Red Gravity's track starts on, AGAIIN having the track start on the same root note the previous track [contorsion] ends with. Talpa continues the psychedelia and starts the first "trip" in the track, then bringing it back to the dancefloor with Merrow's Utopian Society continueing off what Red Gravity has started. Khetzal makes the bridge betwen Merrow's full sound and KOB's psychedelic climax. Afgin sooths you and then lifts you up from the.."night time", and Ra carries you into the clouds.


A dream sequences twisted like no other :) I really think the flow in this VA is a major accomplishment.

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Again and again and again guys!

Suntrip Records leads us to morning dance psychedelia.

I have heard the samples and what can I say?Excellent compilation!

Thank you Suntrip Records and all the people that make it possible to be released, artists/producers/sound engineers/etc...! :lol:

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Track list

01. Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit
02. Aerosis - Contorsion
03. Red Gravity – Momentary 29
04. Talpa – Till We Meet Again
05. Merr0w – Utopian Society
06. Khetzal - Trancefuzion
07. K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner – Weight Of Oblivion
08. Afgin - Dimensional
09. Ra – Gates Of Triphareth

01. Cosmic Silence – Psy Spirit constantly seems to change, gradually evolve without losing direction. New melodies, sounds, and voices are introduced, always catchy, focused, and with feeling throughout. The female voices at 5:29 really top things off, however short they are. It's beautiful, positive, and uplifting in its own way and injects the song with feeling. For an opening Goa-Trance song this is good, nothing spectacular. B

02. Aerosis - Contorsion has a cool, emotive intro. The first three minutes actually don't do anything for me other than prime me for what's to come. The melodies are nice and the ambient notes compliment them. At around 3:18 a melody gradually begins to be integrated into the mix which is very catchy. The peek of this melody is most prominent at 3:44. I find the part from 3:44 to 4:22 great, the best part here. Actually it's refreshing, beautiful, uplifting, smooth. I love this part. Lowering the volume and/or temporally disabling other sounds accentuate the melody. The overall sound slows down from around 5:13 and begins to build up to some type of climax at 5:55. It hits at 6:34 and my issue is that this song could have EXPLODED when returning. Would this be more mainstream in theory? Yes. But this is Goatrance so in a sense, having such a final imaginative explostion climax really isn't mainstream and yes I'm aware that part of me is missing the point if part intent was no to be like many others but... What the song does do in the last third is alright, but I almost feel teased into thinking there was something more fun coming. Whether this track was made for when the sun comes up (after the party) or for a final song isn't relevant to the fact that it is the second track here. People will not identify it as the closing song, rather the one to launch us high before the next. The ending here is neither climax nor anti-climax. It seems to fake-out a potentially great ending because of the build up part. This hints at something more to come but ends up being little difference and song variation until the end. I missed the more juicy sound from the first half. The last third could have been superb, kind of like how Khetzal's Djaningar song towards the end; taking things to the next level as opposed to putting on the breaks. Nonetheless, this song is well above average. IMO these guys should definitely go all out and build a song on juicy melodies that become increasingly more juicy and delicious as the song progresses, with a stunning, elevating final third and/or ending. They put together melodies so well without over playing the lead(s). Overall this is a good/great track and the best (both released and unreleased) Aerosis number to date. B+

03. Red Gravity – Momentary 29 is the first great, more climactic, energetic goatrance song on the album to me. I love how it develops, the building up and with melodies and sounds. Everything flows. It gets deeper and generally more full of whizzing sound and rhythm as it progresses. There is a good melody at 4:44 and a very cool sound utilized as a melody at around 5:55 which sounds similar to an ethereal sound from off a famous Hallucinogen song. This song is great, full of gradual, cleverly structured climax, development, and strong catchy melodies. It seems to get stronger, collecting more debree like a tornado as it progresses. This is one of my several favorite songs on the album. A-

