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Toï Doï - Technological


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Yes, an absolute perfection.

Each track here is brilliant, even the ones that are weaker, the guy has his style and he is presenting it uncompromisingly. As Cybernetika said, this is stunning Dark Psychedelic Goa Trance album.

What happend to the guy afterwards ? Why is he not making music anymore ?

This is perfect album for demented night time trippers. If you want your brain to generate and pulsate in wild demented rhythms in space this is the best album one can have...My favourite ones are : STAR SHOOT TRIPPERS, D'EDEN SPACE, REPLICANT ( ! ), SPIRAL DIVE, NUAGE D'ENCENS ( !! ), UP DAYS ( !! ), D-LISS...10/10

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This is PURE PARTY MUSIC, technoish, acidish, hard, dark, euphoric and twisted!


Track 1 is absolutely amazing, a real stormer, killer acidlines, Track 2 is softer, it got a stunning, an unreal synthline at 5.53mn, track 3 kickass, amazing hard and twisted melodic psychedelic trance, track 7 ...what to say...a real killer,

track 8 : according to me, a bit to hard but so impressive! maybe too much!


On the whole, what strikes me in this album is the rhythm, the kicklines+basslines, you immediatly recognize it's a Toï Doï track, and the progress in the tracks also. According to me this might be the best psychedelic trance album ever for party!


Really impressive!

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As mentioned above, I don't think there is a single bad track on this album. This is full power music!! I guess thats its only drawback - too much energy crammed into too little time. It might take some time for people to really get into the groove of this as some of it can come across as too noisy but the end result is pure bliss! Have been a huge fan of Toi Doi since I first heard "Particule" on Goa Gil's "Forest of the Saints" many years ago.

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yep, a black pearl... pure audiohysteria!!! toi doi rocks!!!


"nuage d'encens" indeed is one of the best tracks ever!!!


perhaps only toi doi's "psystick" can top this one!!!

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What happend to the guy afterwards ? Why is he not making music anymore ?


i found a new album by Toi Doi named Psyring, released 2005...

i am currently downloading it to see what this is all bout...


as well as the Technologic album which i have yet to hear :)



I have heard some of his tracks in compilations etc i like his style a lot, it's unique and sounds somehow .... subsonic??? :huh: whatever :D


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i found a new album by Toi Doi named Psyring,  released 2005...

i am currently downloading it to see what this is all bout...


as well as the Technologic album which i have yet to hear :)

I have heard some of his tracks in compilations etc i like his style a lot,  it's unique and sounds somehow .... subsonic??? :huh: whatever :D



Hey! ;) Toi Doi released 2 albums after Technologic, not the same style, more and more techno, the 2 reviews i made here :


Sustentator (2003)

Psyring test (2005)

i'm aware that goa fans may like these 2 albums much less than Technologic.

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Here's my two cents ... :P


Technologic is best described as some sort of minimal, full-on forest psy-trance hybrid incorporating occasional goa elements. Confused? Well, if you're into monotonous dark night trance Technologic should all make sense - in line with dozens of reviews I've seen praising it. I tend to get bored, though, even annoyed over an album's stretch.


Not that everything lands outside my taste. Opening track Star Shoot Trippers manages to remain both on the attack, monotonous and interesting. Also Replicant's energy saves this track. Those tracks aside, however, my patience is put to the limit on Technologic. That said, at the same time, I can appreciate why some can have an infatuation with tracks like Enfants Sacres, Up Days, and D'Liss. They're dark, pounding, highly psychedelic, and played loud at night time must come across as devastating for the *openminded* listener. Yet, they leave me unimpressed. Well, a track like Ze Cosmos Trips doesn't leave me unimpressed - it annoys the hell out of me!


Alas, biased like any review is this one gets a thumbs down. But if dark, monotonous trance kept on the minimal side rings a bell with you, check out Technologic if you fall over a copy. Hell, that could even be mine ...

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Technologic is best described as some sort of minimal, full-on forest psy-trance hybrid incorporating occasional goa elements.





That must have been the worst description of this album by now ! :P

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Track list:

01. Star Shoot Trippers
02. D'Eden Space
03. Replicant
04. Enfants Sacrés
05. Ze Cosmos Trips
06. Spiral Dive
07. Nuage D'Encens
08. Updays
09. D Liss

I'd describe Technologic as post apocalyptic Psy-Trance. More specifically this is Dark Psy/Tech-Trance fused with some Goa melodies and industrial sounds.

You can also call this dark Goa-Trance because the tracks and overall album seem to tell a story; it's dark and those melodies... With exception to few songs, this isn't as Goa-melody driven as much Goa is. Toi Doi's Technologic is filled with acid and crunchy sounds. There are a decent amount of melodies. Less repetition would have been more impressive. It's very monotonous at times. I don't like that. Fortunately several songs really deliver. The short introductions lead us into to the desolate, alien world. These songs aren't beautiful and lush. They're rough and unhappy.

The interesting thing about this album is its relentless approach toward the dystopian world it creates. There's rarely a transition or moment to chill, relax, or drift. I wouldn't call this evil psytrance by a margin. It's more angry and chaotic, like storming through another planet with some very unhappy visitors. Unfortunately without any stand-out buildups, climaxes and few if any twists, turns, or surprises, something feels ghostly missing or empty to the overall package here. The tracks lack change up, the sounds in the first half occasionally set you up for the loop in the second half. In short, more work could have been done on certain tracks to make them less predictable as they progress. The path stays one direction relative to one song, and builds.

01. Star Shoot Trippers starts interesting. You just know that what you're about to hear and experience will not be happy. An eerie, scratchy, industrial sound lifts up and down as hi-hats, some atmosphere, and a repetitive melody arrive. A more acid sound plays a harsh tune like a supporting sound. This song builds to a tough vehicle with thick, rough, and aggressive sounds and some zippy, distorted melodies.melodies. The artists choice to place a certain slower, distorted melody in the front of viewers ears is unique but distracting to me compared to the more driving melodies. This effects places them further away. I like when that initial sound is removed at around 5:30. It lets the song ride. A small burst of energy like a gun shot is given just over the six minute mark. You either like this rough, twisting, psychedelic style or you don't. For me it gets too repetitive at times but the cool, rough melodies work to its advantage. The song takes time to get to where I feel more engaged. This is a solid song nonetheless, in a angry, rough style and sound thta is definitely novel albeit less attractive to my ears. It's interesting. B+

02. D'Eden Space has more acid lines. It's long at over 10:00 too. This is more or less a Psy/Tech-trance number. The song generally becomes repetitive at the 3.00 to 4:00 minute mark until a new melody arrives around 4:18. I don't care for it; it's something new at least. Nevertheless, this so-so altered melody grows monotonous. Of course the listener should just relax and let the music take control but their style doesn't grab me. As with the opening, this song has an industrial-metal sound playing a role throughout. Maybe around the eighth minute is as involved as it gets. Again I don't care for the lead around 4:18 but it's nice to see its return because it makes the song feel more congruent and conclusive. I found the first song far catchier in comparison. C+

03. Replicant is the first track to absolutely win my liking and attention. This sounds less angry and chaotic but more playful and fleshed out, with a wider range of elements and a cool leading melody taking place. The drum speeds up and is even removed for several seconds as a good groove develops. This is another driving song, less drawn out and definitely more gripping than the last. I like the skipping scratchy crunchy/static sound beginning at around 4:28 but for some time I wasn't so sure. I more so enjoy the new leading melody and following melodic moments and sounds that arrive soon after the static that sounds like a hot or live wire sparking. Sometimes I admire these elements more than I enjoy them. Overall I find Replicant more fun to listen to than previous tracks. There're more focus on the melody and Goa work than previous songs and this I like. The melodies and the radio communication samples are good. B+