04. Talpa – Till We Meet Again has a fancy intro. I am one of the people who found "The Art of Being Non" debut album a gem. Here tthe melodies and how they're utilized are different. It sounds playful, catchy the way they're thrown together. My only gripe is the more generic melody existent from 3:12 - 3:51. I feel like he could have found a better part to replace this one. The part from 3:39 to 3:49 I don't like, and these take away from the greatness IMO. Other than that this is a musical achievement. It's fun, catchy, creative, dynamic, and rich in sound and style. The piano work is great! B

05. Merr0w – Utopian Society reminds me of Filteria. It really seems inspired, almost adapted in that they created their own song. There is a strong, leading synth which carries the song. It's good, but after a while I can't help but feel like I've heard this application before. Sure the song has direction and creativity, but it's not original. The reason why I speak higher of Filteria's songs is because he has innovated Pleiadian's founding form. That's not to say this isn't good. I'm sure some people will find it great actually, as it is good IMO. The hypnotic effect (as if the music is skipping) is psychedelic and cool. The short voice samples is nice. Fans of Filteria, early Pleiadians, and songs dependent on climax will probably most enjoy this. I simply find it less novel in its fast-paced, climactic approach that I (generally like and) will likely remain popular for decades to come. B-

06. Khetzal - Trancefuzion is my favorite (at least out of 3) songs on the album. I love the stronger rhythm and energy. This piece showcases beauty (deeper feeling) along with great melody/sound work and direction. The opening is almost eerie, unsettling, the sounds chosen. It's interesting and dark in a sense. I really like it. The tone present in this song is somewhat dark and driving; it's very uplifting and fun at times too. I love this balance between light and dark and if that was or was not the intention, it's great hearing Khetzal explore. The melodies are excellent. Same goes for the floating voice. Khetzal has such talent and skill. This is one of my favorite Khetzal tracks. The melody part around 4:33 here is even catchier than what I heard before. The build up at 5:57 is short but effective. The song keeps my attention. And then the female appear throughout the melodies. This song is an excellent piece. It has feeling mixed with the strong kickdrum, bassline, melodies, movement, rhythm, and more. Nothing here is fluffy or emotional in a happy or cheesy way because there seems to be some deeper feelings conveyed in the music. I'm impressed. Well done! A-

07. K.O.B. feat. Klara Steiner – Weight Of Oblivion is the first released song by new artist name K.O.B. by Filteria. Imagine sounds being forced into an aluminan can or tube, literally. That's what this thing sounds like! A leading, main sound here is highly distorted, thinned out in a sense due to alterations. It's really an illusion because there isn't loss of treble or depth. I really like this sound and effect but it's so different and stand-out that I wasn't sure at first whether I enjoyed it or admired its originality. The female voices create feeling, harmany. The song has juice and energy like the last one... It goes through a different sound/style change in the middle before returning to its most catchy, produced rhythm. This sounds going down the tube (the way I describe it) "sound" mixed with the pleasent, skipping female voice work creates an addictive sound fusion. I simply feel the song isn't enough past it's stand-out selling point cork-screw sound. Add the female voice for feeling. I feel this song is very exploitive of the overall sound it has going for it and doesn't introduce that much when looking at the whole. Its strength is also its weakness so to speak because it stays on one thing, with exception to the transition which is well done, interesting. However that one thing is an innovative attention grabber. Why not work it to your advantage? Makes sense I decided. The ambience with the female sound only compliments. As the first song released by KOB I'm intrigued to hear more. This sounds different from anything I've ever heard. This is a good song, maybe great relative to its unique direction and approach with different sounds and style. Actually the style is so distinct that it deserves the attention this artist has given it. B+

08. Afgin - Dimensional has a great old-school Goa feel and sound for the first half. The flow and melodies are beautiful, engaging. I like the two melodic notes or chime/hits in the first third the most. It's catchy and stands out amongst the general waves of sound. There is a very nice transition around 3:45-4:33. This song is one of my favorites until things progress past the 5:15 mark. A second interlude takes place. It is here that I begin to lose interest. When the beat returned at around 4:45, the song didn't have the same charismatic ocean of melodies Goa "feel" that made the first half so compelling. It stepped into some type of upbeat mainstream-inspired club and never felt the same again! Sure some melodies return at 6:40, but the song has run out of steam by then IMO. Maybe that was the intent, to calm things before the last song, or not. Regardless, the second half of this song could have been stronger. The song had such a nice old-school goa vibe in the first half. Simply put, the second half, basically the last third could have been more engaging. Maybe I just got too attached to the old-school sound early on. I just find the last act lazy and uninspired, though I'm sure some will enjoy the change up. It's not bad by any means! This is a fairly good song. B-