04. Enfants Sacrés has less noises going on. This is the first song that feels less fast and involved with what takes pace relative to what we've heard so far. It's pretty groovy which I like. A sustained metal/industrial sound appears. I suppose it can be described as a distorted aluminan can or zipper, twisting, rolling, moving up and down, *Repeat*. It takes place throughout much of the song and really stands out. This artists seems to really like introducing these slow rolling metal sounds that are often placed in the forefront of the song. They establish a certain metal tune and feel. I most enjoy the initialy bass sound that carries throughout the song and accents the music. Layer upon layer of percussion, few melodies isn't enough to really captivate but at around 6:08 some aggression takes place which is very cool. The slower, more groovy tech-trance sound and how this artist used his style here is actually good. It may not be the most eventful or impressive song but it's generally catchy, a fresh change and I like it. B

05. Ze Cosmos Trips starts out with a barely coherent, nasty, evil voice sample. A very crunchy sound appears. Again is a slow rising and falling, metal-industrial sound but this one is higher pitched...like a stream of wind traveling through a thin filter. This ambient/industrial sound repeats on a kickdrum and a bass-filled accented sound similar but different in style than the previous track. One or two other distorted melodies enter but they're not really leading as much as sounds to support everything else. The overall sound repeats and repeats. For me I need more. I need some kickass melodies, not just some weird squeeky, chirpy sounds around the kickdrum and bass line. I need something powerful to carry this thing. It just goes on and on. I mean listen to it! It's so repetitive! Some speed collects at around 4:45 when the beat changes up but we return to the same damn sound. A slow distorted melody in the second half seems rather dull. I don't care for this song. It's psychedelic, sure, and dry. Not fun or memorable to me. C

06. Spiral Dive actually has a standout melody or two. This song is like a breath of fresh air compared to the last on but oh the repetition... Returning is the concept of having some good melody work and a stand out melody or several. One is more sustained and nothing great in the first half. Another is more catchy, like a female opera singers voice. It's pretty good. Those initial two main melodies are removed and two new, more aggressive melodies play against each other and create somewhat of a hypnotic, psychedelic effect that I only notice when my head phones are on for some reason. A lower noted male hymn sound (like a bunch of buddha monks during prayer or creating a frequency of sound via their deep voices) returns. After that arrives a fresh leading melody which isn't so great. However the opera-esque melody returns as well. I like that. And another leading melody is introduced. And soon everything developed from before that had been removed for change up is fused. This sounds good or great from 7:16 to around 7:36 I feel, however short lived it is. This song has grown on me. It's a good with enough going on to keep me interested but damn that repetition sinks in at times. Nevertheless I wish some of the other tracks had more going on as Replicant and I suppose this one so far on the album. B

07. Nuage D'Encens is a return to the more melodic sound I prefer on this album. That Goa sound around at 1:10 is very effective. The echoed, altered female-esque voice chopped-up voice to create a melody significantly adds appeal and the HOOK here. Certain main elements and parts didn't hook me on several of the previous tracks while this one has a good set-up. Other melodies swirl in distorted, chaotic psychedelica. The main melody that arrives around 4:18 is great. It's like a powerful missile on a battlefield in the sense it owns the track. Bring on the atmosphere sounds, psy-sounds, and all else that supports it and you have a strong rhythm and flow. The beat changes/tempo changes up and a cool psy-tech trance approach takes place from around the 5:45 - 7:10 mark. I really like the distorted leading melody on this album played to the second leading melody combined. The song retains its attraction longer because of the stronger foundation it's built upon. The voice and leading melody stand out, they're catchy and so all of the other psy-sounds and whirling wind special fx don't seem as large, strange, and less effective due to over use. They're present to support a solid, fun rhythm and melody and in that sense the track is more effective for both dancing to and general listening while not dancing. While nothing superb this is one of the best tracks on the album. B+