09. Ra – Gates Of Triphareth sounds like one of those unique Goa influenced Downtempo closings from 1997-1998. It's as if this is one of RA's old unreleased songs from the golden age of Goatrance. It has that old-school producton sound. This is like nostalgic in a sense. RA's style miraculously retains the spirit and/or unique organic sound of his older work but the style is different. This is a downbeat, more downtemop sounding piece. I'm impressed with the unique, original style and sound he's come up with here. I have difficulty attempting to explain the sound past the general "downtempo" category. The doesn't develop that much as it progresses. For some reason I think of Persia before Persia split up into Iran, Syria, etc, (obviously) when listening to this. Their seems to be a very strong ethnic infleuential sound to the melody, tune. I visualize big pyramids and crossing the dessert on camels. I very much look forward to the new RA album. Although I don't consider this song great, it's very interesting. As with the K.O.B. track here I need more time to get acclimated to this. It clearly appears to be quite artistic, inventive, and well done. You have to be in a certain mood to enjoy stuff like this because it's so different from the usual. I find shutting the eyes and putting your mind on auto-pilot works better as opposed to driving or exercising to this song. Thank you RA for returning, and returning on this compilation! I'm really looking forward to the follow-up album and hope it's Goatrance (save for the last track maybe) and that it is amazing, something on another level entirely. This is a good song with a very unique sound and style, not much more and nothing less. B

In conclusion, Suntrip releases another solid compilation. Twist Dreams is like the brother or sister to Apsara. For some reason people will compare the two and someone will always prefer one far over the other. I say give it time and you'll find the tracks you most enjoy. I can't say which compilation is better but I'm happy with this release overall. Both Apsara and Twist Dreams are very connected in a sense, regardless which one you like more. Although there is some weak work on few of the tracks, there is also some impressive stuff here as well; this is one of the best Goa/Psy-Trance albums of 2007.

Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7





Previous Suntrip Records album scores from Jon Cocco

V/A - TWIST DREAMS (2007) ... B+


KA-SOL - FAIRYTALE (2006) ... B-

KHETZAL - COROLLE (2005) ... A-

V/A - APSARA (2005) ... B+

FILTERIA - SKY INPUT (2004) ... A-

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DP,Sideffect,rino,Jon Cocco great reviews dudes!

All the tracks has something special to offer you.


Hearing the samples again, I want to share my favorites tracks of this compilation on my favorite music forum:



Thank you!

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On a side note, its not very common to make critique about mastering for an album but Jos/Fab, the mastering has the open hat in Contorsion pushed up quite higher than intended (which also indirectly lowers the volume/impact of the hihats going in 16ths) , its at about 2/3rds that volume on my release copy I sent, compared to the original its emphasized enough to draw attention away from the dynamic parts of the song, particularly the bass is more defined as that was by a small amount the loudest part playing of the track and what you rythmically follow as its something that is neither full on nor prog in style which is the rythmic styles of bass being used now, and was what I'd liked to have had emphasized strongest on the track.


But thats not to say I don't understand what you were intending to do with the chance, with more emphasis on repetition via the hat you seem to slow the track down (seemingly) and make it more of a "follower" style track rather than a groover...be it that in this way it fits better as an intro or starting up track to serve as the rythm initiatior and psychedelic landscape. But...when the open hats (doof....tss....doof....tss ) sound louder than the bass they naturally are what people unconsciously listen to to set the rythm, which there is expressed as 4/4ths temp, when the bassline and hihats (doof t t t doof t t t ) drive the groove of the track at 16/16ths tempo which is most notably/impressively heard in the bit from 3:45 to 4:25


Its the trivialest of trivial nitpicky artist details that don't matter at all almost, but just enough to get pointed out :) Hehehe, peace bros.

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