08. Updays is my favorite song on this album. It's also more Goa driven than anyone here I imagine. I love the climactic streaming melodies and rhythm created. Initially I didn't care for the repetitive, stand-out, grinding metal sound throughout the track. The metal sound doesn't seem to correlate, line-up, and be in sync with the beat at times. I don't know if the artist did this on purpose, to make the track feel more organic, less-linear. To me it came across as irritating and distracting after the third of fourth minute. Sometimes it seems to loop too early or late. My perspective changed the more I put my energy into the streaming melodies and then focused nothing. I simply was and let the music work wonders with my mind as I tend to do with most Goa tracks. One thing about the melodies is that they aren't as juicy, accentuated, and widely distributed as they could be when coming through the speakers. They sound fairly crammed, as if being pulled through a narrow space. And yet there's something excellent about the whole thing. And the rolling industrial sound too! This whole thing is unhinged like a screaming runaway train! It's loaded with energy, catchy sounds and Goa melodies. It's climactic from beginnning to end. I've managed to appreciate the industrial sound although at times I wish to tune it out because I enjoy the melodies so much. In a sense the rough, twisting metal sound compliments while also distracting from the sweet sound of those streaming goa melodies. My advice is that you raise the volume and listen to this one on very good head-phones. For this more technological goa-influenced style, it's a slamming track. - A-

09. D Liss is one of the least psychedelic, dark, and/or storming tracks on the album. I actually think this is one of the best but it's no super song like the last. New melodies are introduced and they're pretty good, increasing louder in sound as the song progresses. This is a more musical song and while nothing spectacular I think it's pretty good. - B

In conclusion, I've heard and enjoy many other dark psy/goa albums over this, but there is some very creative and groovy, good work here. Initially I found this style too repetitive, regardless of the Goa-Influence. It's no wonder this artist went on to make techno or tech-trance after this. Nonetheless several songs on Technological appeal to my more involved, dynamic taste and preference. Tracks like Replicant and Updays followed by Nuage D'Encens win my attention and liking. These songs peek my curiousity as to how excellent this album would have been had it involved more excellent, involved, and layered, melody-driven, and dynamic songs on it. Technologic has its own original sound and style. It's innovative in some ways and for that I give it credit but being different won't always give you hugs and praise. Compared to other dark Goa-Trance like Tandu's Multimoods, MFG's Project Genesis, Cydonia's In Feat of A Red Planet, Sandman's Witchcraft this isn't at their level as a whole to me. The general repetition here is evident, as is the case with BotfB which took me years to appreciate, understand, and even then I need to be alone, in a certain mood. I realize dark Goa/Psy isn't really produced and marketed anymore and that's no reason for me to find this album better than it is. Some songs take minutes for me to perceive a catchy melody, rhythm, or develpment. Some songs feel distant to my ears, like it's difficult to get into them or at times. Part of this may be related to a twisting metal sound this artist often puts in the front sound of the song or their parts. I wish the tracks were generally less monotonous at times because there's some great, maybe superb work present. I'm not dependent on big buildups, climax, or tons of melodies, but I'm aware what you do with them. Distortions and alterations are aplenty in cruncy, twisted psy-sounds for those into them. Those who have a stronger liking toward tech-trance may appreciate this more because basically is that with Goa melodies and influence. In short, I prefer songs like Up Days, songs that have more melodies, build and development, than what TOI DOI generally offers when it comes to Dark Psy/Goa. This is one of those albums that, regardless of how much you like Goa or Dark Goa, I'd recommend giving listening to the samples even several times to see if it's for you.

Favorite tracks: 3, 6, 7, 8, 9.



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Someone should change the topic name, it still says Technological, no wonders Trance2MoveU couldn't find the thread  and also features the i with 2 dots.


Anyway, I have enjoyed reading the comments written some 15 years ago by psynewers. This album was also a favourite of mine when it came out, for the same exact reason everyone liked it. It resonated with insanity, crazy psychedelic ideas and generally, weird sounds and combinations. Crazy music for crazy people? maybe. In any case, I remember listening a lot to this album when it came out, now not too much but still one gem that defined a particular style of psychedelic trance.


This is not Goa, this is proper psychedelic madness. That is a very different thing.

If you want to hear easy melodies, go somewhere else, here they are subtle and in the background sometimes, but there.


A tad later but that's my review. Enjoy.

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